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I've gotten a chance to throw two grooves of totally different stabilities now (one flippy, one stable to over-stable) and I'm not very impressed by either one. Is it just me or is the disc not very fast? It's rated speed 13, but I'd say with certainty that it doesn't cut through the air as fast as an xcal destroyer, force, or boss. I'm throwing my surge farther than the groove everytime and that is hitting the right line to get both discs to "hook-up."

Is this anybody else's experience?

Oh, and it's supposed to have the most glide of any disc innova makes and I didn't find this portion of the flight to very good either.

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Remember that the Innova ratings are based on the player group that disc is designed for. The wide wing discs may only fly like the ratings when thrown by players who have consistent power for throwing say over 400 feet, at least that's my understanding. Not sure what your power range is but that may explain why you're not seeing what you might have expected.
i've got the groove as well. i've found that it is stable-over stable. i've also found that my destroyer can do everything, AND THEN SOME, that the groove can do. i carry 3 destroyers; 1 new , 1 used/not abused, 1 superbeat! 1 mold, 1 throw, 1 muscle memory set, 3 different flights......all of whiich are predictable. new discs are fun to buy and throw a few dozen times, but i allways find myself going back to the same 7 molds in my bag.....did i mention that i carry 24-25 disc for a round. i know that sounds like a ton, but i know that i'll have the disc for the shot. then again we all know that one guy that walks the course with a putter, a shark, and the old beat up gazelle and finds a way to beat youu by two strokes... hmmm, kinda' makes you stop and think for a second. sorry for the rant! cheers!!!!
The Groove is like coke II. It prommised so much and didnt really live up to it. Like most folks I find the boss supperior in every aspect. Quest AT gets alot of flack for being a gimmicky manufacture.Some of that needs to go Innovas way.
You need to give this disc some time. Just about everyody (does one person count as an everybody lol) I know. Did not like this disc. However after some time, most of them have changed there mind. It took me about a month or so to get use to the wide rim. I'll admit it is not a very forgiving disc, but I would give it a month or so of throwing. This is one of those discs that needs some time to break in and to also figure out.

the grooves i have thrown are just as fast as the boss, both being faster than the destroyers i actually carry in my bag. i haven't found either the groove or the boss to be very consistent however and both have such a huge skip that i'm sticking with the destroyers.
I have thrown it a couple of times and to tell you the truth. The boss at a weight of 173 flips for me just enough to hold a line. I enjoy that disc the most of all for distance. The monarch has had more speed and glide than a groove. To tell you the truth i wont even like the groove till they get it in the star plastic blend. as far as i can tell your right about the disc and it just inst you.
Try a lighter weight!!!
It's not a stability/power issue for me I don't think. I throw my ESP Surge 380-420 feet every time (unless I griplock it). I would assume with my amount of power I should be throwing the Groove farther than my surge. I don't think it's a flight-line issue as I was able to hyzer flip my blue champ groove way over and then have it flatten and just start to hyzer at the end.

Here are possibilities to the problem that I MIGHT concede:

1...the wide rim is harder for me to snap with moderate to small hands...this could possibly explain why my surge (thinner rim) holds a line a lot longer.

2...I'm not throwing it with quite enough nose down and it's a touchier disc with nose angles than my surge. If this is the case, I certainly don't want an unforgiving disc in the bag...unless for open field bombs where accuracy isn't on the line as much.

I'll give it a little more time as some of you have suggested it may take getting used to. I just wanted to point out that I don't think it's a stability issue for me.
I've been throwing a first-run 167 groove for 3 monthes, and I found it more stable than my beat in first-run 173 boss, but even in its new state I could put it on a line and it would hold and go just as far as the rest of my bag. still tossing it deep and its still holding stable (minus any headwind).
I remember watching the Champ hook up on it when we played a round a while ago and he sat that thing up like a valk about 310-320 into its hiezer and 100ft in the air, as it flattend out and went right then eventually straightend back out and slowy faded back left , but it hooked up too hard and put him in the water past the basket on one of the longes holes on the course, he said the molds are diff and he likes only certain ones, so you gotta know what you want and know what you got..
I took my groove out of my bag after a few months.
maybe I should go throw it some more and see again before I write it off.
I found myself feeling the same way as a few other people. my Destroyer,Wraith,Excal, and Boss seem to do what I need them do so not sure where the groove will fit in there if it ever will.
if you dont like the Groove try the Monarch ( big fan of the monarch here) man i started playing last year was hittin 200ft for distance for 8 mths then i bought a monarch and bam 250ft avg 3 mths later BAM 320 ft avg now 365 ft BAM i've hit 2 ace's both with monarch's both straight lines to the pin chained out last weekend on a 300 ft hole i love the monarch

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