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For some odd reason beyond me, my roommate Wade seems to think an ace is a bad shot. I am just wondering if anyone else thinks this. IMO An ace is a good shot no matter what, Intentional or Unintentional and the goal of Disc golf is to get the disc in the basket in as few throws as possible.

Wades Opinion:
IMO An ace is a bad shot because no matter how many times you throw a shot, Even if you are throwing for an ace 1000 times, and you hit it once, IT IS A BAD SHOT! Why would you throw a shot 1000 times when after 500 you know its not going to go in? I can say Ive played a couple courses 500 times and I have learned to throw the deuce. That's all I'm saying.

Back to my thoughts now. Okay lets roll with this throw for an ace 1000 times and hit it once. Okay I hit it once (although chances are I will hit it much more than once.) How many of those 999 misses did I deuce? So how does that change from going for the lay up or for the Ace? If your trying to lay it up and ace is that a poor shot? An ace run is a chance for a 1 but leaving yourself with a good chance for a 2. Period. If you try to lay it up as best as possible that would be right next to the basket your still aiming at the basket trying to get an easy two, If you try and ace and land right next to the basket (or ace which as we all know is better than a deuce) both shots had the same Idea: Get as close to the basked as possible. Same idea in both shots, So Whats the difference? What makes one bad and the other good? If you try to lay up 1000 times and lay it up once does that make laying up a bad idea? This is really just an argument between me and wade that I want some other opinions on. Its all in fun though. :)

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Yeah hitting a tree I call a 'dirty' ace. I have two off of trees/limbs. The first one was about 130 straight ahead I actually said "oh sh**" and it hit some foliage and sank. The second one was about 160 off of a tree, hit a log and ramped back into the air and went in. Both were definitely bad shots that went in. When there are hundreds of dollars at stake, the choice is OBVIOUS that you should try to put a 1 on the card, thus making that a very very good shot.
Percentage says throwing at a basket 260 feet away is layup. I can definitely throw 260 so what I am going to do is put it under the basket every single time. 100% ? Adds up to me. I have had one ace recently at 260 exactly where I have always played a spike hyzer through a lane that if one is so fortunate will slide right under the basket, or five feet from it. It just so happened that on this day there were some sticks on the ground that gave me a skip and the disc ended up going in the basket. A very fortunate circumstance of a branch falling out of that tree earlier that day, otherwise the long grass underneath would have never allowed a skip. I know this because I've thrown it about 500 or so times. Hole 16 at Robert Morris in Kalamazoo, my 35th ace.
No that means that I played bad golf for a long time. Ace runs get me working for a two as opposed to getting 6 two's in a row. The difference between an ace being a good shot and a bad shot is simple. A good shot gets you low scores consistently, a bad throw puts you in the rough and possibly making an amazing deuce, unless by some sheer chance of wind, tree bounce, or maybe you closed your eyes, and you ace. Playing for a 20' diameter circle around the pin, which not all pin locations have, makes me able to throw at a very big target. Maybe I want to throw for the far left of that circle because there is a hill there that will stop my disc and I will be left for an easy two, and in this case I am rhbh, I will shoot for a safe two spot, and the disc might go in as a result of where my smart shot is intended. How many holes do I know like that? NONE. If you declare that you are going to ace the hole you are about to throw, then I can give you a 'nice' for putting it in under that circumstance, and hand you 5$
The only time it is a good idea to throw an ace run is if the basket is in a hole so if you get it in the hole, you are guaranteed the disc wont be far from the basket.
A thumber in the winds that an open course like that gets its kinda risky to begin with. And imo sounds like it was going to be a good shot, but that one just got better. Some guys/girls can overhand shots within a five foot circle with unlimited ceiling room 40 times out of 50. 80% is pretty good odds for someone with a sweet thumber. If he doesn't have that kind of overhand shot then it was a lucky shot. Either way good job to your buddy hope you paid.
Your ace runs definitely look like you are giving it the very best shot you have at hitting an ace. It is sometimes thrilling, but mostly risky. I took three circle fours today because I was shooting for aces. I was playing Grand Woods in Lansing, Michigan. The very first time I threw hole seven there I aced it because I was extremely lucky that day. A very tricky 285 feet. The tee is about 50, 60 off the bank so its a scary LHBH and a tricky RHBH. The basket is placed 35 feet left of the rushing Grand River with the riverbanks exceeding 10 feet in places. You know this because you tried to get a disc out of there at the Capitol City Challenge. If I would have missed the basket I would have been at least 50 feet behind the basket and possibly be missing a disc. Definitely a lay up.
Hole 2 at Robert Morris in Kalamazoo, Michigan. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/gallery.php?id=193&mode=gal# What hyzer?
That is actually a counter-intuitive statement. If you try to park it and get to the point where you are parking it every time I guarantee your score will improve as well as your game. You see going for it is throwing pretty much 100% of your power in most likely the wrong direction every time. Learning how to throw that specific distance my trying to park it will give you better control and concept of distance as it is related to your own throw. Thus improving your score and ability in sanctioned rounds. Bad shot.
Not an idiot. I'm sure he spams as a job so he could care less about what golf it is, as far as he knows disc golf doesn't exist. He posted it and moved on. Ignorance is just lack of information, not for lack of trying. Bad shot
I went over this already. Bad shot
An ace sure LOOKS good, but how can you say something is luck when you just deliberately threw the disc in the general direction of the basket? Lottery is luck. Its a random raffle based on a sure decision. If you blindly throw a disc in the general direction of the basket time after time, that is luck. If I ace run, I always consider the skip ace first.FIRST-A skipped disc has a far lower speed because it just hit the ground. SECOND-A skipped disc is more predictable because I don't have to throw the disc as far. Simple logic there. If you ace without intentionally throwing the specific line that the disc took, then you threw the disc WRONG, making it a bad throw that LOOKED really good. I suppose if you threw the disc for an intentional ace 1000 times and hit it once, that is ONE good shot out of 1000, but you are not learning anything from those 999 throws. BAD Disc Golf.

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