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With the discussion that's gone awry on the "putting rule" thread, I thought we'd look at the topic as originally intended. Innova was proposing a new rule for tournaments that all throws landing inside 5 feet from the pipe would be considered "in" on the next shot without throwing it... except at the USDGC. Several of the posters were thinking Innova was proposing that everyone would have to putt from outside 5 feet if they landed inside 5 feet. Not the case. How many posters here have played in the USDGC to even worry about special USDGC rules?

We all allow gimmes during rec play, even at distances farther than 5 feet, maybe even 6-7 feet away. What are the merits of speeding up the game and formally allowing gimmes in the rules? BTW, they are indirectly allowed in match play in ball golf when opponents concede shots, Not exactly the same as stroke play but at least they do recognize the idea that some shots are gimmes even in competition

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I discussed this topic on the course yesterday with the group I was playing with. To a man, they all thought it was a BS idea. Alll agreed that yes it would speed things up, but that is not the point of the game. Where's the challenge? If you wish to speed up the round (and this is a BS reason to change the rules IMO), then play better and make your putts!!!

To follow up on my last post on this discussion, virtually every one of us missed a stupid five footer at one time or another while playing our round yesterday. We actually began mocking the proposed rule - by stating "five footer, that's a gimme" everytime somebody missed a short put!
If this rule were to become an option..it likely would be at the discretion of the TD...and the Circle would have to be clearly marked....and ultimately at the discretion of the player...if the player wants to 'hole out' inside the gimme circle...that's his option....most would 'hole out'...it is the idea to finish the hole by having your disc come to rest supported by the entrapment device...(But not on top..lmao)

As far as impacting the speed of play, I doubt it would have any real impact. Allowing players to 'hole out' instead of waiting for the player who may be out...but is not ready to address his throw...that has definitely impacted the flow of play...That was good addendum to the rules.
If the goal f this is to speed up play there is a farily simple solution. You can still mark the 1.5 M circle and if you miss your 20 ft putt and it lands within that circle...rather then a gimmie, mandate that the player must finish the hole before others putt. Same as in Ball Golf, if your only a couple of inches out, rather then wait for eveyone else you politely walk up finish the hole and move on. This acomplishes the same thing with out people fretting about the gimmie idea. And any one who thinks that 1.5 M is still a putt...take your practize basket and mark it from the pole...im 5 8' and can reach it.with out putting.
Agreed! This is a better solution...if speed of play is truly the issue here...
Are the Rules going to be re-written any time soon , or does the membership have to vote first ?
They are being revised all next year with the update planned to be effective January 1, 2011
Chuck this is probally the first thing we have agreed on. WOW I thought that this would never happen. I definately think there should be a gimme circle even for those windy days. I know when I get spit out at 30ft the last thing I want to do is wait on every one else to putt out to slam dunk my missed putt. I can understand tapping out in ballgolf where the target is much smaller. However in discgolf 5ft is basically like throwing a basketball through the back of a semi from 15ft. From a spectators point of view that has to be boring, In fact the final 9's that i've played the spectators are all walking away with 3 discs on the ground, left to be holed out.. So I agree make a 5ft gimme circle to speed up play so viewers can see some good shots.
Just to be clear, I'm not sure I support this gimme idea or not. I just wanted to create this thread for people to discuss it. The fact that most players allow gimmes even during non-PDGA sanctioned play like leagues indicates that holing out by the basket isn't one of the rules that players believe should always be followed. I think when you watch people play any sport and they always follow certain rules even in non-sanctioned competition, those rules are really the core rules of play for the sport. If they don't always follow certain rules (not counting those separate from playing like "no drinking"), maybe those rules should be looked at for modification.
There is a huge difference between choosing which rules to play vs. modifying the rules. Depending on how casual the situation, players may want to ignore any bad throws, not play from the sticker bushes, or even not keep score (a choice that one local league makes). I don't think anyone would conclude that keeping score is not "core" so the rules should be changed to allow people to not keep score.

If people want to play "something like disc golf", that's fine. But, that is no reason to change the actual game of disc golf. People are already capable of agreeing to play not-quite-disc golf and allow gimmes (and drinking, and fund-raising mulligans, etc.), so why any need to change the rules?
I'm talking about non-sanctioned competitive rounds where some rules are not followed, not practice or casual rounds. Those rules are the ones that should be reconsidered. Another example besides gimmes is the foot fault rule which isn't even enforced consistently during sanctioned play.
A prime example of another rule bypass is how we mark our lies during league/casual play...flipping the disc on the ground or not marking it at all. Not really a rule that affects the outcome of the game...whether you flip or use a mini...IMO.

However...there are players that can and do miss 5 footers....for the most part...rare...but it does happen.
Have to agree with Russell with the overuse already in the gimme advantage.Play,putt the lay
.Stay home if you're that worried about the speed of the game in rec or tourney play.There are no "gimme" rules in many sports,why start now just to "speed" up play.You miss your shot in bowling by just "breezing" by the pin and it stands,no point/score.This would encompass league/rec play.Any practice/play with any sport,you fail to score ,you've failed.You then GIMME the object of play to the opposing team so that they can try to score.Competiton is the test of one's skill-work,play,life-stay on the porch and you'll see how "speed" passes you by.My 2 cents.


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