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Well here's an ongoing old conversation.

I just reached the point where I actually understand why beginner forehanders throw more stable stuff.  I never really got the concept before because it never happened to me, it just sucked.  Now it just sucks a little less. 

Any tips for reducing flutter or practice techniques to learn to minimize flutter?

Thanks in advance!

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Crank it!
Snap Towel.
Follow through.
Angle of release.
Work it out.
Field practice.
Rinse Repeat.

three main problems with the fluttering 1) stability (unlike common thought, stability here is in reference to your hand/wrist as well as the disc) 2) snap 3)release

1) the stability of, not only the disc, your wrist is a major factor and by this i mean before you even finish letting go of the disc on the drive is your wrist twisting at all? if so that may cause the side of the disc to get slight air before you fully let go thus moving it on your finger(s) and creating the flutter. ways to cure: work with strengthening your wrist, practice forehanding slowly to make sure your wrist doesn't move, practice forehand over and over

2) easily put, more snap, essentially, more stability of the disc. when i play my forehand game the snap is the kicker and is rather complex if you think about it. the energy of the snap starts from the planted foot, to the hips, to the shoulder, than to the elbow, to the wrist, to the fingers, and finally to the disc. a long way for energy to travel in such a short amount of time. any who the real crux of the sap is generated from the wrist and finger(s) but primarily from the wrist. ways to get better: review #1

3) and finally the release, now this is tricky because this is a whole package deal. the questions to ask are: are you putting your whole body in motion before you release, giving you more power or is their little to no movement from your body at all?; is the energy generated flowing smoothly from the ground through your body to the disc (if not it may result in injury)? are you using a grip that feels comfortable and stable (most common are the 2 finger to the brim, 2 finger spread, and one finger brim)? ways of improvement: work slowly through the whole drive, from the first step to the last and by slowly i mean literally try it in slow motion than pick up the pace but never make it full speed and as you do this be aware of the energy flow, or the movement of power (think along the lines of hitting a baseball or golf ball: feet, hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, ball/disc)

once you put it all together you should feel a smooth flow of energy to the disc with great power (and if after you've thrown for a while you can accomplish this with very minimal steps during your drive, by this i mean i can take 2 steps and drive my champ. valc. 200+feet with laser accuracy)

but the main thing is practice, practice, practice...or do what happened to me and break your collar bone (of your least dominant side) and that'll force you to throw forehand :)
Wow, if I had to think this much when I play I would probably have an aneurism. Just chuck it hard on the right angle and all will be well. Go out to the field and just do it (just don't do it like Tiger unless that's your thing). I think that people in general start a forehand too high up. Start it low and you'll get that snap.
in addition to the novel written by previous posters--play around with your grip--I only use one finger under the rim as opposed to the 2 finger grip used by most forehand hukers--find what works for you to reduce the flutter...
Hey Ryan. I actually use the peace sign grip which I learned when playing ultimate for that fast throw. Wow I thought I was long winded...

Snap it. Just snap it. Sounds like a Michael Jackson song.
for me, a tight grip equals a controlled release.
Thats It !!!! Good Call !!!
Drop your throwing shoulder and learn to release the disc around knee/thigh level. Throwing low helps your wrist to stay at the angle you need in order to eliminate wobble.
Yeah, see too many people throwing that forehand up high.
First off, get the new Disc Golfer Mag. Nate Sexton has writen the best forehand artical I have read.

A lot of begginers are forced to throw overstable drivers because of the angle they release it on. Many beginner forehanders are completely turning the disc over when they release, then they are counting on the stability of the disc to cause it to fade back, and create an S curve. Begginers do this because its an easy way to get the damn disc to go far.

You have to ask your self why you throw forehand? If it is for distance, or if its the only way you can get the damn disc to go far, then throwing the anhyzer, or S curve, is great. Now, if you are throwing forhand solely for the purpose of getting your throw to finnish way right(RHFH), then you have got to change things up. In order to get the disc to finnish way right, you must have your palm facing up to the sky upon release. You must think Hyzer. Its hard at first. you will lose a lot of Distance right of the bat, but find the right disc. And give it some attention on the practice field rather than the course.

everyone has given good advice for the flutter. The only thing I will say is work it out on the practice field!
Thanks guys, I went to grand woods today and threw the best forehand shots of my life to date. I am not a forced anny thrower, I try to throw flat and straight and choose the disc to control the shape of the shot.

Keep the advice coming if there is any :)

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