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Am I the only guy who hates playing in groups of 5 and six with slow ass people?  Also, I'm sick and tired of playing with people who smoke pot while they play.  If this happends again I'm quitting the group and playing somewhere else even its a tag match.  Today I was waiting for some friends to join me after doubles and a few people wanted to start a tag match.  Well when i said I was waiting for someone else, they started to make comments because I had a #14 of 75 tag.  Well i can care less, the tag is a souvenir for me more than anything but I didn't want the Club to start to cast me out so I played.  Well this was going so slow with 6 people and I hate that.  Then in the middle of the match an old lady pulls out pot and starts smoking which pisses me off to no end.  I didn't want to disrespect the old lady so i didn't say anything.  Well in the end I ended up with a 53 tag which i don't care.  To put it in perspective, I shot a -7 on the same course yesterday and today it was a Par.  Am I alone in this matter?

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Good luck standing up to those damn potheads!

Only about 50% of the people who disc golf seem to smoke so from what I can see so you should have no problems getting them ostracized right off the course.

But seriously.. Not everyone who smokes pot plays their game slowly. Plenty of non smokers like to blah blah blah instead of tossing their disc. Safety breaks are also an excellent time to have a seat and get refreshed so you can throw 100% on that next hole.

You should probably judge people on a case by case basis instead of making a blanket judgement based on one facet of their personality.
no no, I may have explained wrong, I don't associate potheads with playing slow. It seems that any league games played around here are in big ass groups. Just today I was stuck in a big ass group because it was a leaugue tag match. In addition it contained potheads, and I ALSO forgot to mention....one of the guys always bring his freakin DOG that runs around pissin on everything. Russing on the teepad while ou trying to drive and running all over the place while you are trying to putt. This wouldn;t bother me AS BAD but one time the dog was rustling in the leaves all around me while i was trying for a long putt butwhile the dog owner was trying to putt I sat on my chair and creaked and he looked at me with a crap look.
Not all pot heads are bad people that trash the course either. The group I play with most of us smoke. We take pride in our courses. When we play we not only leave with what we brought but usualy we leave with more. We pick up trash and bottles as we go.

Don't get me wrong I'm not standing up for all smokers but I am standing up for the good ones that are out to help the community.
man i feel ya actually, and honestly i've seen both sides of the spectrum the "i wish you would go home with that junk" and the "hey this cat isn't so bad" smokers but in general i kinda just wish it would get cleaned up ya know? maybe it's what i normally see (people ducking out like juvenile kids so they don't get caught by daddy) that just ruins it for me and i know how you feel about trashing the course, i used to play in nashville at seven oaks and every bench was marked up and junk...looked awful, but concerning your group issue; if they were to cast you out due to the fact you didn't want to play a spontaneous tag match...dude gtfo, a club ought to respect the fact that you want to take the sport and use it and the people to challenge yourself to do better so that eventually you can play in the pros not debate if you should or shouldn't be in the club because you didn't want to play with them

also, i loathe playing with/behind slow people, the one that takes the cake for me is when it's obvious that i'm playing faster than them, waiting at the tee for them to finish up every single hole from the one i caught up to them...oh well...gotta take the dumb with the smarts sometimes ya know?
dude, i have the same problem, same feelings you do, exactly. I mean, the problem i ran into is when an undercover cop walked up and busted people in my group and threw the same label on me, not fricking cool. its hard explaining to the cop that, " No officer, I don't know them, yes we belong to the same club, but they're not my friends,..." really sir?! you expect me to buy that? , says the cop. and just because the sport was created in the time of tree hugging, pot-smoking hippies, doesn't give it a reason to be done today. The world isn't flat any longer ..... Cocaine is no longer in Coca-Cola..... things change. This sport is truly stifled by this, many courses have shut down or have threatened to shut down because of this behavior, just ridiculous IMO.
When I have a big group ahead of me, or with me, I take it as a sign to calm down, and relax. If I do not have the time to stop and enjoy my time outside, then I am missing the point of disc golf.
For me would it still bother me if legal? The answer is yes! First off it smells like crap and makes me want to puke everytime I smell it. Second if you "play better" while smoking pot what is the difference between that and other Performance enhancing drugs? Perhaps you should try Adderall or Valium to calm yourself and your mind. At least then you wouldn't be annoying those around you that don't smoke. That small lingers and you can be 5 holes down the course and we non-smokers can still smell it where you lit up. Not to mention it is a mind altering substance and I am sure you have heard the term "Contact high", Well I like to bring my son out and other kids that I volunteer with and they don't need to be exposed to that.
Getting a contact high is a myth, unless your in a small enclosed space and somebody is smoking and exorbitant amount of marijuana your kid will never get a contact high. Your entitled to your opinion, I'm not a smoker but it doesn't bother me, why are you so uptight?

