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Well another 3 baskets wandered off at steilly again(Pro 3, pro 4, and pro 6) That's 7 baskets in the past 18 months. THe board of the TPDGPA(Tacoma Disc Golf Players Association) has decided to pull the remaining baskets (all 37) until the 3 stolen baskets are returned. While the baskets are in storage collars will be welded and case hardened locks purchased. $250 bounty has been placed for any info leading to the arrest of these thieving turds. Te sooner we get the baskets back the sooner we get our courses back

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That really sucks. Locking the front gate might help. But then again maybe someone in the neighborhood wants disc golf out so they can have a dog park or other. What is the latest on the course - any info yet? Baskets welded and secured yet?

The bolt under the cage and inside the pvc takes a long time to remove, we all know thieves like to work quickly.
dude are you serious they pulled all of them? When did this happen?
If it is a situation in which the basket is set up by 40000 or more, it is story that can be consented. However, it is an indescribable, lonely topic.
Glad you have a solution, well played
This is a problem that is not new to our sport. It is unfortunate that this happens. I'm aware of the fact that the local clubs (in most cases) are responsible for the up-keep and funding for the equipment in the parks. It's a real SHAME that the moneys raised by the clubs has to be used for replacing stolen property insted of being used for further development of the course. Has anyone ever thought about insuring club equipment? (Just a thought.) It's to bad that the rest of the baskets have been pulled because of some one else's thoughtlessness, but I also understand the reasoning for it. I hope the missing baskets are found and returned, and the people (s) responsible are held accountable! I LOVE playing at Steily and I LOVE the people that donate time, money, and effort there! Even though I live in Eastern Washington, I too share in STEILY PRIDE!!
I hear the baskets are back in - anybody know the facts? I live 60 miles away so can't do recon. Leave Steilly.
A basket is galvinized and is worth 3$ in scrap
the n.w. course is back in place with the addition off two new holes(with two more in the works) and a few new pin placements. not sure on the status of the s.e. course
Excellent - thanks for the update.
I like this but you wouldn't be able to have multiple pin placements with this setup.
We had sevral baskets stolen from Lola Valley in Reford, Michigan. I'm just a player, but I took it very personally. I made a huge stink over it including a very lengthy blog right here on DGR.US. I was affraid the park would pull the remaining baskets because money is something Detroit area parks dont have a lot of.

By making a big deal out if it, and by letting the park know that players are willing to go the extra mile to help with replacement funds, the officials who decide how the park budget is to be spent at least know that disc golfers are really out there playing and utilizing their investment.

Its so hard not to get pisssy about it. It really sucks. I often wonder, if it is a disc golfer stealing baskets, what are they trying to accomplish? Are they trying to get better so they can compete on a course where others might steal the baskets for practice? Are they trying to build their own course and have to worry about others stealing from them?

Anyway, the bottom lines are this:
1) Everyone, EVERYWHERE should be diligent and watch out for basket theft. If you see anyone stealing a basket, don't approach them just write down their licence number and call the police.

2) Let the park know that everyone is really upset about the loss of equipment.

3) Start a basket replacement fund, kind of like insurace for baskets.

4) Start up blogs like the one were on right now and make DG players know that if they steal baskets they are hated by their peirs, and if they want to consider themselves human-beings, they can start by returning the stolen baskets. Right F_CKing NOW!


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