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I just started playing a few weeks ago on the 17th. I quickly found that I could not throw a backhand disc to save my life.... My buddy Chris suggested that I try a forehand throw about half-way through the course. It was exactly what I needed to get my game on track, and I have been a natural forehand thrower since. That day I went out and bought my first bag and 5 discs. DX Wraith 171, DX Sidewinder 175, Dragon 150, Champ Coyote 175, and a Polecat 175.

I still have no clue what the difference between hyzer and anhyzer are. I'd like to learn how to better control my throw, how to make it change direction, and how to make it turn left or right depending on how I throw it.

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I wrote the following in response to someone asking what is the best disc for forehands.


I have been throwing forehand for over a year and the real answer to your question is... all of them. But theres a catch, you have to learn how they fly. A solid piece of advice I would give to a beginner is to learn the flight charts and their definitions, this helped me out so much.

As for specifics, most sidearm throwers tend to favor overstable plastic such as the Surge, Firebird, Flick, and Excaliber. Usually most Forhand players generate more spin than backhanders causing the discs to exaggerate the turn/fade stats. So most forehand players like overstable discs because they can throw them with the wing up and enjoy a nice S shot where the anhyzer loses speed flattens out and eventually hyzers back to the right. Overstable discs will mostly always fade back unlike the understable plastic that will continue to go further and further left if thrown with the wing up.

Once you become familiar with flights I think you will find that all the discs are just as useful given the situation. I love my roadrunner and monarch because I can throw them with a hyzer angle (wing down) and watch them sit up and turn giving myself a true S curve. Or I can throw them flat and let the turn producing a nice anhyzer that goes to my left and sits down. A must have if you want to combat backhanders. Now most find throwing a hyzer angle forehand to be difficult and it should be practiced first. I agree the the wing up throw is much more naturally (almost like throwing a ball) when compared to the hyzer throw.

So I would suggest getting a Firebird and a Beast. This way you can throw both understable and overstable and learn how to play both flights.

In reference to Mark's comment about turn-overs. If your turning something over to your left, work on a smooth relaxed release of the disc and try and add some hyzer angle to the disc upon release (tilt the wing down) and let it lift back up.

As for midranges, flicking a midrange can be a dangerous and rewarding situation. Remember midranges are not meant to be thrown with great power, and you risk severely turning a midrange over if you throw it as hard as you can. Throw your midrange plastic with finesse and be relaxed, let the disc fly the way it was designed.

As for midrange, i enjoy my Rhyno, buzz, and USDGC roc. I typically try to flick midranges at the basket with an anny flight (right to left).
Just go out to a field and practice different shots.
Ok so I went out and threw a solo round and i found out how to make any disc I throw go left or right just me changing the angle that I grip the disc at...... Not actually changing the grip, but using the same grip just at a different angle on the disc relative to the ground and not using my wrist to change the angle either. (if that makes any since). It would probably make more since if I could show you with pictures. I'll try and get some as reference.

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