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For some odd reason beyond me, my roommate Wade seems to think an ace is a bad shot. I am just wondering if anyone else thinks this. IMO An ace is a good shot no matter what, Intentional or Unintentional and the goal of Disc golf is to get the disc in the basket in as few throws as possible.

Wades Opinion:
IMO An ace is a bad shot because no matter how many times you throw a shot, Even if you are throwing for an ace 1000 times, and you hit it once, IT IS A BAD SHOT! Why would you throw a shot 1000 times when after 500 you know its not going to go in? I can say Ive played a couple courses 500 times and I have learned to throw the deuce. That's all I'm saying.

Back to my thoughts now. Okay lets roll with this throw for an ace 1000 times and hit it once. Okay I hit it once (although chances are I will hit it much more than once.) How many of those 999 misses did I deuce? So how does that change from going for the lay up or for the Ace? If your trying to lay it up and ace is that a poor shot? An ace run is a chance for a 1 but leaving yourself with a good chance for a 2. Period. If you try to lay it up as best as possible that would be right next to the basket your still aiming at the basket trying to get an easy two, If you try and ace and land right next to the basket (or ace which as we all know is better than a deuce) both shots had the same Idea: Get as close to the basked as possible. Same idea in both shots, So Whats the difference? What makes one bad and the other good? If you try to lay up 1000 times and lay it up once does that make laying up a bad idea? This is really just an argument between me and wade that I want some other opinions on. Its all in fun though. :)

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Here is the difference. If you're playing smart golf like I try to if I'm in a tournament you won't throw many ace runs unless you're behind and need to desperately try to catch up.

That being said that by no means even remotely means that an ace is a bad shot. I think the point your friend is trying to make is that if you throw an "ace run" you will usually (not always) end up further away from the basket than if you were actually trying to lay up. If you throw an ace run and actually hit the ace it is a good shot, no its a great shot, no... it is THE BEST shot possible to get on that or any hole!

I throw mostly ace runs during casual rounds and mostly safe shots during a tournament. But think about how many world records would have never been set or how many professional athletes wouldn't have the highlight reels they do. Things like Aces, half court shots, knockouts and crazy submissions(in MMA) are what make the great people GREAT.

Its all a risk reward system, take a greater risk and you have less chance for success but if you do succeed the reward is far greater than if you would have played it safe.

You can play to win (throw ace runs) or you can play not to lose (layup on the basket) They are both good strategys depending on the situation. All I know is I'd hate to live in a world where everyone only played it safe, sounds like snoozville to me.

PS... I bet your friend doesn't have any aces does he?
That's funny. I was playing a round with some friends the other day. Well one of them aces a hole and I said to him "good thing you aced that or you would have been screwed" He would have blown past the basket and would have had a very tough 2nd shot. Heck how many times during a weekly have you heard some one say. I'm out of the money, so I might as well start going for ace runs. Just try and think of were that 2nd shot would end up. Had it not have gone into the basket? But like anything else in life . It's not black and white, but a ton of grey. So not every ace run is a "bad shot" and it's not always a great shot either. Heck one of my very first ace's was an anhhyzer shot that was going right of the basket. Until it hit a branch, kicked left and went into the basket. Another was a pretty hyzer that felt good the minute it left my hand. It made it around a group of trees and hit the chains dead center (at least it looked dead center) and spun around the basket a couple times and came to rest in the basket.
So I would say both of you are right!
ACE definition:

Haha Steve...good idea to post this argument. I was getting sick of you guys yelling at eachother about it last night though!
sounds like wade doesn't have any aces. an ace is always the best shot, if you miss its still a good shot because the odds are your still left with a deuce shot. if your firing full power straight at a basket 260 away when you can throw 400, that is not a good shot because it is a low percentage shot. but if you throw a nice hyzer that is gonna come down within the 240 to 280 range giving you a birdie no matter what or an ace with a little luck then that is a good shot. its all about percentages, you need to give your self a chance of aceing but with a high chance of getting the deuce, that will always be a good shot if it goes in or lays up.

its all circumstantial.
Actually its the opposite, I only have 2 aces and Wade has about 37. He is always in the DGRUS chat. Its the wade from this site.
It doesn't necessarily mean "bad" disc golf its just "riskier" disc golf with the potential to be better disc golf than "smart" disc golf though only a small percentage of the time.

Another advantage of throwing lots of ace runs is that it makes you a better putter. I know for a fact that my putting is way better as a result of throwing lots of ace runs, I can usually make a long two, not quite as often as I could drop it in the basket if it was parked but a percentage of the time that I'm comfortable with.

Its such a small percentage that I only have one ace after this whole season of mostly throwing ace runs in casual rounds.
if that is the case i dont know why he would say a ace is a bad shot. that would mean he throws a lot of bad shots? or i havent had a bad shot in two years? and the year before that i had 8 bad shots? those are all false statements so obviously a ace is the best, and only good shot?
The only time an ACE run is a bad idea is if the hole is located on a side of a cliff, or somewhere that the shot, if it didn't go in, would end up very far away from the basket. It would be foolish to try to ACE such a hole.
Survey Says!!!! .....Good Shot!
The Ace is a bad shot argument is that it is better to try and park the shot than to run at the basket on average. An ace run that misses is usually 40' or more past the basket where as a "park run" that doesn't end up under the basket is still usually pretty short. So when shooting for score you are better off aimind or the dirt under the basket than the basket itself, generally. There are plenty of holes out there where an ace run is still a pretty safe shot but on most holes the better shot is to put it under the basket. That being said I would say thet most aces are "park runs" that were thrown too high and got lucky. Of course I still jump and scream whenever I get one.
This also kind of depends on what disc you're using, how wide open the hole is, the range, whether there is any obstruction around/behind the hole, etc. Depending on the line you take, the difference between a parkjob and an ace isn't always that big. IE. If you are throwing an up-down shot for a wide open short basket instead of a straight shot, the shot can either just make it to the basket and drop in, or come short and it becomes a parkjob.

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