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So I throw forehand and I notice some of my shots with certain discs start flipping left and never go back to the right; which a forehand should do right?  Does this have anthing to do with the turn rating for innova? could someone explain this to me thanks!

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The higher the TURN rating, the more left your forehand shot will go.  If you want it to come back to the right you need more FADE.  Many players that throw forehand use an overstable disc, wich will have a high FADE rating. 

So if i throw a disc that's +1 turn forehand and it starts flipping left, it will have the hardest time flipping back to flat then eventually to the right 

Go to innovas website and read up on the flight ratings there. Very helpful when purchasing discs to know how they are designed to fly. :-)

When looking at the Innova flight charts, if the "Turn" is a negative number it will have an easier time turning left (throwing righty forehand). So positive numbers will have a harder time turning left before fading back right. What discs are you throwing and how far are you throwing? If you are throwing something that has a positive "Turn" rating and you are still turning it over, you might be rolling your wrist right before you release. I notice I do this when I am not focusing on my shots. I throw Backhand, Forehand, and Overhead shots and once in a while I relax too much on one of the types of drives and end up rolling the wrist.

im throwing the new mamba driver,but if i throw a little too anhyzer the disc does not flatten back out then fade right? 

Try a Banshee!


I can see from the Mamba's flight rating that it is not stable enough (it is more understable). 

The mamba is very understable. How far do you throw?  For reference I throws forehand around 300-320 feet. If you are looking at just Innova discs I would throw probably a Banshee like Jim says. But without knowing your power It is really hard to suggest which discs to try.

i would say 250-300

yep the Banshee should be your best bet.  At this time I wouldn't go with anything faster than a speed 8 disc at the most for your arm speed. Some other discs that wont have as much fade in the end would be the TeeBird or the TL. Both are the same speed as the Banshee. The Banshee is just going to fight to come back harder if you do turn it over.

The other side of the equation is to learn to throw an understable disc well forehand before moving to an overstable disc. Its kind of like learning to throw putters well before moving to a mid before moving to a driver. Really good forehanders can throw understable plastic very well. It requires more touch and finesse instead of flipping an overstable disc and making it "S". Try going out into a field and learning how to throw it flat and straight with just a little fade at the end. Much easier to control once you get the hang of it. Instead of calculating how far left it needs to go before it fades back right...just throw right at the pin nice and flat. People rarely suggest to a beginner learning a backhand to go throw really overstable plastic, never understood why forehanders would get that advice? Just my .02

The Banshee is overstable but not way overstable. At high speed it will go straight and then when it slows down it will turn. It is an easy to control disc and I would think very easy to throw for beginners. From what OP said that he wanted I think that it would be a good match. A bit less stable would be a Star TeeBird. But if you can master a Banshee you can throw so many shape shots.

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