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I just found out that I'm scary enough to sop a charging Pit Bull in it's tracks, make it turn tail and run. I was out for a solo round at North Water Tower Park here in Sarasota after none of the usual suspects I bump into up there were present. I had just made my drive and was bending down to out my mini down and grab my driver when I heard something that sounded like someone was running at me. This is the same hole where I've been propositioned my prostitutes, so I figured some "Thug for life" ghetto type dude was coming at me for some reason. I look up and there's a LARGE Pit Bull (every bit of 60, perhaps 80 lbs) About 25 to 30 feet out from me in full charge. It wasn't barking or growling, It wasn't trying to scare me, it was trying to get me. Luckily for me I carry my collapsible fiberglass fishing pole for retrieving discs out of trees. I snatched it up off the ground, and held it at the ready to smack the gliving shit ouf of teh dog's face when it got close enough. at the same time I growled like a Psychotic neanderthal, and shook the fishing pole menacingly. The dog stopped in it's tracks about 10 feet from me, and started barking, I growled louder and swung the pole around a bit. The dog then turned around, and started trotting away. He looked over his shoulder like he might try and come back, so I started running after him Loudly growling , yealling, snarling, and yes even barking. I kept this up for about five minutes as he paced back and forth about 50 yards off barking. I briefly considered going on to hole 6 and playing on through, and pictured myself being mauled and feeling like a dumb ass for not quitting while I was ahead. I warmed all of the other players I saw, and got a cop out there for a report. The Sky Pilots have their Sunday doubles there today. I don't really know any of those guys, but I hope they don't have any trouble with the dog. My wife benefits from all of this because I decided to come home & invite her to go to get a little late breakfast instead of going to another park.

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Well done!
I wonder if all your growling/snarling/barking would have had the same effect had you not been ready to beat his face in with that pole.
Good question. I wouldn't want to find out.
Well done,now I'll have to carry my Garcia fishing pole with me since I don't have a collapsible one;>}.One can not say that playing at NWT is not challenging.
I was kind of bummed out about not getting to finish my round, but with the size of that dog I wasn't taking any chances. Unfortunately, I think I'm probably going to discontinue my solo rounds there and go with at least one other person. With the volume and type of noise I was making  and not seeing anyone around I'm not optimistic about the chances of someone being there to help or call help if the Dog had gotten a hold of my throat or any other part of me.
hole 5 always has something going on there everytime I play
The close roads/houses nearby offer those that frequent those holes an escape eliment from the law,duck-run-blend into the neighborhoods.
Must be nice to have your own prostitutes ;o))
isnt Florida a concealed carry state? Roaming pitbulls sound like the perfect excuse. Just be sure not to yell "pull!" before you squeeze off a round, I think that might sound a bit suspicious.
Hilarious! This story just made my day.
Yep, I let my permit expire several years ago. I'm glad the stick wielding psycho deterrent worked.

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