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So, my friends and I went out to Kensington for the first time ever on Sunday. I must say that the course was really nice and so were the people. We ended up joining a father & son duo who made for great company. While we were playing there was a league going on so it was pretty packed. My complaint/observation is about the league that was there.

It seems that the people who take the game serious tend to do worse than those who just relax. We were waiting for the group to tee off and standing back and giving them room while talking quitely amoungst ourselves. I thought we were talking far lower than normal level and one of the guys in group above us "shhhhh'd" us. We couldn't help it but to laugh, but we still honored his request. After the group ahead of us took 5 minutes of phantom shots they finally tee'd off and no a good drive out of the bunch. Now I know that doing 1-2 phantom shots doesn't hurt but to sit around and repeat it several times and then ask for silence just seems a bit too much.

Am I wrong here? I know to be respectful to people, just as I would like them to be to me but in my view it is all public space and so you must expect at least some level of noise (which was a completely reasonable level). Also, how many phantom shots are too many?

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You made me laugh in the first sentence. Kensington on Sunday, league day. Right now if I am not mistaken their Ace pot is up to $800+/-. With that league being as popular as it is anyway along with a big ace pot, you will have even more players. Keep in mind how many courses there are around the metro area that will be less crowded than that one. I love to play in tournaments and leagues, but if I was going out with some friends for a casual round I would find a less crowded course with out a league playing in front of us. It would be different if that was the only course within 20-30 miles, but that is just not the case.
You are right. Bad analogy.
Yeah play through so you can just hit the next 100 players in front of them that would speed it up. Why sit there and be pissed about it when you can just save your self hours of frustration of possibly being shusshed and go play a more casual friendly course I don't know.... any of the other 30+ courses within 30 min of Kensington. And trust me there were many people at Kensington probably smoking up and not wearing polo shirts.
If you really want to get people's attention, Tim. Learn how to spell and punctuate correctly or (to follow your rationale of stereotyping groups) all disc golfers will appear uneducated and opinionated.
picking on peoples spelling is weak. we all try.be nice!
Isn't disc golf about getting out in nature and relaxing? I understand it's a little more serious on a league night but this situation about "shushing" people is pretty lame. I've played in parks with a Polo game going on, with a Christian festival going on (complete with the female preacher ending her sentences with a "ha"), with a ghetto rap barbeque going on...I've never shushed anyone or their speakers. Just because it's league play you can't expect everyone to act like its the Masters. Relax, smoke a bowl, have fun.
Because you expect a little courtesy when you're throwing, you're taking the game too serious? The other park users having their BBQ, revivals, etc aren't disc golfers and you can't expect them to know a common courtesy for our sport. That being said, I don't think I've ever shh'd someone, I hope not. I just step back off the box and wait for the conversation to stop for a few seconds while I throw.
What's worse? The shhhh'r or shhhhh'ee? The shhhh'r for bieng lame enough to shhh someone or the shhhhh'ee for not shhhh'ing while the shhh'r is trying to throw, and before he has to shhhhh the shhhhh'ee?
Shhhhh, I need quiet while I ponder this!
wow. again Tim knows how to twist and turn. amazing.
I wish you luck marketing your product to any "serious" disc golfers. I mean if players aren't "serious" about this sport, why would they want buy a Snap Band?
I am offended. LOL. I've played dungeons and dragons a bunch back in the day and was a Pro player at one point.

What you have to do is find the one thing that this guy really enjoys, probably video games, and then hoot and holler 6 inches from his ear for about 5 minutes and then he might actually learn something about etiquette. Worked on my son but he is pretty mature for an eleven year old.

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