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Am I the only guy who hates playing in groups of 5 and six with slow ass people?  Also, I'm sick and tired of playing with people who smoke pot while they play.  If this happends again I'm quitting the group and playing somewhere else even its a tag match.  Today I was waiting for some friends to join me after doubles and a few people wanted to start a tag match.  Well when i said I was waiting for someone else, they started to make comments because I had a #14 of 75 tag.  Well i can care less, the tag is a souvenir for me more than anything but I didn't want the Club to start to cast me out so I played.  Well this was going so slow with 6 people and I hate that.  Then in the middle of the match an old lady pulls out pot and starts smoking which pisses me off to no end.  I didn't want to disrespect the old lady so i didn't say anything.  Well in the end I ended up with a 53 tag which i don't care.  To put it in perspective, I shot a -7 on the same course yesterday and today it was a Par.  Am I alone in this matter?

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The people I play with don't smoke pot, I am talking about others on the course. You can light up and even after you have left the hole the stench lingers.

Some people actually think they play better because it "Calms the nerves" so yes, if it really has that kind of effect on a person it is essentially performance enhancing.
I make it clear that I will not play in a six-some for tags. I might do a five-some if it is people I know. I just say I am not going to do it because of the lack of true etiquette and following the rules. People shoot out of turn, walk up on putts etc etc...Just tell the people you will only play in a foursome and that is your personal limit. As for the smoke issue, it has to come from you at the beginning as well. Just tell them the truth. You don't want to play in a group that is going to puff. If you tell them the truth on all accounts you will most likely end up not playing with big, slow puff train groups...
Wow, seriously? Cigarettes kill people, who knew? There is not a surgeon general's warning or anything. Oh wait there is... Yet people are dumb enough to expose not only themselves to it but their children. SURPRISE! Again this is why stupidity is so rampant in the world today.

As for your question about herbal medicine vs man made drugs. What is the benefit of smoking the pot vs say eating it? Better yet, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary are all good anti-inflammatory herbs, why don't we just start smoking them? Man made drugs, although having side effects are good for a number of conditions. But seriously, find me ONE (1) that you smoke. Find me ONE (1) that causes side effects to other people. Find an FDA approved drug like that... can you do it? NO!!! I can hear it now "The FDA is in the pocket of big business, Blah Blah Blah." If you really think "The Man" is keeping things under wraps and intentionally deceiving you then you fool yourself. Anything you take into your body will have side effects depending on your tolerance to it. For instance Mushrooms make me break out in hives if I eat them, Certain pollens if I inhale them close my throat. All natural substances, both could have lethal side effects to me without the aid of an Epipen or a hell of a lot of antihistamines. If you have Crones' disease eating seeds could kill you. Drugs are made to help and must go through a rigorous process to even get on the market. Multiple tests on animals and people. Double blind studies, etc. If you need something to "Calm your nerves" then yes get a Drug or Herb that doesn't bother people around you.

So please go all day! I am looking forward to your genius thoughts, ideas, and science.
Its probably best to view playing in situations like that training for tourney's. No I don't mean the pot part obviously, but playing with distractions. If you can view it as mental fortitude training your golden, if not I would just pass on playing with a huge group. Its not that hard to say "I have to go, sorry guys the wife/life/work thing is calling me"
oh here comes the majority argument, for one, is it?!! if it was, then why isn't it legal if that's what the majority wants? the majority of people thought the world was flat, hung and outcasted people if they thought otherwise. the mob is often mislead and rarely possess any original thoughts. many are followers. and secondly, if the majority made decisions, we'd be nowhere. The highest IQ's are a minority. google it.

wow, now we're to be compared to racists with the underground railroad remark? wow, that's funny, kinda giggling at that one. we should be ashamed of ourselves? for what, having high moral values and ethical standards? lmao, man, this guy . i'll remain speechless with respect to any of your comments moving forward. Your moral ineptitude is why this sport struggles to be what so many want it to become, and ya don't give a hoot. well, actually, you give a hoot about mary jane, not the growth of the sport.

