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With the discussion that's gone awry on the "putting rule" thread, I thought we'd look at the topic as originally intended. Innova was proposing a new rule for tournaments that all throws landing inside 5 feet from the pipe would be considered "in" on the next shot without throwing it... except at the USDGC. Several of the posters were thinking Innova was proposing that everyone would have to putt from outside 5 feet if they landed inside 5 feet. Not the case. How many posters here have played in the USDGC to even worry about special USDGC rules?

We all allow gimmes during rec play, even at distances farther than 5 feet, maybe even 6-7 feet away. What are the merits of speeding up the game and formally allowing gimmes in the rules? BTW, they are indirectly allowed in match play in ball golf when opponents concede shots, Not exactly the same as stroke play but at least they do recognize the idea that some shots are gimmes even in competition

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You're smarter than that Chuck. If dave has a problem making a five foot putt that would be one Pretty simple huh......
This has come up before. My question is in what way could a conflict of interest of one member on the seven person Rules Committee impact some rule or procedure? In many cases, people who have founded or work for disc golf companies have the most experience in certain areas and it would be a shame to lose their expertise simply due to a claim of conflict, even if it had no bearing on the situation. I think the only committee where a potential conflict is important and has been avoided is the Tech Standards Committee.
Chuck, you are right. I do not see a problem with having someone who is associated with a disc or target manufacturer suggesting rule changes or even being on the Rules Committee, but serving on the Tech Std Committee would be a big no-no.

In your original post, you said that this proposed rule modification would be done to speed up play. While technically true, I think that the time saved for granting giimmees would really be minimal.

I thought Harold's point about not allowing putts from inside 1.5m was much more interesting: There is almost no one who can execute a 1.5m putt without releasing the disc before it is in the cylinder, so that rule change would insure that the disc would be airborne.. Interesting, but it still does not sway me, since we allow rollers and other shots which either travel more than halfway on the ground, or initially contact the ground almost immediately after release. Those shots are not primarily airborne, but they do not take away from the game - neither does a drop in putt.

BUT, by no means do I want to discourage a courteous DIScourse when someone has an idea for a rules change, no matter how (insert your favorite non-flattering adjective here) it appears to be.
I am 5'10" with a 30 inch reach (average sized). I measured 1.5 meters from the pole, put my disc on the mark, marked the lie, and holding out my arm my putter hangs 1 inch over the edge of the basket. my wife is 5'4" and she can reach it if she leans over. So to say that almost nobody can drop it in from that distance is not accurate.
Rules Committee...there is none.....everybody ultimately plays by the same rules.

Tech Standards.....approving targets/discs....definitely a conflict of interest.
Reply by Chuck Kennedy...
So it's OK to allow the more frequent cut-thrus and bounce backs but not less common accidental misses on shots that are gimmes? Is it the fact that one type is due to luck and the other due to lack of attention?

IMO, cut-thrus and bounce-backs are part of putting...badly... ...in ball golf there are lip-outs and bounce-overs, also a result of bad putting...

Now back to the original topic of this thread...IMO...NO Gimmes!

More Cheesey-points!
Lip outs and bounce overs can be expected due to how hard putts are made or their trajectory being borderline on the lip. However, you could throw 20 good putts the same way toward the same position on the pin and get some to cut thru and most not. That's inconsistent bad luck and poor target performance.
I can understand Speed of Play . Until the Rules change , I'll complete each hole played.

Interesting thoughts though.

I have been stroked in the past for picking up someone's gimie next to the pole , just out of courtesy. I learned the hard way.
Since I started playing again this year I have not lost confidence in any putt because the target wasn't big enough or the thought the disc might go through the chains. I've had some putts almost go in by hitting the side of the chains, bouncing off the top of the basket and lip out. But I know if I had hit the sweet spot it would have stayed.

There are older courses here that still have Mach I baskets converted to Mach II with another set of chains, those are a little touchy but the chains still have enough grab that a good putt will stay.
I don't see as much luck as it seems you do with the baskets.....but I could be reading what you're saying wrong.
Both a missed gimme and a cut-thru/bounceback are infrequent events. My premise would be that the cut-thru/bounceback occurs more often than missed gimmes of the length we are talking about with the 5 ft radius. And yet for some reason, people seem to be against the gimme but are willing to tolerate the higher probability of the fluky cut-thru/bounceback.
Is'nt golf a get it in the hole kinda thing. Its always been horse shoes and hand grenades (and nukes ) are the only thing close is good for
I'd liken this gimme idea to the bullseye in darts which is worth 50 points. Landing in the ring around the bullseye is worth 25 points, half what a bullseye is worth. Landing in the proposed gimme "bullseye" around a basket would be half as good as landing in the basket.

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