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So I was hurling one of my Rocs against a brick wall a few too many times and I guess it got tacoed pretty bad on the same spot multiple times. Anyway it developed a very small crack. I took a hanger and a lighter and burned the plastic back together then sanded it to be the same as the rest of the disc.


Is this legal for pdga play?

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You didn't ask any questions, but i have one for you.  Whats wrong with you, you don't throw plastic against brick walls.  Next time you get the idea, punch the wall first and then you know what your discs are feeling.  Hope you don't use your good plastic, buy a piece of netting and hang off the wall then you wont destroy your plastic.
Jon, are you paying attention at all?  His question was "Is this legal for pdga play?"  Your post had zero question marks in it.  Also, he wasn't throwing it at the wall to practice his form, he was trying to break the disc in, something you can't do by throwing it at a piece of netting.

This is the second discussion I've come across today where people are trying to get around the rules of disc golf. Like I said in the other discussion, this is a big reason why disc golf will never be taken seriously, too many players trying to get away with breaking the rules.


Sponsors will never pay for a sport where breaking the rules is acceptable by such a large group of players.


Argue all you want if this is, or should be permitted, it's obvious to any reasonable person a cracked disc is a cracked disc.

The point being that the rulebook outlaws cracked discs.


My disc is no longer cracked.


I don't think disc golf will be taken seriously if we don't follow the pdga guidelines to the letter.

Just don't tell anyone and keep it to yourself. Once you tell people , it's over.

Sponsors will never pay for a sport where breaking the rules is acceptable by such a large group of players.


Two words - Steroid era.


lol, but I understand your point, growth of the sport

lol, you are taking the criminal defense attorneys approach, though.  I actually like it, things like this are what forces them to continue changes to the rules to get it right.  But the disc is not legal, might be passable, just not legal.

The disc should be legal in tournament play since it is not cracked. The PDGA rules are poorly written since they do not specify the size of a crack. All discs are cracked at some point during the manufacturing process prior to molding, and all matter contains cracks when viewed under magnification. Even steel is cracked between grain boundaries when viewed under a high enough power microscope. So it boils down to: What's a crack? Does it have to be through wall? What about a crack on the very edge that is only several microns deep? Shallow cracks can be sanded out per the rules. Sanding generates heat which is nothing worse than a hot coat hangar in this case.

Imagine winning a tournament only to be disqualified afterwards for having a thrown a disc with micro-cracking on the edge.

Ultimately, the tournament referee or official would have to make the call after examination of the disc, prior to play. This process is somewhat subjective however the official's decision is final.

..and therein is the answer;"keep it to yourself",but it's a little too late for that now.
I asked so I could find out if it was legal. Regardless of what other people are doing I play the rulebook.

What would the point be of playing the game if you just make up your own rules?

See, now we're getting into some seriously interesting territory.  This shows that they need to specify the following:


Cracks must go all the way through the disc


Repaired cracks are not allowed. (that is if they don't want them allowed)


Great post.

Yeah the wording in the rulebook, if that were their intention, should go something like:

"A disc which is or has been cracked or perforated through the flight plate is illegal."

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