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With the discussion that's gone awry on the "putting rule" thread, I thought we'd look at the topic as originally intended. Innova was proposing a new rule for tournaments that all throws landing inside 5 feet from the pipe would be considered "in" on the next shot without throwing it... except at the USDGC. Several of the posters were thinking Innova was proposing that everyone would have to putt from outside 5 feet if they landed inside 5 feet. Not the case. How many posters here have played in the USDGC to even worry about special USDGC rules?

We all allow gimmes during rec play, even at distances farther than 5 feet, maybe even 6-7 feet away. What are the merits of speeding up the game and formally allowing gimmes in the rules? BTW, they are indirectly allowed in match play in ball golf when opponents concede shots, Not exactly the same as stroke play but at least they do recognize the idea that some shots are gimmes even in competition

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My own $0.02 here, but what I wish the PDGA would do is make it a goal to remove at least 20 words/year from the current rules book for X years, until even one more word being removed from that rules book would result in some serious negative consequences.

I say that a bit tongue and cheek, of course! However, if there is one "Grand Canyon" that separates the 95% of the players who love disc golf but don't take themselves too seriously from the 5% of players who sweat every time the new PDGA ratings come out and carry a stop watch in their bag is the rules. Rules are GOOD! However, there are either too many nit-picky rules in the current rules book or the way the rules are written send Novice/Recreational/Intermediate heads spinning.

On this particular issue though, if it's not in the basket/chains, it's not in, and the hole isn't finished. Period. Why add a paragraph or two of MORE rules and create another instance where people are measuring distances from the baskets when you don't need to? Yeah, courses can mark 5 and 30 feet! However, I think only 2-3 of the 25+ courses I have played tournaments at the past three years had the ten-meter mark defined...so for the other 22-23 courses, I'll bet it wastes as much time as it is intended to save.
Sorry Chuck, I don't like it!!! To many people will take advantage of this rule and the next thing you know the line will keep getting moved back, cause we know that there aren't 5 foot lines around baskets. It's kinda like the jump putt line right now. People take advantage of that so that they don't have to learn how to putt properly. They would rather jump putt from 25ft just so they don't have to try. I think this rule promotes laziness!!!! Learn to putt or don't play!!!!
Yep I would agree with Russell....Some would definitely take advantage of this. Better to complete the hole.
I think it's a good idea but also think the groupe should all concide the lay before you pick it up and move on.
Similar to OB lines that are only marked for tournament play, the proposed gimmes would only be allowed if the lines were actually marked. If the designer hasn't marked the 5 ft radius circles, no gimmes in competition.
If I was a TD and this was a rule I would not allow gimmes in the final round(s) or after a cut if there was a cut during my hypothetical tournament. Doing it during the early rounds could help speed up play but the 5ft ring would have to be on every hole. But that's more work for the people running the tournament and they already have enough to do.

With that said, I don't think this should be a rule.
No gimmes and no jump putting. Stepping through after letting go of the disc is a different thing than jump putting. If the plant foot or feet moves forward before the disc is released a one stroke penalty is accesed. Symplify the existing rules, there are already too many words.
i"m new to the sport, however i;ve never believed in "gimmes" in any real compitetion. one never knows what freak accident could happen in a close contest. to me it would cheapen the out come over all.
So it's OK to allow the more frequent cut-thrus and bounce backs but not less common accidental misses on shots that are gimmes? Is it the fact that one type is due to luck and the other due to lack of attention?

Equipment malfunctions can and should be corrected. I have experimented with baskets for years and the model I built catches very fairly. I haven't seen any go thrus yet. It also functions more like the trees we started on.
I do not think this would be a good rule change. Personally, I hate those darn 5 footers more than a good old fashioned 20 footer! Who hasn't missed one of those darn things/"gimme"s? I once took 3rd place in a tourney because the guy I was tied with up until the final putt of the final hole doinked his 3-4' foot putt! Unless you are physically under the basket, I see no reason to give somebody a "gimme". What about wind, or shrubbery in the way? Just gonna ignore that kinda stuff as non-challenging?

I feel like I'm being somewhat of a curmudgeon harping about this, but why make things so much easier for us (see 2 meter rule)? Where's the challenge?
Im sorry tell innova to keep making discs and stay out of the rules Does Calaway propose new rules. WOW DIDNT DAVE DUNAPACE COMPETE IN THE USDGC A TOURNY HIS COMPANY PROPOSED A RULE CHANGE FOR. CMON GUYS PLEASE USE YOUR NOODLE


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