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Some of the ones we throw around include.
Colonel Clank when someone hits the facemask on their putt.
Nice shot Princess Layup, when you leave your putt short.
In retaliation for the same, Nice comment Obe Wan Chablowme.
Ivan Griplockovic for when someone griplocks their drive.
Are you part of the early-release program? when you release your drive early.
You get the point, let's here some of your ribbings you give your brothers on the course.

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It's always funny to ask someone right before they throw what they do with their left hand. That will get them thinking about it every time. Also fluffy cakes if someone shoots a short shot or throws it up in the air and it goes no where
once I was playing in the league's year end hoopla. I made the comment "if I keep playing like this, you guys will label me 2007 Worst Player Of The Year". The Pro on hand snapped back, "Too Late, We gave you that title weeks ago". and that's how the group was started and ended up being a title passed to Zubie as 2008 Worst Player Of The Year, a title that he'll carry proudly throughout 2009.
When someone is being indecisive about what to throw...."Hey, throw the round one already!"
When someone unleashes one into the stratosphere.... "hey, you serve peanuts on that flight?"
"What a Great... great shot."
anyone who has seen the youtube video of the guy throwing it DOWN will get it
When someone throws into the rough/trees "Oh it opens up over there..."

During a tourney a couple of weeks ago there were some girl scouts walking across the fairway about 250 ft out. We were waiting patiently and then they paused to look around, take pics, or something. One of guys shouted out to inform them of the situation, and one of the girls says,(in her snotty little voice) "Can you even throw this far!?"! The rest of us in the group wouldnt let that go the rest of the round, it was some good stuff!
That is awesome!!!
when someone hits a birdy we say "nice par". When someone makes par we say "nice bogey save".
To your partner when teeing after him...."I think you meant something like this".
2nd round after every bad drive...."you should have seen my drive here this morning"
To your partner after a good shot...."I see you bought my video"
Your partner hits the same tree you just hit, "That tree shouldn't be hungry, I just fed it".
When someone is in the middle of their run up on the tee and stops without throwing, I say "delay of game, five yard penalty".
oh man, i'm guilty as charged!!! "you should have seen me park it on this hole earlier."


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