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Am I the only guy who hates playing in groups of 5 and six with slow ass people?  Also, I'm sick and tired of playing with people who smoke pot while they play.  If this happends again I'm quitting the group and playing somewhere else even its a tag match.  Today I was waiting for some friends to join me after doubles and a few people wanted to start a tag match.  Well when i said I was waiting for someone else, they started to make comments because I had a #14 of 75 tag.  Well i can care less, the tag is a souvenir for me more than anything but I didn't want the Club to start to cast me out so I played.  Well this was going so slow with 6 people and I hate that.  Then in the middle of the match an old lady pulls out pot and starts smoking which pisses me off to no end.  I didn't want to disrespect the old lady so i didn't say anything.  Well in the end I ended up with a 53 tag which i don't care.  To put it in perspective, I shot a -7 on the same course yesterday and today it was a Par.  Am I alone in this matter?

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No. A very unfortunate part of the communities make-up. I go early in the morning now. Not many pot heads are morning people and the rounds go smooth and fast.Its just part of the game i guess.
Is it because people think they can do whatever they was in the woods? Are there any other sports like this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this if you are n the situation? Also the big groups too. Not to mention it is a pain for other people on the course too.
Play by yourself then, but don't expect results in your tourney play .Tourney's often have 5 people on a hole for 18 holes 90 people , always slow.
It's of subject, but it sounds like they got in your head before you even played. Smokers and slow play don't bug me, because 9 times out of 10. They get burnt out and fall apart near the end. Then I get a better tag # lol!! Dude, if you don't want to play with them, don't. Who cares what they might say about a stupid bag tag. I've passed on groups before, but for different reasons. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the day.
I don't play ball golf much anymore (sadly) because of 3-4 hour rounds; unless its a tourney there is no reason, absolutely no reason for a round of disc golf to take that long--its the reason I don't play in the league in my town--they don't know how to get around in less than 4 hours!

Smokers don't bother me; large groups don't necessarily bother me--but play ready golf if your group is larger than 4--I love the game, but some of us have wives, children, and lives to attend to--get around the course!
I guess I shouldnt have cared, and I did let them get in my head. I drew that low tag so maybe now that I have a high tag number noone will care. In tournys Its different than casual play. People are more or less seriouse. Thats how I play alot. I want to get better and do well, otherwise if I wanted to only relax and be outside I'd go fishing. And yes Ryan, thats what I'm talking about. If my wife turns me loose, I don't go play to watch others throw all day and mosey on up to the lie. I want to play myself otherwise id watch it on tv all day. I guess I will have to learn to clear my head and slow down. I need a trick or tactic to focus on my own game while playing instead of everyone elses, maybe earphones with music between drives.

thanks for listening guys.
Ear buds work. I'll just take my disc, walk off to the side, put my head down and picture the hole and my throw and zone out, till it's my turn. The majority of people will leave you be. I also play early and have the ability to play during the week. If you can swing it, that's a big plus. One other option, if you are able. Find a diff. course in your area. I will pay the bridge toll and drive an extra 15 to 20 min. because I found some like minded disc golfers. So just about every round is a tournament for me. Well sort of, but you know what I mean.
Being relatively new to the sport (played two years now), I was rather surprised to find so many local players doing that exact thing. I have heard it said before in regard to professional hockey that amidst all the fighting, sometimes a hockey game breaks out. Well, I have wondered the same thing about disc golf. Whether playing singles, doubles, bag tag, even in some local tournaments, people feel the need to pull out the weed. Granted, some of them appear to need it before they start throwing or putting well, but really, it's like, "...lets go out to the park so we can smoke our doobies, drink our booze out of 20 oz. Mountain Dew or Coke bottles, and maybe, just maybe we might play a round of disc golf while we are at it...".
Personally, I don't do any of that. It annoys me and I think it looks bad for the sport. Our local city government isn't supportive of disc golf at all and much of that is due to the complaints of others who use the park/course and complain to the city about this behavior. The reputation is not a good one and I envy those who play in other areas of the country where they are supported by local city governments and businesses.
I believe that type of behavior on the course leads to poor etiquette, abuse and vandalism of baskets, T-signs and T-pad, park benches, trees, public facilities, etc. Does there need to be a certain degree of tolerance for this behavior? I wish not, but I can tell you this, if the number of guys that play disc golf and smoke pot in my local area quit playing, we would lose half the players that come out. Sad, but true.
I play when I can. During the summer I'm out 8-10 times a week, during the winter 3-4 times a week--but 90% of my rounds are weekday solo--of which 60% are over before 8 a.m.--my weekends are for my wife and children--the last thing I want to do is spend 25% of my weekend daylight away from my kids when I'm away from them for 50 hours during the week to begin with...its all about priorities...4 hour rounds don't fit into my priorities.
Just a couple of things, I will sometimes play in large groups, we were known as the glacier group. But, when someone or another group comes up, we let them pass. And we play in the early am. As for the Pot thing, well, we could argue all day long on that issue, some might argue that should people drink beer on the course? I play with a group that smoke and some drink. (only because he is a 3rd shifter). We pick up litter, make a conscious on who does and who doesn't smoke pot. Yes, I understand your frustration about the pot smoking, where you shouldn't smoke at all, but disc golf/frisbee was played by hippies and by nature pot and discin almost go hand in hand for those that smoke it. If you see a group or person smoking either walk away or say I don't smoke pot and I wish you wouldn't smoke it around me. Just lighten up, people will be people, if you love the sport, all the other is not worth wasting your energy and frustrations on it. Would it still bother you if it was legal? We are all brothers and sisters in this sport and you do get some crazies in the crowd...Peace Bro
There is a huge diff between potheads and tourney players
I'm diggin gerg here, disc golf clubs complain about how they have to clean p all the courses themseves and the city doesn't care aout the courses , well no kidding. The part that pisses me off about it is that noone in the club seems to ever say anything. I've only been playing for a year now and just joined the club in jan. If the Pot heads and drunkards are screwing the image of the sport then why are the clubs so leanient on this behavior. I take this game as a sport that I strive to compete and win, not hide out in the woods and be a micreant. (butchered that word) Can't tee off or putt without a freakin penis drawing on a basket or tee sign. Beer cans everywhere which I'm sick of picking up. Guess I'll have to be the a-hole that stands out and picks and chooses who I play with based on addictions to substances. Oh well. Maybe if I go against the grain soemthing will be done about it club-wise. Nothing sucks more than playing in aan awesome fun sport but being automatically deemed a drunk and pothead for it. When I first started I didn't understand why that was, ow I'm starting to see quite well. I'm glad tolorence was brought up, It seems there is a tolorence there and thats crap if you ask me. What other sport accepts this behavior? I don't think that the advent of disc golf during the period of hippies excuses thses people from abiding by the law an general etiquette.

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