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I have a couple flat top Rocs, I'm fairly certain they were modified because everything I've read about flat tops is that they are very expensive and hard to find.  Mine are in DX plastic, another giveaway to possible modification, another being the fact I got them so cheap. 


What I wonder is, this thing throws like a dream, why not just manufacture flat top Rocs?  Another is, looking at Discraft's hornet, did they beat Innova to the punch by just making a flatter version of the Roc?  The Hornet throws and looks so much like my flat Rocs it just made me curious.


Can anyone tell me more info on flat top Rocs and any thoughts on the Hornets similarities?

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Almost all flat-top or " Ching " Rocs are in DX plastic.   Innova's mold probably wore out because they still sell those Rocs in R-Pro plastic. 

Not all flat top rocs are Ching Rocs either. I got many tournament stamped ones.

Can get 'em around here for $7.75 out the door....


Rancho Rocs are my go-to disc for long, straight, no fade flight> Great for mid-range throws & downhill driving. Awesome disc! One of my favorites. All mine are DX plastic (no mods). This disc beats in nicely for long flat throws until it eventually turns flippy. Then you can spend another $7 & get a new one.

Rocs & are more commonly compared (debated) with the Discraft Buzz. Usually until nauseous %^P

I believe the hornet to be more overstable than the roc is,(at least mine is) the molds do look similar though.

Yeah, I hear the Buzzz/Roc comparison and in my opinion they are two totally different discs.  I think the Hornet was made as a blatant rip-off of the Roc, just marketed differently. 


Any way to tell if the disc was modified?  My 2nd ace was with my flat top and I'd hate to have to put an asterisk by it.  It looks normal, but I've heard of people using hot water and weight to flatten out discs and I don't see that leaving any marks.

I doubt it was modified.  Rocs (like most discs) simply vary in the amount of dome they have.  I could head down to walmart and look through their 20 rocs and find 3 or 4 that would be quite flat. I've had rocs flat and domey and I really think they all fly about the same.  I actually prefer a small amount of dome.  But the dome to me in rocs is more a matter of grip preference than performance.


If you really need a FLAT roc, go to www.discgolfclub.org and order then from the Springfield Disc Golf Club.  I think they're around 12 dollars.  So don't let anyone dupe  you into thinking they're rare or expensive.


What makes these and the old ching rocs flattops consistently is not the mold, but the machine used to stamp them. 

glow roc have a flat top andthey are great for BIG annys,i use 180 glow roc,will do what asked
My Rocs are like level flat though.  These images all seem to have a small amount of curve on the top, but mine don't.  Also, all of these have different printing, mine just has the regular Innova DX graphic on it, with the bird and everything.  I get crazy turnovers with my flat tops, like -2/2 type turns.  Judging from all I've just said, I think mine are modified.  Well, good thing I have that Ace Race Hornet, it basically throws the same for me, a bit more glide though.
I wish my Wal Mart carried discs.  My town has a sporting goods store that has a 5' x 5' display case that is a pain in the ass to go through.  I get all I need off ebay.  Got a brand new elite z force for 99 cents, a pristine r-pro aviar for 99 cents, and all sorts of crazy deals like that.
Also try Here !!!  www.discgolfvalues.com
Nothing compares to a CHING ROC , it was the multicolored hot stamp process which caused them to be so flat (I believe INNOVA does not have the machine any more) the real CHING ROCS are the ones with the "cool stamps"  skull , budah , peace sign , etc. Those are the ones that are worth $25 and up

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