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So I play in Am men, And when I cash in a tourny I seem to always win a max weight boss or xcal as a driver, or an aviar......


Not that I have anything against these disc but I dont have the arm to throw those drivers and I putt with omega's, which I have 5 of.


I guess this is kind of a rant, but do any of you have the same issue's at tourny's. Hopefully the TD of my next tourny reads this and hands out other stuff ;)

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Well, you could try losing sometime :)
I would call this a good problem. Lots of people do throw those discs (whether or not they actually have the arm for them is debatable) and I know on Discaroo.com you could get some good stuff in trade for them. So I would love to have this problem! Hopefully someday I will win lots of discs. So far just 1 :-(
If your winning enough to complain, move up!!
Yeah, simple, PLAY PRO AND PLAY FOR CASH. Send the discs to me, learn to throw forehand and use the Xcal and Boss for that. Trade the discs on www.discaroo.com. Send them to me, sell them on Ebay. Play tournies that do not give out those discs.
How payouts work varies widely. Some TDs pay our in whatever they get sponsors to shell out: I won a folding table once, in Florida. Some TDs provide what we in Michigan call "funny money" which you can use to make your own selection from whatever is in stock. Others pay out in plastic and, because they have limited stock, sometimes there is little variation in what's available - so they may decide which discs first place gets, second places, gets, etc. It costs a lot of money to develop a wide inventory, and is difficult to transport it. Some TDs and clubs have relationships or sponsorships with a single manufacturer and the potential plastic payout is limited by that.

Bottom line for me is that without the plastic payout for Ams, TDs and clubs could simply not afford to run events. I am grateful to all TDs for the hard work for little pay they do to make events for us to have fun at. If I win something, anything, I'm pleased.
I think you are fortunate and the event TD is very savvy. Not all tournaments have a vendor that can issue vouchers for players to choose their own discs. If TD's can't offer vouchers, the next best thing is to award top selling discs in premium plastic and in the most popular weights. This makes them easy for players to trade or sell. You can probably even trade/sell them at your local course and save the hassle of online trading.

Be thankful your TD did not award a less popular lightweight disc in basic plastic with a hot stamp from an event three years ago!!!
yeah i was wondering what was up with this post, apparently "funny money" is an upper Midwest thing. I have never played in a tourney where ams got anything but funny money, seems strange to me. At least with funny money you can get certain discs that aren't hard to sell or trade for something else you want but isn't available.
Go Pro.
its not hard to get a vendor to take the funny money you just let them know to bring a bunch of stock to the tourney and make a deal to give them like $2/disc under the retail price, which is more than they pay for them, in return they are guaranteed a certain amount of sales (the am payout) plus a chance to get a bunch of random players looking through thier merch. I almost always buy some extra discs on top of my am payout (I'm addicted to buying discs, thats why i spent $100 on katanas yesterday,and there are plenty of people like me out there), we have done this at our tourneys we are normally able to save a couple hundred dollars and they got a 700 dollar check at the end of the day for an hour or two's work. both sides end up happy and the players get the merch they want instead of a pile of max weight over-stable drivers.
Terry when did you play Brooksville?

That's my favorite course, Steve, even though it is gone. I went down for the Cross Canyon event, probably in 2002-2005 or something like that.
Not all parks will allow vendors on site unless they also have a permit (expensive here in CA). Also some areas of the country do not even have a local vendor. If an event can get a vendor, that is awesome. If not, awarding popular discs is the next best thing.

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