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If you have both shots in your arsenal how do you choose which to throw??

Is it better to be great at one or okay at both?

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I threw forehand up until this time last summer when an old elbow injury (I wanted to be a sidearm pitcher when I was 8) decided it wanted to inject itself in to a tournament. After dropping out of the tourney (not a good day or week after that), I began to throw backhand. I feel no pain in my elbow doing this. I still use the forehand shot, though it is sparingly, like from behind a tree.
I'm RHBH dominant, but I do throw forehand, overhead, rollers, etc. I just throw what the shot calls for that is the most reasonable in my ability. If not, then I just throw what I think will work and throw up a prayer...never know what you can do till you try.
Simple answer. You need both. For me if it's 100 feet from the hole up to say 40 feet I use forehand for accuracy. Inside 40 is backhand. The drive is dictated by conditions. Having more weapons makes you more versatile.

Iowa State? You should go to the Ames forum at the Iowa Disc Golf website and check out my post about the original Arboretum course that we used to play.
I throw RHBH on most throws. I have more accuracy keeping with lines, and I can make it curve how I want. I am most comfortable with this throw, and I can hit different ranges with this throw (long, short). I also prefer this shot on most shots with a headwind.

I throw forearm on some shots as this gives me more consistency and accuracy on the start of the drive. I can't keep this shot on lines, nor do I have any real consistency with where the drive ends. I also use this shot sparingly except for where I feel I need to use it or where I feel I can get better distance with it. Throwing this way can mess up elbows and is prone to injuries.

I think a great way to approach this dilemma is to have both types of shots be something you're comfortable with. Maybe be more comfortable with one than the other, as I am with backhand, but feel confident that you can use both when needed.
I have adapted to both. I do get a bit more distance out of my FH drives then BH. Although I do not feel like I have enough control nor a good grip to throw a mid range FH. With my Buzz and Drone I am unable grip it the same way I do my FH drives so I prefer BH.

I also agree that no one can really become great. Defining that great is better then good and decent or okay and alright. Since I have a decent FH and a okay BH, I would like to say I am getting better and maybe one day good. Can any one get to great? Maybe totally wicked BH? Truly awesome FH? I do not know I just throw the thing in the direction of the pin and pray I have a decent second shot! Well, I do have one ACE so maybe I at least have a idea of what’s going on. ;)
I agree with the majority here. The more shots you have in your bag, the better off you will be. I'm going through a similar change in game however. I have always thrown RHBH, but now I am working hard to have a comparable RHFH.
I choose based on obstacle positioning. I am right handed; if there are trees to my left, i throw backhand to avoid them, if they are to the right I'll throw forehand.
Well put! The only shot that I don't have is the thumber. My arm would probably come detached if I threw that. Recently I added in the forehand roller shot. But it comes down to wind conditions and obstacles. Some days the wind can also dictate a shot (when that anny wind is begging you to sail one).
I'ts Good to Have Both a Great Sidearm and a Great Backhand !!!
I struggled with RHBH so I used to play strictly RHFH. I'm approaching my 10th month, and I have started to integrate RHBH into my game. The odd thing for me? I can walk up to the tee box and just flick my wrist and throw an overstable disc 200 ft, or, I can use a form similar to throwing out a fast base-runner from third and and the disc travels 250. Every once in awhile, I can throw a nice S with my backhand, but it also dies out after 200 or so feet.

Anyway, I see value in having both drives in your bag. I agree with the whole "putt for dough" mindset, but don't under-estimate the well placed approach shot. I like to practice shots from 100 ft or so out. Saves me strokes every game.
I would love to have a consistant forhand but I dont ,so I practiced controlled ani's that helps on right hand ending holes.I would say keep practicing and get good at both. Thats what i'm doing now
im right handed in everything i do except throwing a disc backhand. i can throw a forehand with my right, however i choose not to unless its my only option, rarely is it my only option unless i miss a fareway and jam in the trees or something of that nature. i throw 99 percent of my shots LHBH, so i had to develop a sick anny to stay competitive. i see some people switch depending on the hole, i focus on my anny or hyzer. thats what im comfortable with for accuracy and distance. i want to develop muscle memory and consistency off the tee, therefore i focus on my backhand and i always move my basket around the yard to practice my putting, i do toss a few puts forehand in my yard from behind a bush, just in case i need to use that shot in a round. keep practicing and so will i, good luck.


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