I agree that the kids should never be exposed to that and I would have no respect for someone blatantly smoking in front of a kid, but why are you playing with these people if you have kids and know they're are gonna do this?

As far as being performance enhancing that is just a dumb statement, and I will not even go there.
What sport doesn't have these people? people that smoke pot are everywhere! (every major sport has people that have tested positive for marijuana, and hundreds more that use but haven't gotten caught). probably a lot of people that you have looked up to in your life have done it or do it, just because you dont know about it or it isn't obvious doesn't mean its not happening. Wake up!

You can blame people that smoke for the littering and vandalism but thats called stereotyping. Sure some idiots that do that stuff may smoke weed but from what I know to be true a lot of the people combating the problems also smoke weed (some, not all).

If you want to stereotype the people that do this at least use a accurate stereotype like, Immature males with bad upbringings and poor morals.

I'm not a pothead, but I know plenty of them, and they are all just people who come from all different walks of life and backgrounds with varying sets of morals and beliefs. Just like you and I. Are you perfect? doubt it, I'm not either but I dont judge people based on thier lifestyles but rather how they act towards other people. I dont like some of them (potheads or drunks) but I'm not gonna stop talking to the lot of them because of a couple I don"t like, thats stupid.

Don't play with them if you don't like what they do on the course, you wont hurt thier feelings, I assure you.
Slow play dosent bother me that much but the pot heads sparking up in front of my 15 year old kid really chaps my ass. It really sucks getting to a tourney and seeing guys lighting up, drinking beers and whatever else at 7:30 in the morning. I can see why our sport has the reputation that it does.
Bag tags are always up for challenge, so don't let that part of your rant upset you too much.
Pot smoking is illegal so the old lady is disrespecting the law. Threaten legal action and you won't have to deal with that again. You are not alone in this matter or how you are dealing with it.
Robey, i can't agree with you, (no hard feelings) and an earlier post. I mean, you try to make the comparison that all sports have it. For one, i'm sure the scale is a little more slided toward our sport. 2ndly, if Ricky Williams was doing it, it was tucked away in his home, at a party, etc., not on the football field next to his teammates, challenging their moral code and expecting them to be tolerant of it. You can be tolerant of people who commit criminal activities i'm sure by turning a blind eye to it. I'm sure we all have or do. me---> guilty. When these folks put others in that predicament out in public, it's not cool.

I don't think The Big Hamm was stereotyping. He actually recalled experiences. Because he talked about slow groups, potheads and people who trashed the course, everyone who slapped the "Stereotype" label on him in this thread assumes that 1 of the 3 things he doesn't like about this sport is causing the other two. You guys are drawing your own conclusions.

Some people are more tolerant of certain crimes than others because their own values/beliefs say that some recreational drugs should be ok. I don't have a problem with ppl that do it, i have family members that do it daily and i still love them. i have a problem with people who do it around me because its an illegal activity.

You can only say it to folks so many times till your blue in the face. So, here's my choices: 1. Bark at anyone i see doing it, say something about it. (could result in escalation, fighting or could get him/group to quit <--- not likely). 2. Walk away (does nothing to curb future behaviors, could result in course shutdown, like my homecourse Bear Creek is being threatened to do if this behavior continues). 3. Be a vigilante, do a citizen's arrest, or call the police. The latter being the best choice because i could call and not be involved, could be anonymous,would have the biggest impact on future behavior, but authorities will track this information for the citizens who pay taxes in that city who could complain and ask for a course shutdown.

Sounds to me like all the choices suck. So, what can we do? Well, i think The Hamm did the right thing. Bring it up as a subject on the largest Disc Golf Site, get the influential leaders involved, hope they become good ambassadors and talk about it at Tourney and Club meetings. Once they do, they'll be sending a message that perhaps it isn't cool and shouldn't be tolerated and it would help to cut down on illegal activities of not only pot-smoking but other crimes, i.e., fighting, drinking on courses where illegal, etc. Awareness on a global scale is far better than me getting into scuffs at my local DGC. I do like my opinions, but its just me, IMO.

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