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I am new to the site and I have seen some discussions about forehand shots and backhand shots from some of yall, and wanted some opinions. I have been forehand dominant ever since I started playing back about four years ago. I can average any where from 350-430 feet depending on the pin location and conditions, and I consider myself very accurate with my forehand. Coming from a baseball background and playing second base, forehands have always felt real natural and pure to me. For the last two weeks I have been considering switching to a more backhand dominant game and pretty much relearn the game and play the way most tour pros do. I am considering this because I want to add a more traditional shot to my game. I hope I'm not making a mistake. I wonder what everyone out there thinks of a guy with a accurate, and predictable forehand shot as too an accurate and predictable backhand?

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forehand feels more natural at first it did for me its also more difficult to get great distance congrats to you so far. i hav only been playing a little over a year but play everyday so i have become quite good haha i larned from playing many courses that both shots are great to know because of different situations. i use forehand mostly for right fades at the end or to get out of trouble shots, i also like how accurate you can be with forehand. yes become backhand domiant but dont loose your sidearm ability and while your at it learn the tomahawk or thumber its another shot required to know on some courses. have fun !
Having a versatile game is a huge help if you find yourself in a position where it's a tough forehand and an easy backhand. Being able to switch at will comes in very handy. That said, Geoff Bennett throws a forehand dominant game and does okay. I think the reason most people go backhand is it's a far easier technique to be precise with.
Don't switch to backhand dominant, especially if you're really good at forehand, just add an adequate backhand shot for those times when it's absolutely necessary (pesky dog-legs). I tried switching and it really messes up your forehand precision; it's like your mind gets turned around and you start losing your muscle memory.
You want a big bag of tricks, you never know what the next new hole might bring. Being able to take the easiest line with the biggest gap is how I decide what to throw. If it calls for a backhand throw it, thumber get it up and over, or even a putter right down the gut, or when in doubt throw a forehand.
I forehand almost 90% of all my drives. Been doing that for 4 years now. I have since learned the backhand and I do use it when necessary, Mostly for up shots now. I was told and have learned, ti is best to learn all shots. Like tools in a tool box, the more tools you have, the better prepared you are!
i was in the same boat as you, and i have to say dont give your forehand up at all, but learn backhand and use it when necessary, if its not necessary dont force yourself i have found my game to be easier with both of those shots are available for use and just because the pros dont use it doesnt mean you should give it up its YOUR game, YOUR drives, and YOUR score dont settle for anything less
Throw both,then you have options.
I wouldn't worry about being backhand dominant. Those distances are great forehand. Think about it. How many times will you need to throw more than 350-430 in a round? Not too many. Also, even switching to backhand its awful hard to throw that far anyway. I can barely hit 400 on a good day rhbh. Just cuz not many people are forehand dominant doesn't mean you have to. I came from the same second base background and forehand also came easier to me at first, but i topped out at about 250-300' for distance. But those distances are great, especially if you are accurate and predictable with it.

with that said, i would learn to develop a backhand. Being versatile will make you a great player. However, like i said before i wouldnt get caught up on being backhand dominant. Since i have started throw rhbh, my backhand has gotten alot better, but my forehand is almost useless for anything over an approach shot. It seems that at the start, whatever your focusing on more will improve quickly but whatever you had before will drop off just as fast. That's why i say go with what your good at, and learn the backhand to fill in the rest of your game.
you could be one of the most balanced disc golfers in the world if you can throw backhand and forehand with equal confidence and control
All of these tips are good, hah my buddies i play with are most all backhand throwers and just shake their heads when i get a better anhyzer shot then them on a needed right to left hole. I have been playing for a while now so i have experimented with the thumber, and have aced with it once, but only use it when necessary now (get over a tall tree). I am pretty decent about 100 feet out with the backhand with my magnet and my roc. But i will add that i can throw my magnet straight as an arrow forehand, and the roc the same. I guess for now i will just practice backhanding the same amount as my forehands, but when i wanna hear that snap of a ripped forehand off the tee i will op for my reliable distance and accuracy :).
being able to throw a forehand hyzer that finnishes way right will always give you an advantage on just about any course. If you can develope a nice 300ft backhand hyzer that will finnish way left, and just keep your bomber forhand for distance, you should be able to do fine just about anywhere. The problem is, that turning a forhand shot over so that it finnishes way left, is a very difficult shot.
Practice both, believe me both forearm and backhand will benefit your game greatly. I throw forearm and backhand, and a lot my friends are jealous. I know some people that exclusively throw forearms and they Crush the shots.

I also tell people that throw or want to throw forearm shots, they should imagine turning a double play from second base and then throwing it to first base. That quick snap. Good luck! and keep hittin the chains!

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