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Well, seems that for some reason some of the people in the local club have decided that our course is all of a sudden dangerous and we need to go out and remove pin positions. I disagree and most of the issues at the course (Cottonwood of course) can be attributed to overcrowding and careless people. Also work that was done a few years back to "fix the creek" have contributed to the packed and cramped conditions because we lost about thirty yards (across) of fairway. When the Stormwater Enterprise did their thing we lost about two and a half fairways and they pushed a pedestrian path even closer to the course. But we have dealt with it. But now all of a sudden people are going mad about pin positions when they aren't really the issue. The few disc golfers that were hit in the past couple of years were hit just walking down a fairway or were on a tee and it had absolutely nothing to do with pin positions. I do believe that pulling pin positions will make the course less challenging and also less enjoyable. Just my two cents.

Once again it would be nice if clear heads could prevail. But it seems that instead we vote for panic. The most dangerous part of the course is actually where there are three holes that throw right next to a pedestrian path. That is the most dangerous part of the course and only a complete redesign would take care of that. But this has not even been mentioned.

It is more politics and I think that I will maybe even start a petition to go against what the club is proposing. A lot of people disagree with what the club is proposing but I don't think that they understand the consequences. I am going to try to talk with as many disc golfers as possible in the next few  days so that maybe the club does what is right and not just what makes a few people feel better.

I have even had a few threads on here about the attempts to get new courses in Colorado Springs. And unfortunately my assessment has been spot on. In fact the only course that was proposed was a new nine hole course near where I live and the neighbors showed up in full to shoot that down. So I am still not optimistic about the local disc golf scene and the possibility of any new courses. I wish that I could be but there is just too much chaos right now and if I were a neighbor I'm not sure I would want to have a course in my neighborhood because of all the noise, broken bottles, etc.

I still love throwing but my desire to be involved in the politics of the club is waning and I'm not sure good decisions are now being made. I also believe that this sort of knee jerk reaction will not make the course any safer but will in fact make it less enjoyable and challenging.

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I got through to a friend of mine today who is kind of like the assistant president of the club. We had a good talk and it was mainly about a complete redesign of the course, especially for the holes that border the pedestrian path. I told him that if we went the way of a total redesign I would be all for it as long as we could maintain some of the longer holes. But we would have to push everything away from the path so it wouldn't be easy. Also I would fine if we even lost a few holes to say 16 holes, if that were the only way to do it. But I think that at least after a bit more than twenty years of the course being there if we could seriously tackle a few of these issues in a sensible way it would be great. So a meeting seems to be on the horizon at least and some thoughts can be expressed.

I couldn't really sleep last night because of all of the drama but a round of disc golf today did help the spirit. Sucks that my wrist was hurting because I couldn't make any putts. I'm 52 and don't like the aches and pains anymore. Guess I should have taped up.

Still thinking that at least today things are on a better track.

Jim, I played Cottonwood a few weeks ago and was absolutely amazed they haven't pulled it. It was a weekday morning and there were discs flying all over the place, total disregard for safety in all directions. I would propose instead of starting a petition to blow up your club you start classes on disc golf etiquette. The one discers came so close to hitting my son and I on several occasions we left half way through the round. As we were walking off I kept seeing more placements and couldn't help but wonder what hole that pin could be for, surely it can't be that tee? The best part of almost being hit...not once did we hear anyone yell fore. 

I have to agree with you 100% Rob. If we could only educate people to do the right thing out there it would be wonderful. One of the running jokes that we have is that we need to have an IQ test for people who play there and maybe that way we could get rid of some of the idiots who don't pass the test. Did you happen to get the safety speech from Kurt?

Sometimes people do not even yell fore while other times they yell fore every single time they throw. As someone who plays there quite a bit I am almost immune to hearing it. When I do hear it I generally just duck and cover.

Yeah, so the petition thing is pretty much off for now. As I said, there will hopefully be a meeting soon to discuss real redesign options for the course. This would be the first time in twenty years that anything like that has happened. And I realize that many people do get upset about the place because some of us have invested countless hours of our own time in the place, doing repairs and improvements. But it is time to have a real discussion so I hope that happens and we get some good ideas. There are a lot of pin positions out there but I don't believe that is the real issue as far as course safety is concerned. Etiquette and not throwing at others is a huge issue as well as the fact that we have a pedestrian path right next to the course.

If we could do a sensible redesign of the place maybe we could make it safer. And everything would be on the table including tee positions. The place is pretty cramped and as I said even if we lost a couple holes I wouldn't feel bad about it if the place were made safer.

I have been getting hounded by some people lately and they seem to think that I don't care about safety. I 100% do care about safety but it has to be done right. I will report back as this all plays out, but I do think that at least we can head in a good direction if we have open dialogue about the reality of the course.

I apologize for coming off as too negative in some of my posts but I do have a lot of my heart and soul in that place. When something needs fixing I am probably the first one to get out there and do something about it. I haven't missed a single work day in the past ten years.

Now if we could only get rid of the beer bottle breakers and the tree breakers as well.

Thanks for your input Rob. Sorry that you had to leave halfway through a round. My fellow disc golfers and I have had to scold some people on more than a few occasions.

Totally understand the frustration and disgust Jim, you have every right to be pissed. It is a good piece of land, a redesign might be the best way to go. 

There should be a meeting next Sunday to discuss all of this. I hope that it is more than just a hot air session where people bitch and moan about things that they personally don't like. I don't know what to make of all of this and don't want to set any expectations in case the worst happens. I will probably try to make at least the beginning of the meeting since I work at 5 PM and the meeting is scheduled for about 4 PM. We shall see what happens. Still hoping that cool heads prevail and we can work on a solution that isn't just a knee jerk reaction.

I just wanted to post a small update about what happened yesterday during our work day. We were fixing some pin positions that were put in too low and so they were pulling them out and then resetting them with new sleeves. Unfortunately, a few at the "top end" of our club (the prez and a few others) decided to pull two pin positions out on hole #11. The official reason was to let things grow back in that area. Unfortunately, pulling those positions will probably have negligible effect on any vegetation. The whole course is just sand and the only way to encourage growth of any sort is by mulching and no mulch went in that area at all. The only vegetation that has disappeared since those positions went in are a few sticker bushes which were nothing but annoying. Also another side effect of them pulling those positions is that we will now be throwing more often towards the pedestrian path so we are probably making things worse on the safety side of things. I am going to call the City tomorrow and see if I can actually get some answers about the situation. I have been told by some people that the reason that they did this was that the City was pressuring us to do it but someone else told me that was not the case. So I just want to know what the real situation is. Unfortunately, since the local club decided to push hard for more courses the only thing that has happened is that we have lost pin positions and we are now getting taxed at each and every league. No new courses at all in the two years since they decided to push for them. Also, the club has not held a single fundraiser.

But we did get a lot of work done on the work day. The pin position removal is more than frustrating. It's retarded.

Talked to another important club member and he will probably bring this all up at the next meeting. I won't be contacting the city for now as this seems to be an "internal matter". Life goes on. Just disappointed. Our course has lost so much real estate and now we are losing pin positions.

Small update:

I sent an email directly to the head of the Parks Department. He told me that he didn't know anything about those two pin positions getting pulled and would have to talk with some people. Makes me think that this was nothing more than a personal grudge by the president of the club. Can't say for sure, but it smells fishy.

Meanwhile, the club put out money for baskets in a town some twenty minutes away and the longest hole on that course is only 300 foot. More pitch and putt. Oh well. More of the same.

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