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So, my friends and I went out to Kensington for the first time ever on Sunday. I must say that the course was really nice and so were the people. We ended up joining a father & son duo who made for great company. While we were playing there was a league going on so it was pretty packed. My complaint/observation is about the league that was there.

It seems that the people who take the game serious tend to do worse than those who just relax. We were waiting for the group to tee off and standing back and giving them room while talking quitely amoungst ourselves. I thought we were talking far lower than normal level and one of the guys in group above us "shhhhh'd" us. We couldn't help it but to laugh, but we still honored his request. After the group ahead of us took 5 minutes of phantom shots they finally tee'd off and no a good drive out of the bunch. Now I know that doing 1-2 phantom shots doesn't hurt but to sit around and repeat it several times and then ask for silence just seems a bit too much.

Am I wrong here? I know to be respectful to people, just as I would like them to be to me but in my view it is all public space and so you must expect at least some level of noise (which was a completely reasonable level). Also, how many phantom shots are too many?

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I always try to be quiet when someone else is throwing there shot! Treat others as you would like to be treated!

I know your going to say "I don't care if people talk while I throw". Personally it doesn't bother me that much.

I would have told them to hurry the fuck up after the 1st phantom shot and if they didn't listen I would step up to the teepad and throw my shot and continue to play my round.
it was league so I see why they would be upset ,they were playing competitively I get the same way during tournaments
and your being there at a league night , you should respect them and be totally quiet .
If it was a casual round on a random night it's not a big deal .
As for the phantom shots ,I have never understood them and think there pointless .
My best shots were phantom shots.
Sunday league at Kensington was very slow. The course was packed. The weather was nice. The group in front of us (league players) was unreasonably slow. We waited 10 minutes on every hole and longer when they lost discs in the thick rough. Summer has finally hit and the wet spring has lead to an explosion of greenery. I have played in full tournaments which flowed smoother.

We saw a mob group of 25 or 30 playing on an adjacent fairway. Before long the league may have to consider starting before noon. The casuals pour out like Black Locusts after noon. We endured almost 5 hours to get through league and payouts.

There is no doubt that different players have different sensitivities to noise and distraction. The general rule is that tournament players are much more sensitive than others. Personally, I expect casuals to be loud and be clueless about the Rules of Courtesy. To me they are no different than passing cars or wildlife or park walkers or dogs chasing squirrels. I have learned to block them out. The only humans who bother me are those playing in my group who should know better. From those, I hope for tournament level courtesy. HaHa. I hope for lots of lucky bounces, too. I hope to find crisp $20 bills laying on the ground. I hope my errant putts hit low flying birds and deflect into the basket. I have about the same chance of success with any of these.

Not all league players are good. Not all league players who are good are playing well at any given moment. Not all league players are tolerant of casuals. But most league players are trying very hard to play well, including intensely concentrating on their shots. Especially on free public courses there will always conflicts between casuals and serious players.

Brian Walter, if you want to see a impressive series of phantom shots you need to catch Daemon Stahlin. Daemon is a fine Pro player. He is not good because of his extensive pre-shot routine but it works for him.

The good news was that my team was playing well (we took 2nd at -12) so the aggravations were more tolerable.
To reply to those who mentioned complete silence while someone is teeing off you must understand the level of talking that was going on. It was VERY soft (think of it as library voices) and we were about 15-20 feet away from the pad when the "Shh" happened. That is why we are started laughing. If that little amount of back ground noise is going to mess you up you might as well be playing with ear muffs on.
yeah, but tolerance begets tolerance. we could really get into it but it sounds like you think you were in the right.
if the guy heard you, he heard you , right?
just because I don't think its cool to eat a dog doesn't mean I'm going to go around telling Koreans they are wrong.
ok, bad analogy, but you get my point maybe,hehe.
Couldn't of said it better ,I don't have a problem with noise but people who are in front or on the side of me that just throws me off
Everyone has different expectations and confidence levels. Some people can not stand a pin to drop when they are putting. I have SERIOUS ADD. If I see or hear anything while putting, it flusters me. Sorry, it's the way it is and I really want a fair chance at making my shot. If you care enough you ask for the same level of respect as someone would issue you given their needs. That is professionalism. If that bothers you, stay away from course when serious people play, it's a simple decision of max frustration vs min. Our league plays at Kensington Sunday @ noon. If you don't like players wrapped up in their own game please avoid it.

Nice black locust joke.

I eat sweet and sour german shepard... stop being such a judgemental pri**
I hate to say it, but i am hoping for the course to be closed during leagues when the new one goes in. Kensington is getting out of control, esp. on nice summer weekends. I have personally seen groups of 30+ on many occasions. Yes it is a public park, but cmon a group of 30+? I also hope p2p clears some of this out. Its sad :(
From what you say here, It doesnt sound like you have ever even played in a tournament. You are completely wrong in thinking you should be able to get away with talking while someone is teeing off in a tournament. what is really surprising, it that you where at the course for your first time, and tried to get away with it. I am glad they shhhhh'd you. Maybe next time you will Zip it...Maybe next time, on league night, you will play somewhere else, and let those guys play some serious golf! You are at a Disc Golf course, where there are people who take the game seriously, what did you expect?
TOO not TO. Where is this serious place?

When I was starting out playing DG, I did the same thing. Good idea to keep the chatter down when you're around players that you are not accustomed tom playing with. Who knows, they might be playing for pink slips.
Try this, the noise(movements,etc.) is a tool to help you focus. At worlds, people stood behind baskets tring to get good photos(videos).Galleries following groups are loud also.If you find a way to use these to help your focus you gain from it.

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