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So, my friends and I went out to Kensington for the first time ever on Sunday. I must say that the course was really nice and so were the people. We ended up joining a father & son duo who made for great company. While we were playing there was a league going on so it was pretty packed. My complaint/observation is about the league that was there.

It seems that the people who take the game serious tend to do worse than those who just relax. We were waiting for the group to tee off and standing back and giving them room while talking quitely amoungst ourselves. I thought we were talking far lower than normal level and one of the guys in group above us "shhhhh'd" us. We couldn't help it but to laugh, but we still honored his request. After the group ahead of us took 5 minutes of phantom shots they finally tee'd off and no a good drive out of the bunch. Now I know that doing 1-2 phantom shots doesn't hurt but to sit around and repeat it several times and then ask for silence just seems a bit too much.

Am I wrong here? I know to be respectful to people, just as I would like them to be to me but in my view it is all public space and so you must expect at least some level of noise (which was a completely reasonable level). Also, how many phantom shots are too many?

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That's the way to do it. Not act like a db and shush someone. I think this topic got a little blown out of proportion. Walter explained that he was talking quietly and was 15 ft away from the tee box. If that is truly the case, the shhhusher was entirely in the wrong. It's a park, not a library. Course ettiquete is one thing, being an a$$ is another.
The truth is, it really isn't polite to talk when someone is shooting even in casual play. That's just the nature of the game. It doesn't help someone's concentration to hear what you have to say. So just man up be quiet during shots, there's plenty of walking time in between..
Yeah keep watching my rating, its about to go up again. this ROOKIE just played his first open event and cashed. I guess I am a Pro Rookie now. Feel free to check out my stats on the PDGA website because I support the PDGA and the growth of this sport, by paying my dues. Sound like your just trying to make a buck.

OH and Tim (PDGA #36289, non current member) says he is a 988 rated player. can anyone back this up???
wow. your really helping your case tim.
awesome people skills bro.
When me and my friends hit the course it usually results in a couple hours of pure fun and laughter, although if you are waiting behind a group of people who you don't know you should give them silence when they are teeing off. I sometimes find that people talking can being very distracting when I am teeing off.
I have a very short attention span and that may also be part of the problem.

I think if you are wanting to take phantom shots maybe you should try finding a large field where you can just go out and rip all the discs that you want. Its just like going to the driving range for ball golf. Ever since I have started practicing like this I have seriously shaved strokes on my game. It is a really good way to learn exactly what your discs can do without fear of shanking one into some thick rough.
What if you have a side bet on the game, wouldn't you want silence when you are throwing? It is a bit different when your are playing to win something, I think.
Remember rule 1!
It appears all posts by Snap Band Tim have been removed from DGRUS.
I think he needed a "time out"
Just take an old disc, drill a hole in it, now tie an ecxercise band through the hole. BAMO! you have a snap band.
Be careful Justin, you may be infringing on his(LOL) patent.


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