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Am I the only guy who hates playing in groups of 5 and six with slow ass people?  Also, I'm sick and tired of playing with people who smoke pot while they play.  If this happends again I'm quitting the group and playing somewhere else even its a tag match.  Today I was waiting for some friends to join me after doubles and a few people wanted to start a tag match.  Well when i said I was waiting for someone else, they started to make comments because I had a #14 of 75 tag.  Well i can care less, the tag is a souvenir for me more than anything but I didn't want the Club to start to cast me out so I played.  Well this was going so slow with 6 people and I hate that.  Then in the middle of the match an old lady pulls out pot and starts smoking which pisses me off to no end.  I didn't want to disrespect the old lady so i didn't say anything.  Well in the end I ended up with a 53 tag which i don't care.  To put it in perspective, I shot a -7 on the same course yesterday and today it was a Par.  Am I alone in this matter?

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Yeah, threaten legal action against someone making a personal choice that the majority of the country feels he should be able to make without any legal repercussions.

People like you were the ones that sold out their neighbors taking part in the underground railroad.

Threating to ruin someone's life and land them in a heap of a legal rouble over smoking a little bud. You should be completely ashamed of yourself.
Choice 4: Start your own private course where you can play all by your lonesome, since you apparently can't appreciate the idea that this sport is, by nature, counter-culture.

Believe it or not, just being around someone doing something illegal, especially something as minor or smoking cheeba, is not going to get you arrested. I've met and known police officers that actually make it a point not to harass potheads or even spend any time on them because they realize that they've many more important things to work on. Such as protecting the citizenry from actual violent criminals.

Do you also choose between barking, walking away, or calling the cops when someone you know jaywalks? Cause that's illegal too, ya know.
I hate this whole "legality = morality" kick that people seem to be on. If picking your nose was illegal, and I was doing it public, most of the people around me would bleat bleat their way to an authority to report it. It's mindless and sad that this country has been reduced to allowing laws that often have no reflection of the will of the people.

That's right, 70% of the nation support legalization for medicinal purposes and slightly less than half for recreational.

How is the underground railroad reference weak? I find your underground railroad vs selling out your neighbor for kicking the crap out of his wife reference weak. Morally, you should obviously call the cops if your neighbor is beating his wife. If he's helping slaves escape to freedom, or of it's lighting up a doob, I don't see where either of those things should be your concern unless you have some sick moral compass..

Also, as you said, "If someone is using an illegal substance in public, then they are just asking to be busted. The heap of legal trouble would be nobody else's fault but their own." Their own. As in, their choice. Your choice to play vigilante and call the cops on somebody would by nobody else's choice but your own.
no hard feelings taken.

Here's the failure in your argument, football and such sports dont have people smoking on the field because they are in a stadium often surrounded by police, and it is illegal. So they have a 0% chance of getting away with it, but in sports where played and practiced in the woods or nature it is more common then we would think, an example would be snowboarding and skiing, lots of professionals in those sports do it. Its all about opurtunity when and where most potheads smoke.

I am 100% with you that while in the pubic eye (PDGA tourneys, NT tourneys and anything televised) people shouldn't be doing it, and as far as I know they don't. But to expect them to not do it during a casual round or a league event, I mean really? they would be doing it if they weren't on the course, say playing video games or fishing.

So we are supposed to expect them to clean up thier act while they wander around the woods throwing a piece of plastic?

My main problem with this attack on potheads is that they are not hurting you, if they offer it to you just politely decline, if they are doing it in the open for neighbors watching let them know its not cool and to keep it on the down low, if the cops show up its not your problem because your not on it or dont possess it.

As far as his rant, I did conclude that he was blaming vandalism and litter on the "potheads", I was simply stating if that was his belief he was way off, tokers (definitely most hippies) are against littering and vandalism on and off the course.

And the original post about being aggravated when some lady pulls out some weed and smokes it, I just want anyone who thinks this to realize that the have the same right to be there as you. And there may be things you do on the course that they dont like, keep that in mind next time your out at the course.

In regards about what to do about it, sometimes I think turning a blind eye is your best option, at least when it is a "victimless crime", I am not thier parents its not my job to "curb thier future behaviors", I will do my best to make sure my future kids dont turn out this way but that is all I feel responsible for.

I am glad this comes up once in a while because I do like to here opinions on these issues and others and there potential solutions, but I dont think villainizing potheads gets us anywhere on the real issues.

I agree. If you're smoking or drinking in front of a minor, especially if it isn't your own child, you're way off base.
teach the local k9 unit to play disc golf that would be a fun soprise for them lol I bet they would reconsider there actions
despite the colorful banter...slow groups still suck.
Are you seriously suggesting that people who need medicine should take man made drugs rather than a natural god given substance that happens to help many people. You choose who you play with. You can't get a contact high without contact. Make sure your kid doesn't see anyone smoking cigarettes, they are legal and they kill people! I could go all day!
Big groups need to split in two. Never more than 5 people per card unless playing doubles sometimes you end up with 3 groups on a card. I should keep the rounds under three hours. If you need a break make sure there are no groups waiting on you.
The fact that you started a sentence with a coordinating conjunction and spelled GRAMMAR incorrectly leads me to believe you should not have an opinion. Please do not say you just were trying to be funny. If that is the case, you also failed there.
A. It is illegal.
B. It is against the rules.
C. It falls under the etiquette/ courtesy area.
Besides, much of society does not see this activity in a "good light". For those of us wanting to promote the sport and gain the greater support of the community in general, we need to put forth a good image.
A. I don't break the law.
B. I follow the rules.
C. I don't do it so I can't bother people with it.
Plain and simple. It's creating a bad or worse reputation for the sport. It seems like in some places the courses are being closed. Ours hasn't but I'd bet that it is the reason we have no support for anything disc golf related in the park. And so what if people who started it was pot smokers, I hate the smell and it's illegal so stop it. At the very leaste stop it around people you don't know. What pisses me off is I have played in 1 tourny and 1 league match where it was just taken out like if it was a freakin bottle of water. The blaten disregard for even consequences is astounding to me. Well I tell you this, I'm sure happy that there are people out there that play this sport that agree with me. Both about large groups and pot. I hated cigs, i hated going to eat out with my family and they having to smell it, or having to go to another place that didn't have smokers to avoid it. Well guess what, pot is illegal so I don't have to go soemwhere else to avoid it. I was about to reconsider playing leauge at all ever which would suck, I thought I was alone because NOONE ever mentioned anything about this around here. I thinks it's tolorated way too much. We have a new pres in the club and i will let him know how I feel about this especially at tourny events. I want to have a place to play disc golf in the future and especially have tournys to play in.
Pot heads, go back to hiding it, it's not ok! Big groups, hurry the F up. i got sh!t to do today!!!

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