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So I'm on XBox Live playing my favorite game and chatting with the other players when I mention that I'm a professional Disc Golfer. They thought that was the FUNNIEST THING EVER and swore that there is in no way "pro frisbee golf". So I spent the next 15 minutes of the match explaining it to them and STILL they swear that I am lying and there isn't such a thing as "Pro" Disc Golf.

  When will the whole world know about our sport? How much of the public already knows? 5%? 10%?

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No I left home for a while, gonna watch the RED WINGS game with Brian and Christina
Yeah we do live together, and yeah I probably could have told him that in person. But, then I would have had to get up.
Funning thing is I was watching Wheel of Fortune with my kid one day (must have been bored) and this chick says that she and her husband travel the Midwest and play Disc Golf. You expect the usual "I'm a homemaker, mother of three and have a wonderful husband". Instead you get that. Awesome.
If I'm not mistaken, that girl is on this site and she started a thread about it.
thats awesome
I hope she won big:)
Tara Re',member on this site,is the woman and won big on WOF.
Shame you didn't pay attention to her name.Tara Re' is a memeber of this site and won big
Whenever someone doesn't believe that disc golf is a sport or laughs at the idea of it having a professional circuit, I like to remind them of all the dumb crap that is a sport or has a professional circuit (bowling, poker, darts, ping pong, chess,... you get where I'm going with this.)
Now , now. Don't be hating on other sports or you'll just be in the same group as the ones who diss ours.
To true. I'm just a little jaded by what stuff makes it on ESPN and not disc golf.
I hear ya. It's all about ratings though. I mean I can sit and watch Curling for days! IMO The problem with our game. Is that the majority would rather play than watch it. What other sport can an am end up playing with a pro on the first day of a tournament. I think with time, you will see it on TV. Maybe not ESPN, but maybe the like of VS. or Comcast local sports. Heck even youtube is getting into tellacasting. I guess they aired a cricket match on their site. But judging by the HUGE increas in people I've seen out at the courses, it's will happen more sooner than later.


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