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With the discussion that's gone awry on the "putting rule" thread, I thought we'd look at the topic as originally intended. Innova was proposing a new rule for tournaments that all throws landing inside 5 feet from the pipe would be considered "in" on the next shot without throwing it... except at the USDGC. Several of the posters were thinking Innova was proposing that everyone would have to putt from outside 5 feet if they landed inside 5 feet. Not the case. How many posters here have played in the USDGC to even worry about special USDGC rules?

We all allow gimmes during rec play, even at distances farther than 5 feet, maybe even 6-7 feet away. What are the merits of speeding up the game and formally allowing gimmes in the rules? BTW, they are indirectly allowed in match play in ball golf when opponents concede shots, Not exactly the same as stroke play but at least they do recognize the idea that some shots are gimmes even in competition

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Since I started playing again this year I have not lost confidence in any putt because the target wasn't big enough or the thought the disc might go through the chains. I've had some putts almost go in by hitting the side of the chains, bouncing off the top of the basket and lip out. But I know if I had hit the sweet spot it would have stayed.

There are older courses here that still have Mach I baskets converted to Mach II with another set of chains, those are a little touchy but the chains still have enough grab that a good putt will stay.
I don't see as much luck as it seems you do with the baskets.....but I could be reading what you're saying wrong.
Both a missed gimme and a cut-thru/bounceback are infrequent events. My premise would be that the cut-thru/bounceback occurs more often than missed gimmes of the length we are talking about with the 5 ft radius. And yet for some reason, people seem to be against the gimme but are willing to tolerate the higher probability of the fluky cut-thru/bounceback.
The two are not connected. You cannot fix your complaint about basket performance by gutting the very heart out of disc golf.

Putting the disc in the basket is not only the point of the game, it is also the reward.
I can understand Speed of Play . Until the Rules change , I'll complete each hole played.

Interesting thoughts though.

I have been stroked in the past for picking up someone's gimie next to the pole , just out of courtesy. I learned the hard way.
Is'nt golf a get it in the hole kinda thing. Its always been horse shoes and hand grenades (and nukes ) are the only thing close is good for
I'd liken this gimme idea to the bullseye in darts which is worth 50 points. Landing in the ring around the bullseye is worth 25 points, half what a bullseye is worth. Landing in the proposed gimme "bullseye" around a basket would be half as good as landing in the basket.
When I want to play darts I get out a dart board. I like disc golf symplified. I think most of the things being proposed are because of property that doesn't lend itself to disc golf or poor course design. Why doesn't the pdga put more energy into course and equipment improvement.
When I try reading all the comments regarding this topic...I start getting a headache. I like your statement.."I like disc golf symplified". I'm all for that. Thank you for your response.
all input is good regardless IMO. I gotta give Chuck props for being bulletproof both here and on the PDGA boards though. he is not the be all,end all of the PDGA but he speaks his mind and always seems to think before he posts on most subjects. and that is rare in this day and age of internet debates/arguments.

any discussion is better than no discussion. as long as we all agree in the end that we all love disc golf and want whats best for the sport. what exactly this ideal is and how exactly to go about it is still in the air. but at least we are talking about it.
I'm OK with this possible new rule . It would really help the speed of play.
Here's a crazy idea. Leave it the way it is. Make your putt, no BS gimmes. It's not like someone inside 5 ft is taking all day to clean it up. And I have seen 5ft putts missed. Are you trying to take all the drama out of the match? Imagine the pressures in a final group with a few grand in prize money on the line or a U.S. Open/world championship. Anything can happen and should be allowed to happen.

Due to the fact that people pay to play in these tournaments (unlike rec play) and in the case of USDGC and World's may have invested thousands of dollars in travel expenses. Every single shot should have to be made and come to rest in the basket/chains to the letter of PDGA rules.

Chuck, I respect what you say but find that you are way out of line in asking "How many posters here have played in the USDGC to even worry about special USDGC rules?" That came off as arrogant. Do you think for a moment that the USDGC and the players that participate in that event carry the sport of disc golf? Not even close. This game is so much bigger than that and everyone on DGRUS is a passionate player and has every right to express their concerns about the shape this game takes. It's theirs, a gift to them from kids playing Tin Lid golf in the 1920's, George Sappenfeld and Ed Headrick (RIP)
Matt, this thread isn't about the USDGC rules but about the idea of the gimme rule for all events EXCEPT the USDGC. So, it's open to everyone's response since everyone would be affected if this change was ever truly considered. The other thread was about the USDGC where all putts would have to be made. So asking who had played in the USDGC was relevant to that other thread.


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