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With the discussion that's gone awry on the "putting rule" thread, I thought we'd look at the topic as originally intended. Innova was proposing a new rule for tournaments that all throws landing inside 5 feet from the pipe would be considered "in" on the next shot without throwing it... except at the USDGC. Several of the posters were thinking Innova was proposing that everyone would have to putt from outside 5 feet if they landed inside 5 feet. Not the case. How many posters here have played in the USDGC to even worry about special USDGC rules?

We all allow gimmes during rec play, even at distances farther than 5 feet, maybe even 6-7 feet away. What are the merits of speeding up the game and formally allowing gimmes in the rules? BTW, they are indirectly allowed in match play in ball golf when opponents concede shots, Not exactly the same as stroke play but at least they do recognize the idea that some shots are gimmes even in competition

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The actual application of the rule is too complicated to even imagine.
What's 5 feet away when the basket is raised high on a picnic table (Indy Lake, Whitmore Lake MI), or when there's a steep cliff or a lake 5 feet from the pole or less.
What if someone absolutely sucks at 5 foot putts? I sure do ask anyone.
And how does picking it up even save time.
I'd rather see a 15 seconds to throw your shot rule.
Sometimes baskets have a missing chain, or are nice brand new Mach-1's, and 5 foot putts spit out and roll O.B.
Remember, it would be 5 feet from the pipe, not the edge of the basket so the gimme distance to the basket is less than 4 feet. My thought would be that for platform baskets, the hole designer just marks the gimme zone and that would be the official line. Time would be saved because another player by the basket could pick up your disc without you having to walk to it if it was inside the ring, pretty much what happens now.
A better way to save time and also help make the game more consistent would be to pre-mark a 10m circle for events, when possible. As anyone whose played those events knows, there's no more pacing off which saves a lot of time as many people who do that spend more than 30 seconds putting, and have to be trusted that they know what they are doing. Better than that, it's very easy to see who is out next when everyone's up by the basket.
Good point. Also those 25+ mph wind days when nothing is a sure thing.
Just finish the putts out. There are days when I am jamming long jump putts and then missing from five feet. There's the wind, hanging baskets, and elevated baskets also that complicate this proposed rule. Casual golf is one thing and we should give friendly competitors the benefit of the doubt but when money or reputation is on the line, I'd like to see them all played down and finished out.
In casual/league play conceding a putt is fine.....speeds things up....however in sanctioned play...I do feel the hole should be completed per current PDGA rules

However if I were fortunate enough to play Winthrop Gold...in an attempt to qualify....whatever...I would be more then happy to play whatever course was provided....USDGC 1.5M putting rule variance or not.

Bottom line is all players ARE playing by the SAME rules ON the SAME course.

If they used the variance in this past event....I honestly doubt it would have made a difference in the outcome...
3. We believe very short range putts have largely been a demonstration of "going through the motions", but are not a real "projection of a disc". We feel that this is not a demonstration of any shot or skill and needs to be amended. When a shot comes to rest completely within 1.5M, it is no longer necessary for many to "project" the shot as required by the rules. It is merely necessary for many players to simply reach out and place the disc in the basket, rather than actually putt it. The longest putt possible, when a lie is completely within the perimeter of the 1.5M zone, is 4' 3". Most are shorter. Rather than going through the motions, we believe that the very close range lies (less than 4' 3") should be (for general play) picked up +1 stroke. Alternatively, and especially if the circle is not or cannot be marked, players would complete the hole under the current stance and hole completion rules but without consideration for falling putts (803.04 C). In the case of the USDGC, we feel that the elite field of USDGC players can be held to a slightly higher standard of pulling back and putting from 1.5M, which requires a real projection, rather than a mere placement of the disc.
What I don't get is since when is the projection of a disc as a real shot the standard/point of our sport?
The point is to get the darned disc into the darned basket in the least amount of shots.
Baskets don't even always catch 4'3" putts sometimes they slip out, or a gust of 75 mph wind can cause them to roll O.B!
It would look ridiculous on camera, it would take away from the thing that keeps people playing - the CHING of the chains.
I find 400' spike hyzers to be easier than a 4'3" putt, so can I have an exception where if the hole allows a 400' spike hyzer I get an automatic duece but have to hole out from 4'3"?
I was on a card in Bowling Green years ago with a guy I knew from Dayton. As we both finished out this particular hole, (me pulling my disc out of the basket as he bent over to pick his up and drop it in) we were carrying on a conversation. The other guy looked at me as he was talking, at the same time laying his disc on the rim of the basket to allow it to drop in.....except when he let go it didn't immediately drop. In fact it swung a bit out of the basket then right back in, out once more then in and slowly dropped into the basket. It shut us both up as we watched this disc cradle back and forth....seemed longer than the second or two it lasted. lol
We both paid better attention to our gimmes from that point on.
it's the only reference to a gimmie being picked up in the entire thread...that I can find???

Is there something in the PDGA minutes discussing this Chuck?

75 mile an hour wind is pretty intense.....That's cat 1 hurricane force...lmao!!! Been there...Done that!!! not with a putter though....just trying to maintain yourself on your own feet...not being killed by flying debris is enough to worry about.
Innova asked the PDGA for the variances for USDGC back in September but I don't know if it was addressed in a Board meeting or just thru emails. The PDGA Rules Committee is not going to address proposed rules revisions until next year and this gimme idea is not currently on the agenda that I'm aware of. This thread is just about discussing it hypothetically. I can see both sides and could go either way. I just wanted to hear others' arguments either way.
I'm curious to know why the(any) TD/Course Designer would need to request a variance to have a basket in a small buncr....anyway....is more about the different "Demonstrating Balance" requirement?

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