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Wanted to see what you all think on this. But, with Innova coming out with the Champion Blizzard plastic and Vibram committing to bringing out all of their discs in 150 class...and, I will assume for the point of this thread that other companies are doing the same...why the trend to the lighter discs? 


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I would think that it's because it takes less effort to get the disc to optimal flight speed.

Yea that is why Innova only released high speed drivers in Blizzard plastic. My rule of thumb for weights is, the higher the speed, the lower the weight. I use max weight for my putters, mids and and most of my fairways but once I go any higher in the speed scale I drop down to high 160's-low 170's.

dont know,but just got a 152g  blizzard destroyer and was surprised it didnt flip over and was throwing it hard,a lot harder than my other disc could handle,,i throw 168-171g,and i pull them if thrown to hard,, but the blizzard didnt budge or even hint of wanting to peel of to the right..

Cuz there's several generations of older disc golfers now who want to throw the fast stuff but need the lower weights to pull that off.

i agree, being on the older side, i can get more distance with the new lighter weights. 

Idk about the Vibram 150s, but the blizzard champion discs are fantastic! They can be a teaching tool for new players or also a way for big arms to squeeze out some extra distance with familiar models. I have a couple of them right under 140 grams and they are really, really stable for their weight. Also not only are they fairly durable, but they also float! Beats having a light, flippy r-pro boss for the water holes.

As a member of the fat old man subset, I like them because I can bomb them out where I've never been before. Now if I could stop shanking them half the time They'd be even better.

YEAH the shankin is happening with those light ones. Cant let go. Its like putting a wooden arrow on a compound bow. It will shatter. Big guns need to stick to the heavies

So far the wraith and destroyer seem to be doing the best for me...I can't throw my 170 destroyer right to save my life. But, my 150 blizzard is blazing. And my blizzard wraith is amazing...super straight...holds a line well...very happy. 

The more you windmill, the more you'll shank.  If you have a nice linear pull, you'll shank a lot less.  Practice pulling it down the line.

I concur with you Ron 100%, but now you have piqued my curiosity - Is there a such thing as excessive flight speed? If you threw a disc into a 120mph headwind versus a 120mph tailwind the distance over the ground would vary greatly. Also the wind speed affecting the disc would change by 240mph.

If you have a normal release of 120mph and throw into that wind, the disc should just spin in front of you until it lost momentum. If you release with the wind at your back the disc would be traveling 240mph over the ground, yet it would have no wind passing over it. I think I just I just had a stroke LOLOLOLOL.

So, I have acquired a 130 class teedevil, 130 and 150 wraith, 130 and 150 boss, a 130 and 150 destroyer, and a 130 katana.

I went out on my school's mall tonight and drove multiple times with each, all backhand. I do not have the best arm speed and I am still learning. And, I don't know how long the mall is...but, the Wraith was by far the farthest, straightest flyer. I couldn't keep the teedevil from diving left on me...hard, the katana...dove right hard. And the boss and destroyer were semi straight, but I couldn't get them to go as far as the wraith. 

Just food for thought. 

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