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Hey all!

So I've been sporting this bag for a few months now and I have to give it two thumbs up if you have back issues or if you are looking for a backpack style bag. However, if I'm judging the best disc golf carrier. Voodoo wins hands down, well, as of today ;)

Soo here are some likes and dislikes for ME.


For me, I'm amazed at how great my back feel after playing a few rounds. Granted I'm still hurting (a few buldging discs), but nothing like it would be after sporting the "bag" style carriers. So if you have back issues, this is the biggest plus to get this bag!

Very well made for sure. I'm glad Justin switched to Cordura after some buyer feedback. Gotta like that in a company! There is also thick gauge plastic on the floor of the bags main compartment as well as in the sides too. This keep the bags "top" from drooping down onto your disc like that dang Revo dualpack.

Pretty decent design. As far as back pack style bags, this is the best for me. Mind you I haven't tried the Golf Mahal by Mystery Ranch. The people who do own them have nothing but the best to say about it, but for me. It's like buying a HumVee to deall with those pesky speed bumps lol!


OK, Con time-

For me, the desgin is not perfect. Once again, the dang opening to the main compartment is a bit to small. Mind you, not as bad as the dualpack, but I hate having to contort and some what force my discs out from the side. IMO that will lead to bag damage over time.

The side compartments are a bit to small for me. I can fit most of my stuff in, but when it comes to rain gear or a hoodie, good luck. Mind you I can stuff rain gear in, but then the sides buldge into the disc compartment and then you have disc space issues.

Man if I could just be able to fit one or two more disc in, I'd be happy. It  May be a good thing though. Can't say I'm missing those two discs I had to take out, because of the reduced disc space. Heck, I still carry 18 in the main compartment, but I was sporting 22 in the Voodoo Karma bag.

Finally, the only other thing that bugs me about the bag. Is it's very hard if not impossible to get at your water bottles when this bag is on your back. Mind you I'm no Gumby, but it's an issue I've never had before. A case were function should trump design? I say this, because Justin wanted to keep weight as close to midline as possible.

So there you have it. This is a very nice disc golf carrier for sure and if you are looking for a backpack style bag. It's the best designed bag I've tried, but is it my favorite disc golf carrier? For my glass back that's a big YES!! But I still love my Voodoo bag when it comes to quality and design.


P.S. If cost is an issue. I've seen some very cool "sporting"(Cabella's and the sort) bags that people have turned into disc golf bags at a HUGE reduction in price.


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What's your bag count up to, Rescue?
Mine is on a FedEx truck as we speak and will be delivered this afternoon!! Totally stoked!! I've been using my backpack from OGIO this season, and as much as I like it, can't pass up a Grip bag.

As a designer and bag manufacturer, if you like this bag good on you.

But light and smaller is best.

The dps bag equipped with quad shocks seems to fit my bad back of 20 years now.

No one uses more than 5-6 discs a round.

Or eats a full meal either.

I could see a 'back pack' style for traveling.

The original dps bag, with more to come. And only costs around $40 with a warranty!


Find more videos like this on www.DiscGolfersR.Us

your bag looks nice, but why advertise it on this discussion when the bag being reviewed isn't even the same style

LOL!!! Well lets seeeeee....

2 Grip EQ

1 Voodoo Karma

1 GB Kong (soon to be gone)


1 Revo Carolina

and 1 Lat 64 bag..

I know, I'm nuts, but there was always something that bugged me about every bag. To the point I just didn't care for them, but I'm proud to say. I've given some away and plan on paying it forward and give a few more away. Jeeze can you do an internet raffle on this site? Free of course!


Hey that's it! sign up for a free Phenix bag!


where do i sign up?  lol

Because of the title of the post

Best bag out there for people with back issues!

is very misleading and not necessarily true.

That's why I tend to put "ME" when I talk about stuff. I'm not trying to snub any other bags, but I also can't disregard how much better my back has felt using this backpack style bag as apposed to the bag and quadshocks set up.


O.K. Rescue.  I apologize, I know that you created this disc ussion but my main question is this..........

If someone has back problems, why use a bag or anything that could put any type of pressure on their back.

Why not go with a cart ?

Now I know that Disc Golf Carts are not mass produced, they are created by their owners.

But my cart for example, was originally a golf pull cart that someone added a slotted PVC pipe to.

I bought it, modified the PVC, added a rack, a scraficed Nuke for a lid to make a hidden compartment, painted it, opened up the bottom opening for drinks and snacks, added a modified golf ball retriever to get discs that go into the water or trees and a folding chair, then it has a place to hold your secore card, pencil and rag to dry your wet discs, AND there is it.  Everything I need and not one ounce of pressure on my back.  Here is a picture of my cart  .............


For other ideas, you may go to the group called "Disc Golf Cart Club".

I know that there are not alot of people who uses a cart.

And I know that there are a lot of carts out there that are ghetto so to speak.

But like I said earlier............

You can make one to meet all your Disc Golf needs, and I did say there is NO PRESSURE ON YOUR BACK.

Speaking from experience, I know that people have made fun of me and my cart, but on the other side of the coin, there are just as many stating that it is a great idea. 

Also, Playing in long tournies, I am not as tired or wored out like I use to be when I had to carry everything.


Hmmm maybe Ben can set it up? I hope I'm not overstepping my bounderies, but the more I think about it. The more I like it :)

I'll drop him an e-mail and see....

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