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........ we've just built a new course ........ it's par 60 with 4-4's and 1-5 ........ fun but a 2hr. venture as it's long ...... in trying to make it a fair test for all players we have pro, advanced and ladie's and novice tees. In doing so we have found that with the red tees the ladies can score just about on a par with the advanced men. The shortened tees are a good equalizer. It allows the advanced women the ability to compete head to head with the advanced men. Do you think this is good?…

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Better to identify the tees by their skill level colors than use the outdated and psychologically restrictive terms Pro, Advanced, Ladies and Novice. Use Gold, Blue, White, Red or Green so that gender and age aren't involved. Even pros don't mind playing Red tees once in a while for fun and upshot practice.
It works good on my home course, although its par 54. We let my sister throw from the Red(short) pads, while We throw from the Long boxes. It turnes out that we both get about the same amount of birdie opps. Based on distance and ability, it evens out pretty well.

Good job lookin out for the ladies!
I'd like to hear on this from all levels of women players ............ do you like the 'game on' thing between the men and the women with the handicapped shorter tees or do you feel it's only fair if you only play against same gender. Just trying figure out what you gals would really like.
come on girls we'd like to hear a comment or two on this
See a couple comments on the blog post.
Agreed...to identify tees with gender is not a good idea. When i play i play with the guys like hallie and sometimes the am tees on certain courses. So your saying 4 tees then...i would go with: Professional, Advanced/Amateur, and Novice/junior. I think that 4 pads maybe a little much. If I wanted to shoot from a ladies tee then i would be playing ball golf, not disc golf. I've shot courses with a larger par than that and i shot from the am tees there and still shot very well for a course like that. Its just not a good idea....you may take some heat later on.
Am tees _ Ladies tees same tee box ........... if you were playing a match, (match play) uno on uno do you feel you could play and win off the am tee against an advanced man? is it a fair match? would you be reluctant to go into a competition like that? i just ask because if you are doing a friendly, just a bunch of people playing, do feel at a disadvantage because you have to play the advanced tee? from what i can see women if given a shorter tee pad can compete and score more birdies than the men and beat them ....... just a rough generalization but ...... i think the shorter tee boxes make play for the women.
You can't categorize women as one blanket skill level. There are women from Blue level down thru Green. That's why tees simply need to be designed for and identified by skill level color. If the par for the blue tees is set for blue level and is the same as the par set properly for red tees, then there's a chance that a 950 woman playing the blue tees would have a fair match against an 850 rated guy playing the red tees.
we don't have big tourneys here mostly just clubbers ......... the women we have playing are 50+ and they seem to be able to hold there own from the reds, and I fully expect them to to sometime soon to have better scores and maybe even the best score between advanced men from blue and themselves from the red ............ is it good to promote this battle of the sexes?
it makes for some interesting competition and hopefully keeps the game fun...... any thots how do you women feel? some of the younger women that come to town do play in the advanced men division for tourney play if there isn't any other advanced woman ......... they don't seem to win there but would do well from the reds if they took the red tee route .... in my own mind it may be more even then.
I think that designating a shorter teepad as the Ladies teepad is sexist...and I think that is what Chuck, Emma and Hallie are saying above. I would leave the shorter teepad question dynamic...by that I mean, let the Ladies that show up for one of your touneys decide the day of the tournament as to which teepads they play from. At the beginning, they will most likely play from the shorter teepads, but if they win consistently, then the Ladies will probably move to the longer teepads. Also, in my part of the country, we always make divisions for Ladies and Juniors...even if there is only one peson in the division. It is a way of promoting the sport to people that might feel intimidated by the more advanced players. Just my two cents...
I love the game, but I don't play well. Casually I almost always play with men and expect to 'lose', but it's about the fun of it and my ego is well-trained and doesn't care about the score. In tournaments I also expect to 'lose', but I play against my previous rounds, so it's all good. Tell me where to show up and what tee to throw from and I'm good to go!
I guess my thing is when they have the LPGA ball golf tournament these girls go out wanting to win the big one. Birdies are paramount, lower score the better .......... they all play from the same tee box probably our blue ...... they're pros and want to go low .... and they do -12 over 4 rounds -20 drive and putt and if they're hot they start to drop ........... now for am women in disc golf wouldn't shortening the tee box to red and let them fly at it and try and get as many birds as possible be more fun and encouraging for their game ......... wouldn't more women want to play? that's the question ........ it's all about having more fun not sexism

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