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I like to play the disc for the shot, I have plenty of overstable discs but i need some good understables. I am getting an Avenger SS and I have a Pro D Stingray. What else would be good for understable discs that I could get for both Distance and Mid-Range, and even multi-purpose?

Current Bag-

Pro D- Avenger
Star- Sidewinder

Fairway/Multi Purpose:
Pro D- Stingray

S Series- X Element
Champion- Spider
ESP- Buzz


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I like the Teebird and the TL. They will fill in all the gaps between your distance drivers and midrangers.
Drivers: Sidewinder, Vision(my Favorite)
Fairway: Leopard, TL
Mid: Wolf, Panther, Hawk

can the vision hold a path bent right?

Yes. The gold line plastic is more under stable then the opto. In the vision I thought it was to under stable the opto is good.
Midrange i would try a classic roc.For the fairway or multipurpose i would try a cobra,both these discs are great understable discs that fly mostly straight with little fade at the end,as you get more power you will surely replace them with discs a little more stable.The classic roc and cobra were two of my favorite discs when i started playing.The ss you mentioned should do you well for the distance part of your game.Good luck and keep throwing.
If you're looking at the Classic Roc as a mid range make sure it is a Pro or DX. The Champ and Star Classic Rocs are actually an overstable putter. The Cobra is a good straight flyer. Another midrange to check out would be an Ontario mold Roc. They are the most understable of the three Roc molds.
I carry 4 discs I consider understable.
Champion groove for long anhyzers
Star sidewinder for shorter anhyzers

Flx buzzz for slight anhyzers
Star onterio roc for big anhyzers
Champion or Star Valkyrie
Opto Vision

Champion Leopard
ESP Cyclone

Elite X Comet
Elite Z Comet
Champion Coyote
Leopards are understable discs that work great for distance, mid range, and multi-purpose. Probably about what you want.

My next step up for anny is a Beast which is definitely not understable nor is it multi-purpose.. Next step down is a Wolf which your Stingray definitely has covered.
DX Stingray, DX Cobra, DX XD, DX Archangel, DX Sidewinder, Star Roadrunner, TeeBird-L, Cheetah, Leopard, Gazelle are some that I use for turnover and roller shots. It helps a lot if the disc is beat enough to look useless. My ugly discs make me money...they have been beat, crushed, run over by cars, but they hold a turn like magic and will fight out of any hyzer angle...My favorite right now is the Star Roadrunner. I am using it for long straight flights, Big Sky Anhyzers, and it will Roll a mile. Yummy.

My beat-in Z Surge SS can hold an anny line till it lands now. I just need to figure out how to control it!
I hear ya on the control, I can anny the Pro D Avenger that I have but it is wild as it can be. But that is the one thing that will come with time for me I guess.


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