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I've been playing as a casual players for some years, but this year I
joined a club and learned technique and had to start all over again.
This has really improved my game, and I go rounds and practice at least
three times a week. Now Im curious what you girls trow? I almost always throw backhand. This is what I trow at the moment:

Sidewinder Champion 150cl - my favorite driver, goes straight and far (about 265 feet)
Boss R-Pro 150cl - when I want to end up left
Katana Pro 150cl - my beautiful japan open disc, goes in a S and really far, hard to trow in wind (about 265 feet)
Dragon DX 150cl - floats on water, good on dangerous water holes.
Valkyrie Star 150cl - wont go that far but ends up straight

Teebird(+) Champion 150cl - japan open edition - goes short and left

Mako Star 169cl - always really straight, I can always trust my Mako
Kite Star 164cl - easier to flip right/left than my mako

Aviar X - 169cl - really nice grip, good putter
Aviar DX - 165cl - for practice
Hydra DX - 172cl - floats on water, good for dangerous putts near water

I also own:
Beast DX 150cl - too bad its not in any other plastic than dx in this weight, used to love it but i dont trust it right now...
Nuke ESP 165cl - a bit too heavy, but perhaps good in downhill wind
Roadrunner Champion 164cl - good roller, hope to use it in heavy wind
Leopard DX 147cl - my first driver, not sure what throws to use it for at the moment but great disc.

What do you trow? Disc type? Weight? Plastic?

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The Leopard is a great teaching tool, I'm digging mine, also rebuilding my throw. As far as what the girls throw my girlfriend really likes RPro aviars (they good for light drives and she likes floppy putters), Also I picked her up a Spider to learn BH and she is loving that for a lot of stuff. Then she FH bombs banshee's and orcs. She love banshee's and they have served her well, I think she could also BH them soonish. She also likes the banshee for a lot of other shots.

Orc - 172g champ
Banshee - 175 champ
Spider - 160 g champ
Aviar - 170 - rpro

She has an awesome arm.
thats heavy discs! im not a power thrower myself, so I could never throw discs over 170cl. especially not drivers. but perhaps she is really strong? im practicing forehand throws these days, but I need light discs for that as well...
In my bag
I don't actually carry all of these all the time, but load them up as needed. I usually carry 12 discs max.

133 R-Pro Boss
150 R-Pro Boss
150 Champion Valkyrie
159 Star Katana
157 Champion Monarch
166 Star Roadrunner
159 Champion Destroyer
165 Champion Starfire
150 Champion TeeBird
159 Champion TeeBird
180 Star Mako
165 Champion Kite
175 Star Cro
175 R-Pro Dart
159 Star Dart
not that different from my bag. :) but how do you think they fly, and what do you use your different discs for? wich do you throw all the time, and wich one do you only use for special accations or struggle with?
ESP Avenger SS 169g
ESP Stalker 175g
Champ Destroyer 169g
Champ Orc 169g
Star Wraith 167g
R-Pro Boss 159g
Champ Roc (SM) 180g
Cryztal Z Buzzz 175g
LE ESP Comet 175g
JK Pro Aviar 175g x2
Sounds like you have a great set of disc already, based off of what my mother throws I could only suggest 150 dx class wraiths or 150 star sidewinder for less fade at the end. Now it's time to whoop up on those guys ; )
whats your favorite disc? And what do you use them all for? :)
star sidewinder is definatly one of the discs I think I should add to my bag. Agree my set seems too be perfect for me at the moment, just have to learn wich disc to thorow when :)
I don't carry all these discs all the time.

The Bosses are what I throw most and use for distance. The Valkyrie can go almost as far, but is for accuracy. Valkyrie is also my main driver for high altitude play. Star Katana is thrown in rugged conditions that are rough on the R-Pro discs. The Monarch has recently replaced my Star Roadrunner and Champion Sidewinder as my super straight driver (its longer!). I use all three for longer anhyzer shots and rollers as well. The TeeBirds are for placement - one is super stable. The Starfire and Destroyer are stable drivers for windy play or hyzer finish. Mako is a laser straight disc - excellent for tight fairways. The Cro is for hyzer approaches or windy play. The Kite is for shorter turnovers. The light Dart is for longer putts. I may also carry a totally beat up disc for a roller as well - either a Champ Valkyrie, Orion LS or JLS.

133 R-Pro Boss
150 R-Pro Boss
150 Champion Valkyrie
159 Star Katana
157 Champion Monarch
166 Star Roadrunner
159 Champion Destroyer
165 Champion Starfire
150 Champion TeeBird
159 Champion TeeBird
180 Star Mako
165 Champion Kite
175 Star Cro
175 R-Pro Dart
159 Star Dart
Well here is how I look at it for rhbh

head wind-- katana throw low

tail wind-- sidewinder throw a little higher

right to left wind-- sidewinder aim right of target area, expect hard hyzer

left to right wind-- very tricky wind I would say katana again

I will say this though I used to carry 20 disc in my bag, however in a very hot tourny I took out all but 8 disc. After that day I found I shoot better only having 4 drivers (hyzer disc, anhyzer, streight shooter, and overhand disc) 2 mids and 2 putters. The way I see it I know these disc so well that I know what I need to do to get the hole, and there is no second guessing at the teebox. Hope this info helps
Avenger SS, R-Pro boss --Big anyhyzers
Destroyer - Headwind
Orc- - long right to left drives
Wraith- long straight drives
Comet- turnover or straight up shots
Buzzz, Roc - different mid shots

The ORC is my favorite disc. However I only throw specific types. All the Orcs I use are pearly champion plastic. I find them to be less stable than standard champ plastic. :)
I could throw a full round with just a wraith, valk and spider, all champion and all somewhere around 165. a little heavier disc will probably get you some more distance; that being said, too heavy will slow you down. My favorite disc is a flick, but it is more for placement shots than distance; it can UD, sidearm, and give you an easy spike hyzer, again, not my distance disc because it is so overstable, but it is very predictable for the same reason. My favorite plastic is champ/z depending on innova/discraft. but I always keep a few d plastic discs in my bag because they have better grip on rainy days. I don't carry a lot of molds in my bag, but I carry different weights and plastics of my favorites.
three valks
three flicks
two wraiths
two spiders
a dragon for water shots
and an orc or two.
I carry a two wizards for putting, but I am prone to use my spider for anything outside of ten ft.

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