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They're here in the USA.

Marshall Street has 'em.  
All indications that they are even DOMIER than the River...a novel approach for a hi-speed driver; but that's what LAT 64 does, right?!  Can't wait to test fire one...or six ;)

put reviews up here if you guys get one and throw it

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Mine is slightly overstable, more to stable tho.
I heard that the optos are more overstable than the golds, did you notice any difference?
I only have optos but everyone, including Lat 64 themselves, is saying gl's are less stable
I am still waiting for mine. Got it from Sun Kings on Fri. Haven't seen a review of it yet though...figured people would be running out to get this disc being it seems to be a long river. Hopefully it arrives today and I will let ya know what I think of it.
Finally got to throw my GL Flow
Completely different animal than my opto...barely similar.
Much flatter dome, WAY less stable (tho admittedly my opto is a freak overstable one)
I flipped the GL with a flat release today...the opto will barely hold an anny for 125 feet before fading hard
GL went a long way with little effort today.

As said before my opto flow demands a slight anny or flat in order to behave "properly", but most of the time it behaves more overstable than i hoped for.

The best throw yet is the one i wrote about earlier, but i think i had a slight headwind on that throw....

Gotta get myself a GL and try that out too, actually thinking of trying more GL ones, like Halo (have opto), blitz and striker. If they behave like i think they will my bag will be set for a while

As I said before my opto will spit in the face of a 'slight' anny...and refuses to behave properly at all...

Seriously: I have very overstable star destroyers that are easier to throw than my pink glopto Flow.


The GL Flows seem to match LAT'S flight #s pretty well.

I wrote wrong above, i dont have an Halo i have a vision...

My vision in opto is behaving as supposed to according to the charts, so my fuess is that the gold line match the charts exactly as you say El Kabong.

My gl river behaves as it should, the opto vision isnt near as understable as one could think... so ill go for gold lines from now on.

Starting with a flow, vision, blitz and perhaps a striker just to try it...

Well...if I wasn't confused before, I sure am now!  ;)

Too many new year shots?


You better have some coffee and try again later! 


Also:  Don't give up on opto...they take forever to break in but then they just stay there. 


I also throw my gl flow with a slight anny on it and around 85 90% power. Love this disc so far I've been maxing out around 385 to 400 wit it.

I am getting max 360 with a flat to slight anny release with the GL.  

The opto is more like 320 and is tough for me to release to it's liking (haven't found it's favorite angle yet)

Don't you just love it when you find that disc that is just right in your wheel house. I have had an Opto Flow in my bag for a couple of months now, and I really love it. The disc is stable for me, and requires about 75-90% power to make the magic happen. Any less and LSS takes effect straight out of the hand. More power and I get too much turn; it doesn't crash, but it takes up too much airspace.


Flex shots are beautiful with the Flow, and they always come back, nice to be able to depend on that. They also hold a really long hyzer line, and spike hyzers are a dream, and they almost always get a skip, even on a spike.


Not as fast and nose sensative as a Havoc and almost as far.

More forgiving than a River if you turn on it real hard, no crash and burn.


I am diggin the Flow, you gotta give it a try.

just picked up a 170 g GL flow yesterday. it's deep. mine is super flat top and reminds me of my old broken in ecostar wraith. i lost it though and this is a perfect replacement.

for straight shots, this is a hyzer flip disc for me and anny release goes too far right, but definitely would be effective on long holes to the right.

i'm concerned that the flatness of the disc doesn't make my flow one of the super glidey ones, but that's ok with me. it's my wraith in better plastic!

can't wait to get out on a long course and let this disc rage! courses in madison are too short overall. hopefully i'll get out to token creek though, championship style disc golf is the best!


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