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So I was hurling one of my Rocs against a brick wall a few too many times and I guess it got tacoed pretty bad on the same spot multiple times. Anyway it developed a very small crack. I took a hanger and a lighter and burned the plastic back together then sanded it to be the same as the rest of the disc.


Is this legal for pdga play?

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Not being allowed to tune a disc Is a fascist rule lol.  I see "modifications" as something like flattening out a DX Roc with boiling water and weights, or sanding down to make the outer rim thinner/more aerodynamic.  Intentionally throwing a disc on the ground (or at brick walls), to me, is just a shortcut to breaking the disc in.  I think the fairest assessment of the situation is that if your disc shows no sign whatsoever of ever being cracked then repaired (and no one knew about it), it would probably go unnoticed but would still technically be illegal. 


Out of curiosity, what type of plastic was it?

Glow plastic. Honestly the spot where it was cracked now just looks like any other gouge on the disc.
Like Champion style Glo?  I could see throwing Star Plastic to break it in (not into brick walls), but Champion plastic really just doesn't break in that well, at least in my experience.  They sacrifice grip for their ablility to retain flight characteristics.  Get a Star San Marino Roc or any flat Roc and move on for tournament play, keep the Glow though for casual play, sweet discs.
Not champion style glow. Regular Flat Top Glow Rocs. And they break in quickly and well if you throw em against a wall. Also I'd say the grip on them is slightly better than DX plastic.
If it's flat top, I'm seriously puzzled.  Those even out of the box fly perfect and just get a little more versatile over time.  They're flippy out of the box to the point where you just throw slight turnovers and it sails straight to the target.  Broke in you can throw good annys but the straight turnover throw will be almost the same just a little sharper turn but the fade stays and pulls it back.  What were you trying to get out of the disc that made you want to break it in like that?

If you want to get an anny out of the disc without it flexing back in the slightest, or get a super straight shot tunnel shot out of it, it will need some breaking in. 


Glow rocs are plenty stable when brand new.

Isn't lighter/heat fixing your disc legal now?
you guys are all going to PDGA jail.
It's all fun and games until you get raped with a champion firebird
lmfao, now sleeping is gonna be tough, I have a champ firebird x-out, and we all know x-outs are extra rapey
Hope it works !


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