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So because tomorrow is Labor Day and there is no Monday league, I decided to go up and play the Sunday morning league. I ended up being the one taking money since nobody else wanted to do it. And we usually just flip discs for partners since it is easy to do. So I flip a head and look over to see who else flipped a head. I look right at this guy who flipped a head but when it came time to go into the selected groups he looked around to see who was in which group and instead went to the tails group. Has anyone else seen this happen? Drawing cards eliminates this kind of thing but can bring up its own issues (like when someone goes to their car instead of drawing a card and you can't figure out why you have an extra card). If this guy plays again we will draw cards for sure. Flipping discs leaves the door open for this kind of thing to happen.


I didn't call it on him because I was sort of in disbelief and also knew that it might just cause a huge blowup. I know said player and he kind of thinks that he is just better than others. He never likes being my partner (when it has happened) and in fact doesn't even try if I get partnered with him. One time when we got partnered up he wanted to quit after maybe four holes. Lame.

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Some people just dont get why we all play this game,i play to enjoy my time with different people who play for the same reasons.Theres always some people who can ruin a good time if you let them,but thats only if u let them.

Damn. I would be stoked just to have the time to play League and meet new people. People like that just baffle me....
Call him out! Petty cheating will happen wherever there is competitve disc golf on any level. Somebody has to be the a-hole, it might as well be you.
I completely agree.

If it were anyone else I would probably have called him out. It happened one other time where I did call somebody out on it. This time I just didn't feel like dealing with it.


The funny thing is that he and I could have ended up as partners because I was the odd one out of the "heads" group and got paired up with the odd one out from his group.


It is just pretty silly. I am also just one of those people who is happy to play and compete no matter who I get paired up with.

Yeah and why would you do that? People are crazy and forget about why they started. I had a guy doc. his card in a PDGA tourney by 3 points giving him 3rd and me 4th. I told him to recount and he said no it's fine.... she the other playing took the card counted and told him to recount, he said he would but then when they was calling the winners they called him as he never made it right.... I should have said something but I didn't! I wont let it happen again though... grrr! Sometimes you just hate to make a big deal, but I guess after a 4 rounds in 2 days you should stand up for your placing!

Damn, never heard of that before!

If I was gonna cheat at Flip, I'd surround the basket with logs to stop my absurd rolls!

You can also control which side of the disc you land on when flipping, I had a friend show me, kinda like flipping a coin.... I used to flip coins and could get which I called 95% of the time. but if you just flip it with out care, then it's still nice and random.


Cheaters never win....and winners never cheat


There are people that I don't like playing with at all.  There is always the a-hole or the super annoying type that nobody can stand to be around.  I am going to play disc golf because it is fun and I have that choice.  I also have the choice of playing with people that I like to play with when I want to.


I understand it is random draw and this is the risk you run when you show up.  If I was running the league I'd try to make sure people that don't like each other don't end up on the same card or pair with someone they don't like.  Chances are that you know the crowd you're hanging with if you show up all the time.  This means that you usually know who the trouble makers are as well.


I've walked up to the league coordinator before and said that I didn't want to play with said guy.  He changed things up for me so we didn't have an incident.

Sounds personal.
We don't baby people around here and assume that everyone is an adult and understands what random draw means. If you aren't prepared to play with absolutely anyone then you probably shouldn't show up. To me this is just certain people being petty. I probably won't go to the Sunday morning league if I know that said person will be there. Or I will make sure that we draw cards.There are a lot of cool people there but he just isn't one of them. I haven't really made up my mind about this but IMHO this sort of thing is just plain lame. Random draw means random draw. Why do we think that we always need to make exceptions for people? That kind of thing doesn't fly around here.

Anyway, I have moved on and really don't care anymore. Tomorrow night we have doubles again and this won't be happening.


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