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Is it less damaging to the knee if you rotate on the heel or toe? I heard you throw further if you rotate on your heel but it looks like it twists the leg up in a knot

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Had knee surgery on my right knee (rhbh throw).... makes me hold back some on my drives sometimes, which results in less distance. My knee will never be the same as it was.

And for sure do not want surgery again.... the doctors are practicing on you.

If my leg did not turn at all, the pain will and is severe.

Feel it sometimes when standing still approach shots.

If done cleanly it clears the front leg quickly and doesn't allow for torsional load on the knee. Problem is, it's difficult as hell to incorporate into your throw if you didn't start that way from the beginning. I have had to break my throw back down to almost square one to get a heal pivot put into my plant. It throws your timing off and causes all kinds of craziness for a while. I have ended up with more of a side foot/heel pivot motion after all is said and done. I am not real clean with it and still have days where my knee feels it. As a byproduct, I am getting more distance. I wasn't looking for more distance, just wanted to be pain free after 3 rounds of pounding my 45 year old ass. I'm getting there.

I recently got to see pics (still photos done at 10 frames per second) and video of myself throwing from the tee. All pics and video were taken using a Go Pro camera. I finally got to see my approach and pull through. In the frame by frame stills, I got to see, to my AMAZEMENT, that I DO ACTUALLY HEEL PIVOT, NOT on the ball of my foot, like I thought I was doing. 

Was really weird to see, but plain as day. Get someone to snap photos of you throwing and see where you think you may need to change things. I would Have SWORN I was pivoting on the Ball of my foot. After a day with the camera, I see that I don't. One less thing in my throw I need to worry about. Lol. :)

Here is one pic where you can Clearly see I pivot on my heel. OH, I guess I should say I am stating all this because I DO HAVE Screwed up knees! Heel pivot is Not causing me any Problems, Personally! :)

I would think there wounld be little to no diff. If anything, you'll just replace one possible injury for another. Trade you a knee (ball of foot) for an ankle or achilies (heel).

Are body does certain things (mechanics) for a reason. Granted, if our body was made in Detroit. Ther would have been a few recall notices :)

I would think your best bet is to find some shoes that will allow good, smooth and easy pivoting. But also offer you good traction. Most of the injuries I've seen have come form to sticky of a shoe.

The thing about rotating on the heel is that when using that throwing style a lot of players really jam their leg down hard getting the energy transfer from the run-up to the hit.  So it is the jamming of the leg that both boosts the distance and hurts the knee and hip over time. 

Smooth gliding steps during the run-up, place the heel and pivot, wearing shoes that allow for a good turn. (No Boots) Got it!

flip flops?

pretty rad and fun to see how you throw. Riverside is so beautiful

I saw a girl at the WGE last saturday playing in flip flops. She'd kick them off just before her run-up......on cement teepads. OUCH!!!

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