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I'm still confused about the tweets. Now what does this do?

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Funny, Marc. I knew this was coming, but it came way too fast for me to be ready for. I had hoped to be ready with a bunch of disc golf gifts, so I'll be scrambling.

(If anyone has a gift image they'd like added in as a potential gift, please send them to me - terry.pirate.calhoun@gmail.com - as jpg, gif, or png files, under 10 KB in size, along with a description. I'd like this to become a way to feature beautiful disc art and some of our best stamps.)

It's something I have been seeing on Facebook and elsewhere. People actually use PayPal to buy gifts for friends and send them to them, inside the network. (Similar but not identical things are how totally virtual stuff is becoming a big industry, like "real" estate in Second Life :)

Each gift costs the sender 75 credits and Ning has given everyone some free credits to start with. I can't change the pricing on anything, or the categories, yet.

Sheila is totally mystified why anyone would do this, but it seems to be very popular on Facebook. We'll see.
Could you please explain credits and gift image.
You mean you just want images of disc art? Not scenery art etc?
Ken, since we're experimenting, I think that we can try pretty much anything out and see who likes what. Given the image sizes, I am not sure that scenery art would be visible enough, but if it were a photo of a specific hole and the basket was at least visible, maybe. For example, "John just gave Terry Hole 5 at the Winthrop Gold Course."

I'm pretty open to anything for the rest of this calendar year, with the intent of putting more structure on it starting in January.

Credits: My understanding is that Ning gave each of us some credits to start with, and that to get more credits you have to use Paypal to buy them. I have no ability to change the credits, price of credits, etc. At the moment I can't even create a special disc golf category, although I think that is coming.
Hey just send cash.....big sums....small bills...okay?....great
Ohhh...OK. So if I have a decent disc golf or scenic photo...I could use THOSE as gifts?
As far as the credits thing...I am going to hold off on buying any for the time being (how much will a credit cost?). I still have not got a handle on how it all is going to work, although when it DOES all come together it will be pretty cool.
Why not just use pics of discs. People could have a vertual bag. Be a good way to see what disc is the most popular.
Terry - I'm sorry but yuck! What's next "Mafia Wars"? Jimmy sent Bobby a "Hot Potato" using the "Hot Potato" app? If I wanted to be on Facebook I would be. Buying credits to send people a picture of a fairy princess?! What about disc golf? This and the tweets thing....blech. Jumping the Shark, big time. Don't turn dgrus into a facebook clone!
Cheesy Credits?
Cash directly to my PayPal account.
Hey, I got special gifts over here!
Customized and fairly cheap. lol.
Oh, the Wheel of Cheese may be unbalanced and spin off its axis...
I hear you Matt B. I was tempted to take off anything out of that except disc golf, but for all I know there are people who like the full range. And, in fact, people were sending gifts out of that list already this morning,

I plan, at the moment, to add more disc golf stuff and wait a couple of weeks to see if the other stuff gets used. If not, then I remove it. If it does, then I keep it.

I am open to other thoughts on that.
Not my cup of tea, either, Joe, but it may be for others. Certainly, a lot of it goes on - including with discs - on FB.
Giving a virtual gift is like the 21st century equivalent of sending a greeting card on a birthday or holiday. If you had teenage daughters who hang out on teenage girl social and game sites, like Neopets and Horseland, this might make somewhat more sense than total nonsense. Or not. I think the sense of it is in the acclimation.

Kelsey used to buy nags at the glue factory for cheap, make killer artwork for them, and then resell them for hundreds of thousands of Horseland credits. She became a Horseland bazillionaire. But it was against Horseland rules to resell credits for cash.
Not sure how much credits will cost. Still finding that out. Everyone has at least 100 to start with at no cost, though.

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