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Wanted to see what you all think on this. But, with Innova coming out with the Champion Blizzard plastic and Vibram committing to bringing out all of their discs in 150 class...and, I will assume for the point of this thread that other companies are doing the same...why the trend to the lighter discs? 


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The more you windmill, the more you'll shank.  If you have a nice linear pull, you'll shank a lot less.  Practice pulling it down the line.

Throw it like you would a fairway driver you will see an improvement in them. I throw the 136g destroyer nice and smooth maybe 75% power and it sails past my heavy weights that im crushing.

I have to echo this advice. I played today and dialed back my arm speed and my Blizzards responded! Much more distance! Got to love em!


So, I have acquired a 130 class teedevil, 130 and 150 wraith, 130 and 150 boss, a 130 and 150 destroyer, and a 130 katana.

I went out on my school's mall tonight and drove multiple times with each, all backhand. I do not have the best arm speed and I am still learning. And, I don't know how long the mall is...but, the Wraith was by far the farthest, straightest flyer. I couldn't keep the teedevil from diving left on me...hard, the katana...dove right hard. And the boss and destroyer were semi straight, but I couldn't get them to go as far as the wraith. 

Just food for thought. 

I think there must be a lot of variability from disc to disc.  My Wraith and TeeDevil were both understable.  Katana was longest and a good stability for no headwind to tailwind conditions.  Boss was overstable and Destroyer was overstable into a headwind. 

I have always been a fan of Destroyers in the 165g area, but have to admit that I have a few down even as low as 150g now. They are so easy on the arm that I'm feeling like I could play forever. I also have some light weight 161g Westside Swords, man do they bomb. They are more stable than any of the Blizzards.

Could just be marketing to make more money and expand their customer base.  It is nice to have a 150 bag though, especially for those going to the Japan Open.

Careful with the blizards that have the bubbles in the plate. My friend left his boss in his car in 70 deegree weather and it warped the hell out of the plate ofthe disc.

Point of caution when going too light weight where distance is the objective. A good analogy is throwing a wiffle ball versus a baseball. You need to find the perfect weight that can be thrown at maximum velocity, this will vary with the individuals arm strength.

YEAH I GET MORE OUT THE light ones if i snap em rather than following through

Lighter discs are easier to throw but are not very consistant. Practice will solve all of this.


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