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I've played this game for a long time (30+ yrs) . All this time the term sidearm has bothered me. Isn't it really a forehand like tennis & racketball ? It's the same motion right ? Why create a new word that needs an explanation ?  I think what I'm driving at is the publics perception of our terminology.

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Releasing an object. Hummmm. You might have something there. But then again you don't release anything using a backhand in racquet sports but we use that term in disc.
Flick , sidearm , forehand . I think we as a disc community should pick one and stick with it.
I know! The PDGA should decide!
ARRRGH! What have i started. lol
Total Chaos
Damn you and your reasoning lol!!
Your arm is at your side when you throw backhand. A backhand could be a sidearm. Its gotta be forehand!!
I'm calling it a "Mad Dog Stunner". Then I can have a shot named after me!
I call the throwing motions forehand and backhand FH or BH that makes it easy
what about forearm? collaboration of the two terms... :) or just a simple flick shot.
I was going to say the same thing actually.
Who cares, same thing, call it what you want, I say forehand.
OK, how about for righties. It's the Turn right throw and the Turn left throw ( Sideforeflickarm and backhand). Just reverse it for lefties!
I like that..."Sideforeflickarm" Makes total sense!!!
Sidearm is the term everyone was raised with.
When you were watching baseball and the pitcher threw that funky pitch.
Your father explained to you that was a sidearm pitch and took you in the yard to teach you how to throw it.
Later, when you found a Frisbee, you realized that the sidearm pitch worked to fly the disc.
A forehand shot for tennis or racquetball is not comparable because you are not throwing anything.
When people throw the frisbee, they look like sidearm pitchers releasing a ball, my tennis swing is much different.
BOTH terms are acceptable for disc golf and hardly ever create a communication problem, especially when you can give them the visual by waving your arm...if you say them both, they will understand at least one of them.
Now the term STABLE (which means STRAIGHT) is one that new disc golfers have trouble with...
At certain times we use the word "stable" to actually mean OVERstable...Why could we not have just used the word "Straight" instead of "Stable"?


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