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After the loss of 4 of my favorite disc and a tree that all but broke my putter, I have all these fresh new disc in the bag :(. 


Anyway, now I have to go back and break in all these disc again.... Im half tempted to just find a parking lot and start hyzer spiking them.


Don't really have a point to this thread but figure some of you have had this pain in the past.

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I've doubled a blanked over a brick wall and thrown new discs at it.  It should help to break it in without scratching it up.  More ideas here:  http://discgolfer.ning.com/forum/topics/breaking-in-plastic?xg_sour...

 I dont understand breaking in a new disc.  With all of the discs out there you should be able to find a disc to do what you want right out of the box. 
All Star/Champ discs do break in to match their flight rating after a little while and stay in that nice broken in state for a long time.  Manufactures design discs so that they have to be broken in before they will match the flight rating.  So the waiting on the disc to break in can be frustrating at times.  If you bought a disc to fit your needs out of the box, then when it broke in it would be too understable.

So when the disc breaks in get a new disc.  This way you can always get the flight you want out of a disc.  I guess to each his own but waiting for a disc to break in doesnt sound like fun and takeing away from practice time.

Don't inflict it to a parking lot--play rounds with just one disc--and repeat until you have played a entire round with each disc--it will help break in the (hopefully) premium plastic and you will know the disc a lot better when you have to throw it in uncomfortable situations.
breaking in a disc will increase its glide and thus increase its distance (to a point)...

I won't kill it on pavement, just want to lol. Yeah I play with Star for the most part, and the break in process just takes a little to long for me. The bad thing is most disc break in from hitting trees, so I have to play bad to get the disc I want lol.


as to what Brad said, One lost disc was my Wraith that I used for skip shots and rollers. It is a disc that has to be broken in because its hard two buy two that fly the same. Don't know why the wraith is so testy but it is what it is.


Also as you said about the backups I lost my main sidewinder and both its back ups. So im with you on keeping them in rotation so you always have one if you lose one. I was just unlucky enough to lose them all.


The idea of buying a brand new disc that will do what you want, is right to a point. I can go buy a vulcan to replace my flip disc, but the added speed will change how I throw it. Or like with the wraith, it has been used for about two years now and I know what its going to do. what distance its gonna hook up at, how much power I need to get the right kind of skip. So a disc like that wraith, I just cant go out and buy new.

Yes and once they are broke in and do not fly as they did out of the box send them to

skipper Hamilton
31692 Cedar creek rd
Cottage Grove OR 97424

Ill be sure to get rid of them for you.
Get an Archon... it really does seem like a beat wraith.  My new wraiths just aren't the same, but the archon is bombing for me.
Well it's less to do with how far I can throw if, and more to do with how well the wraith skips. Also it my main FH roller disc. I do want to try that Archon.

I have a couple of Avengers that I have been trying to beat up a bit.  I have been throwing them for Forehand Rollers whenever possible.


Feel free to "dispose" of them in my general direction.  Gotta love already beat plastic.

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