Back to Robey, So, i should turn a blind eye amidst my wife and my children? that's how i should deal with it? how bout not having to deal with it because its illegal, duh?! get a clue peeps. I intend to make disc golf a family affair. my kids will see enough peer pressure at school. they don't need to see it in the "Professional Disc Golf Association", not "social recreational pot-smoking disc throwin association". well, i feel stupid for even writing this post, like telling an alcoholic he's an alcholic, they almost never get it. People with low morals are hard to talk to when everything in their life is so ........, l a i d b a c k....
something about you saying you won't do six-somes but you'll do five-somes is funny, dunno why? lol :)
like whine on the internet.
Understandable. but the reason is simple. We all have a limit. If I am at the course and have enough time and it is with players I know have good etiquette, then I will go along and play a bag tag round. If not I would say I don't have time. But as for a six-some I would rather play doubles and therefore it would not be a tag round after all. Myself and many other players I know go directly into doubles when a six-some is looking to play. Otherwise we will break into two three-somes..
Glad I don't have to play with you debbie downers. Casual rounds are that, casual even if they are for tags. If people puff or drink during a PDGA round they'll get kicked out. So, WHO CARES!? If you shot -7 one day you were hot and Par is not. UH BOO you lost your 14 to some Burnouts.
I think people who want to play with some etiquette and rules involved when it comes to tags are NOT "Debbie Downers" We simply like to play a fair game.

I am always polite and friendly and usually will handle a large group situation by trying to make it fun. Doubles, ript revenge, team skins. Losing a tag in a large group where it's hard to keep track of scores and tee position is not acceptable IMO. People rarely have a score card in these situations. The series tags we play for are associated with big prizes and are important.

One of the reasons I vowed to be strict about this was a round some time ago in a group of six where four of us had tags and two did not. No score card was used. It was the honor system. One of the players with a high tag, who never had or took the tee the entire round was all of the sudden two strokes ahead of me with three holes left??, He had announced score just a few holes back and was behind me, so I was fairly sure about his score and it was more like he was three or four strokes behind. I said, are sure about that? He said he was....

I was relieved that on the next hole he ended up with a bad drive, a +2 meter penalty and ended up with a triple-bogie on the very hole he announced his alleged score. Karma? It became a non-issue because I ended up winning after all. But it really bugged me. I was dreading the confrontation, and was preparing to bring the issue up. Why should we have to put up with stuff like that?

Another reason I hate playing for tags in big groups is walk-offs. A player, who just happens to have a low tag, will suddenly have to leave after their score has tanked. Officially they are supposed to forfeit the tag, but these types usually use the big group situation to their advantage and sneak off quietly. They usually only tell one person as you are walking from one hole to the next, and viola, at the next tee the group is one player lighter!

So today, for the most part, I try to make it clear that if tags are on, I expect the following:
a score card,
good etiquette,
adherence to rules
Foursome preferably (No groups larger than five)
WOW ! whole lotta harshness going on. I personally don't care for large groups either, but sometimes it is what it is.
I used to be a pothead, but the only time I ever smoked on the course was if everyone in the group was going to partake.
If you don't like big groups or potheads, don't play with them. It's always your choice.
It is just a number, you can always try for another one later... Heck last year I was in a club that had close to 200 tags. The only tags you ever seen in play were 110+ sometimes you would see the occasional 50 or 70 but if you wanted to see 1-20 (Gold tags) you generally had to call the person at home and schedule a time to play or try to get it at a tournament if you were playing the same teepads.

I had 11 and shot -5 still walked away with 137 the next highest tag. The guy who got my 11 had shot -6. The next tournament I walked away with 16, so the 137 was not that I was a bad player it was just the next tag in play. A tag is a tag a number is a number, Brag that you got number one or gold or whatever, it doesn't matter tags are more for promoting the club and the game more then actual reflection of how good of a golfer you are.

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