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I can't throw backhand at all; I'm working on it, but when my forehand doesn't help me when the hole curves left. I try throwing anhyzer but they never turn back over. Any help or suggestions?

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why do you want it to turn back over on a left turning hole?

try something more overstable or
same disc less anny angle more snap on release or
same disc more angle and little to no snap at all.

but you need to learn back hand eventually, might as well start trying it now so in the future its easier to learn. (start a base for the muscle memory)
yeah, I'm just not consistent with my back hand, but what i mean is the disc is so much vertical it goes way left so i would want it to like hook left but still stay accurate
What you are trying to do is very difficult. I would suggest throwing a less stable driver on a hyzer angle, and let the snap and spin carry the disc left. It sounds like you are throwing an overstable disc and chopping down with it. Even with a great throw, an overstable disc does not want to turn left, but an understable disc does.

I think you will have better luck trying to perfect your backhand throw, rather than this.

PS. Dont expect to get the same results out of your forehand driver with a backhand throw. Most people throw more over stable drivers forehand. Try something a little further down the stability chart for your backhands.
thanks i will try this
just throw backhand...you are more than capable of throwing backhand your muscles just aren't used to it yet to be consistent. throw in one or two drives backhand a round. see how they turn out, if they work they work and if they don't you know what not to do next time. I'm the exact opposite, I throw primarily backhand and am being forced in a way to learn sidearm. it's frustrating because I know I can bomb some backhand drives, so when I step up and flick one sidearm and it dives or plays a line I didn't want it to play it's really easy to not want to throw that way again. throw just enough backhand a round that it won't totally ruin your score or your mentality, then eventually you'll know what situations call for it.
I have the same problem, backhand just does not work for me, I've found that my best chance for turning left with a forehand is a slightly beat up understable disc, or depending on the amount of turn needed a VERY beat up understable disc.Works for me anyway.
When I started playing, I too only threw forehand. I remember how frustrating driving backhand was for me. The only thing i could count on for distance was the forehand. TRUST ME, you will get better at the backhand. Take all the advice that you can and stick with it!
These days, you would never guess that when I started, my backhand drives looked like my little sisters. The best thing about it is that I never stopped throwing forehand, and I use it all the time. Having mastered the forehand has given me a huge advantage in tournaments.

Discgolf is all about change. your form, your discs, your grip....the first step is addmitting that you could do it better..but how?
Try throwing some fh rollers, or a tomahawk. They were easy for me to learn starting off then when I finally could throw a bh they give u an extra option when throwing to the left
Hey SteveAlbert,

With enough adjustments you can make a forehand drive turn to the left (anhyzer). Just do enough of the following:

*Use a flippier disc (more understable)
*Raise your arm higher when you throw it
*Raise the wing of the disc higher upon release (the wing is the part of the disc opposite of where you grip it).
*Throw the disc harder or with more flutter
*Throw the disc into a headwind

Making it bend to the left is not the true challenge. Controlling it is. Control takes a lot of practice.
Mark is spot on. Understable discs for me which flick well are Roadrunner and Monarch. I also pinch my disc to raise the wing just a tad and/or roll the wrist to turn over a drive or approach. Good luck
Try throwing an champ or star Xcal, star Max, champ Boss, star or champ Firebird, 150 Class Z Flick, standard max weight Flick. These are all overstable discs that you can put quite a bit of anny angle on that will come back.

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