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I recently started throwing forehand again.  I was getting pretty darned excited because I was throwing over 300 ft with good accuracy.  The next day I felt a lot of pain above my elbow in between my shoulder and elbow and not the normal throwing pain from lack of muscle use. 

I have been icing.  We will see what good it does today, but I was NOT throwing even 50% as well with the pain(who woulda guessed). 

Anyone else experiece this?

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Yup, I've had very similar pain. for me its generally dull as opposed to a sharp pain; meaning (i think) just severe soreness. I generally play through it a bit maybe easing off my drives and it gets better as my arm gets warmed up. if I take a few days off, gets much better.

keep me posted on how this goes, I'm interested in how you fix your problem... I might try your remedies
It's no dull pain. When I get past the waist and start to get low, it is sharp until just before I throw and the pain lingers away on follow through. I can bend or contort my arm, elbow and wrist to make it a constant sharp pain. I am trying to ice that spot.
Tennis elbow ? Or is your neck or the muscles that run from the neck to your shoulder sore? Some times people with arm pain have a tweeked neck muscle. Think of the spine as the breaker box in a house with all the wiring coming out from it to all the places in the house. It also works in reverse. Inflame the nerve group around your elbow and you migh get pain elsewere AKA deferred pain.
If you are interested. Google "dermatone map"
Definitely c5 on the dermatome map. Thanks for the info. I will read up on tennis elbow. I may have a wicked case of it.

After looking up elbow pain it seems as if I have "golfers elbow",
The key for minimal sidearm pain is to keep your elbow close to your body and don't let your hips turn ahead of your arm. If those don't work try throwing a less stable disc. Run up can be a factor too. Side arm should do the least damage to your body in the long run (compared to backhand and UD's).
Wear a brace on your elbow, try throwing a lighter disc, and MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH. I cannot express that last part enough. A lot of disc golfers have bad form and throw the disc like it is an ultimate frisbee. However, that motion can tear ligaments and tendons in your arm if used extensively. if you stop and lock your arm immediately following the snap this could be the problem. I would be able to better diagnose if I seen film of your throw.
Here's one, this is during pain,
I drive sidearm (forehand) all the time. Playing for 2 years and only started experiencing the pain you're describing when I started to throw disc that were below 160g in weight. Especially a 138g Tee-Rex (what was I thinking). No problems with 168g and up. But when I had the pain I was tossing with my elbow higher. I noticed if I lowered my elbow and threw a less stable disc my problem dissipated. Just my 2 cents. Hope it's feeling better soon!
I often used to have this pain as I constantly only use the "flick" forehand shot. It would just be a severe pain in my elbow at times after frolfing. I always call it "frelbow" for frolf elbow. It seems more fitting for our sport than golf elbow. I am not sure how i changed my approach because I know I don't feel this pain very often anymore if at all. I asked a buddy of mine what he might suggest because he played baseball all through college and was a pitcher so I trusted his advice on my arm. He told me to take some aleve or just straight naproxen which I found at wal-mart. Naproxen is just the active ingridient in aleve. It is a very good pain killer if you feel any tightness in your shoulder as well. I know my shoulder tendons seems to swell up a lot if I release the flick wrong and naproxen has saved my rounds so many times now. Im able to easily finish a round with no tightness or anything. hope that helped and good luck on the flick
Having trouble downloading video, I get audio but no video and I have tried 3 players.
I am officially INJURED. :( .

I STUPIDLY threw a fore hand shot in the park and I felt it tear. Almost put me to my knees. Funny thing is that backhand shots don't hurt at all. I am obviously doing something wrong. The video shows me the day after the injury so my degree of flatness may be affected but I don't see anything distinctly wrong with the form warranting injury. My body disagrees.
It's an unfortunate design flaw of the body. your forarm has two bones that rotate over each other. Put your lft hand over your forarm and rotate it. See how the bones "turnover" each other. Now throw in your elbow wrapped in tendons. They make a band that you put on your forearm to keep your two forarm bones (radius and ulna) from crossing over each other.
Having said that. I'm not a doctor and I don't have X-ray vision. So if you felt a "tear" You might want to go see a doctor. Don't let them poo hoo you and tell you to take motrin and ice it. To often people think it will just "go away" and it ends up getting worse or you do more damage.

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