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I recently started throwing forehand again.  I was getting pretty darned excited because I was throwing over 300 ft with good accuracy.  The next day I felt a lot of pain above my elbow in between my shoulder and elbow and not the normal throwing pain from lack of muscle use. 

I have been icing.  We will see what good it does today, but I was NOT throwing even 50% as well with the pain(who woulda guessed). 

Anyone else experiece this?

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I watched the video. If you were attempting to assassinate worms basking in the grass 20 feet in front of you while simultaneously placing unnatural strain on your poor elbow, then congratulations. You pegged it. :)
I think its just that sidearm is a lot harder on your body. I used to throw nothing but sidearm for my drives, until i hurt my shoulder and had to learn to throw backhand. But when I was throwing all sidearm I would always have pain in my forearm (right below my elbow). A brace helped me out, maybe thats what you need too. It was thin one that wrapped around (maybe an inch wide), and not a full elbow brace.
LOL, well at least your not a smart ass mark.
Care to elaborate on the unnatural strain on my elbow? When I am 100% I will post another video, it was stupid of me to post a video made while I was in pain and throwing terrible.
Had this problom, solved it by perfecting my form keep elbow close to body through the whole throw and no run up. the only time my arm hurts is when i bring it out for the snap. its all in the wrist/hip
it seems people are posting conflicting advice here. for proper sidearm form, should the elbow be CLOSE to the hip (bent arm) or FAR away from the hip (straighter arm)???
I read a lot of advice which says to keep your elbow close to your body on a forehand shot. I know when I have tried that it hurts. I feel an immediate twinge in my elbow. So I don't do it.

My form is elbow away from the body. Like a throwing sidearm with a baseball or hitting a racquetball kill shot.

I think elbow close to the body also limits power. Imagine if you took a rope and wrapped your throwing arm tight to your body. Now what kind of power could you generate? The more you keep your elbow close to your body the more you limit the movement of your arm in the same way.

But say you want to throw forehands with the close to the body form. Now how do you throw an anhyzer? How about a high anhyzer around a big tree?

This thread is about elbow pain. Your body has a pain mechanism which tells you when you are doing something injurious. When you throw flat, smooth, balanced and graceful it should cause no pain.
Smooth, flat, balanced with good follow through. Try that. Whatever that was in the video...don't do that any more.
I'm with Mark on this one. I throw forehand a lot and when I keep my elbow tucked in, not only does that hurt, but I find I also hyper-extend/rotate my shoulder because I don't have as much power and I over compensate. I play racquetball and that is one of the best ways to think of how to throw the disc. Smooth and controlled acceleration culminating at the point of release.
I am doing better with the pain and injury. I threw some soft forehand shots today to try and identify the hurt motion. I hope I come out of this with a better understanding of forehand throwing and be able to get myself where I want to be with it. Thanks for all the feedback, when I am 100% and feel confident I will post another video.


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