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Exactly how is this a basket, amazon is trying to sell for $109.00 WTF

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The thing that humors me is that it says its PDGA approved. The only thing I could see it helping with is learning a great elevator putt. Or super spike hyzer style putting
Well, if the kid gets to where he's hitting that little flagpole every time from various distances and somehow the disc miraculously drops in the basketball net thingy on the bottom without glancing off to the side, THEN, I'd be impressed. Otherwise, the majority of putts going into that thing would seem to need to have an arcing trajectory which would put them bouncing off of the top of an actual basket.
I don't see anything wrong with this basket. It is a different kind of target than most disc golfers are used to and some of the putting styles we have developed will not work as well as on more traditional targets. OK, so what? Sometimes soft, lofting putts are the only option we have anyway.

I would guess that this basket does no worse at rejecting good putts than the ones we putt at every day. So it is not like we are comparing this basket to some perfect ideal.

It would not bother me to play a tournament on these targets or Tube Tones or posts. The challenges are all a bit different but they all are based on controlling the flight of a disc.
Gotta side with Ellis on this one. I thought this basket looked rediculous until I tried putting at it. It catches discs really well. It's a ligitimate practice basket . The only thing dumb about it is the price. Let's see it sell for closer to $40.
I think was the point I was looking at too. The price is nuts. Minus having a pole in the center, how many of us haven't putted at the clothes basket? I know I use a drop putt style on windy days. Short loft and get the nose down. They even have another game called can jam or something like that. It has an opening just bigger than the disc. I think we all practice on a thing like that, I bet our normal putts would be dead on accurate.
Imagine if this was the first disc golf target you ever saw, besides games of object golf around the yard when you were a kid? You'd see just how the disc has to go into the "hole" and know that you were playing a more refined game of Frisbee golf. Seems pretty cool and a natural extension of the idea of a ball falling into a hole on the green, better than a mailbox or birdbath any day.

Then, some months or years later, someone shows you this odd metal contraption with an array of chains and a pole. "That's no disc golf hole" you'd say. "That's just landing a disc in a basket."

These targets are also adjustable. The hoop portion can be tilted.

The price seems pretty dang high, considering the materials involved. I would think a 9-hole set of these would be more in the range of $4-500 and thus a good option for schools etc as temp courses and such.

I'd put this into the "good idea, a little late" category but it would be a hoot to play on something like this. Tilted into various positions these little buggers have a bit of the Dr. Fred to them, which is kind of creepy if you remember Dr. Fred.
Instead of mocking this "basket" understand free enterprise and how it works.
Someone designed and had this basket manufactured. Putting someone to work.
Also like the saying goes, if out there spell my name right.
Exposure is good regardless, maybe the purchase of this basket is not up to 'specs,' but what if it gets interest in the sport of disc golf and a future of more disc golfers that put into the sport!

And if you don't like it don't buy it.
dps won't be selling it, but let them.
There are a lot more goofy targets out there than you think. Whammo has put out a few plastic contraptions.
I have several homemade baskets on my course at home. Some of the first ones I built were made out of a 4" dia. peeler pole with a wire basket mounted on them at standard basket rim height (no chains at upper). All you had to do was hit the pole and the disc would fall right in the basket. Later, I topped them with an upper entrapment chain setup, and viola a basket was born. As for the price? I don't think it is worth it IMO, but they would work if you had nothing else. I would rather make stuff than buy it.....But hey, if you had a uniform set of those it might not be that bad.

109.00 that can work !i got targets for sell 100.00 plus shipping .
The pole sticking out of the top does an suprising great job to help catch the discs. No joke, hit the pole and your putt is going to probably go in.
Here at Fairway Flyerz we have one set up on the practice putting range. It initially struck me, as well as most of my clients, as a hokey kind of target. Once we got over the oddness of the target and started practicing our push putts we realize that its not such a bad thing. The response from the players that have tried it is one of astonishment, and then acceptability to the possibilities. As DGL said its a throwback to Dr. Fred's directional target, with the option of setting a diagonal angle on it to create a specific positioning of your approach, or it opens the hole up to alternative shots (hammers, flicks, etc) to capitalize on the angle. Ching overbuilt it so its sturdier than it looks, the netting is replaceable, and with the diagonal adjustment it brings unique possibilities to designing holes on a flat, open arena. I have a few players that are considering this for apartment use since its much quieter than anything else available... just don't miss and hit the adjoining walls!

Fairway Flyerz

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