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For some odd reason beyond me, my roommate Wade seems to think an ace is a bad shot. I am just wondering if anyone else thinks this. IMO An ace is a good shot no matter what, Intentional or Unintentional and the goal of Disc golf is to get the disc in the basket in as few throws as possible.

Wades Opinion:
IMO An ace is a bad shot because no matter how many times you throw a shot, Even if you are throwing for an ace 1000 times, and you hit it once, IT IS A BAD SHOT! Why would you throw a shot 1000 times when after 500 you know its not going to go in? I can say Ive played a couple courses 500 times and I have learned to throw the deuce. That's all I'm saying.

Back to my thoughts now. Okay lets roll with this throw for an ace 1000 times and hit it once. Okay I hit it once (although chances are I will hit it much more than once.) How many of those 999 misses did I deuce? So how does that change from going for the lay up or for the Ace? If your trying to lay it up and ace is that a poor shot? An ace run is a chance for a 1 but leaving yourself with a good chance for a 2. Period. If you try to lay it up as best as possible that would be right next to the basket your still aiming at the basket trying to get an easy two, If you try and ace and land right next to the basket (or ace which as we all know is better than a deuce) both shots had the same Idea: Get as close to the basked as possible. Same idea in both shots, So Whats the difference? What makes one bad and the other good? If you try to lay up 1000 times and lay it up once does that make laying up a bad idea? This is really just an argument between me and wade that I want some other opinions on. Its all in fun though. :)

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I know i wouldnt be disappointed about throwing an Ace, whatever the circumstances or situation.
For me an ace is a bad shot which got lucky because I don't throw for aces (well,hardly ever). For it to ace means it had to be on the right line so it wasn't a terrible shot, just a bad shot. I was trying to park the drive, not risk having it blast long.

The best drives are leaners. I have only a couple of those.

There are some players who are so good that they regularly try for aces, like Al Schack. If I ever get to the point where a 40 foot putt looks like a gimme then I will try for aces, too.
If you're throwing Super Clas discs, you can go for aces all the time and still end up close enough for the birdie putt. That's part of the fun.
An ace is much easier than either of those things. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great feat, but it's not the same, especially the 300 game. You can't do that by luck... you can ace in ball golf by luck, but it's more unlikely than in disc golf. FAR more unlikely. I would say playing a whole ROUND near perfect is the best you can accomplish in the sport.
Hey, sorry didn't mean to rain on your parade. Hope I didn't go too hard on you there.

I see where Wade is coming from. Everybody has seen an ace that would have blown 80 ft past if it hadn't stuck. Playing for the ace every hole will undoubtedly hurt your score.

There are certain holes though where an ace run costs you nothing. Like when there is a hill behind the pin. You can also play for a hyzer skip ace and not go more than 25 ft past the basket on longish holes. Shorter holes are aceable with a putter on a hyzer line not finishing more than 10 ft past the basket. And as Chuck pointed out, superclass discs are great for ace runs. It's possible (and I can do this with my beat in roc) to float the disc down to the basket from above with hardly any to no fade...essentially the disc stalls over the target and drops softly to it. You can run aces this way without sacrificing the 2. So largely I think Wade is right, but there are plently of ways to run an ace without sacrificing the deuce. BUT most aces I've seen don't fall into this category. Oh, I've also seen very precise thumbers bounce in or go right in and those were safe shots, but they just make me mad!

There's one more thing I'd like to add to this tread and then I promise I'll stop. Unless you are playing with absolutely no wind what-so-ever you are always (to some extent) at the mercy of the wind. Yes, you can plan for it and mitigate its effects, but to ace ALWAYS carries an element of luck (such as the wind holding steady in the same direction). Everybody blames the wind for blowing away their "perfect" shot, but no one thanks it for their ace. So yes, you threw a good shot, but aces are always serendipitous. I would argue that that's part of the thrill of an ace.
Aces are alot of Fun !! Go for the Birdies First.
Bingo. An ACE itself is a good shot. The planning for it could be bad, it could be accident, Whatever its still good.
Yes very lucky. A bad shot? No.
ace run whenever possible, NO GUTS NO GLORY. everybody gets birdies, and they dont win the ace pool.
To win the ace pool, you either get lucky, or stand on a hole all morning and get it down to the most probable line for an ace run and come tee off, you have two shots to hit it before the day is over.
Any Ace I've hit started out as an expletive and ended in exclamation!

I have broken the Odds of this Lucky Ace thing. True I don't have a 1000 Aces , but 543 is not to shabby after 30 years of playing .

It is Luck to have the Disc Stay in the Basket after traveling to it High Velocity style. It is Skill to get it there online.

True , it's better to get a Birdie , but have you ever Called a Ace ? I have twice for the Video cameras.

For anyone who gets a Hole in One , it still is a Blast when others hand you $ 5.00 a piece or more while watching the disc stay in the basket.

I don't think a Ace is a bad shot , it just so happens the basket stopped the Disc from going long.

You were trying to get it close anyways........................RIGHT !!!!

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