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Has anyone ever caught someone destroying, vandalizing a disc golf course.... hole, etc.

Seen way too much destruction over the years of hard work done by a few, destroyed by some idiot.

Have you actually caught someone in the act, and what did you do about it.

What was the final outcome?

Some signs we'd like to see!

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I saw a cholo ripping a small tree out of the ground and called him on it. "I work here!(a lie, but I do a lot of volunteer work there)You're banned for life. Get off my course!"

So he and his three buddies all wearing the gangsta uniform (wifebeater, jeans and wallets with chains)give me a threatening look and start walking toward me. I tell 'em they need at least two more guys to make it a fair fight. Out of nowhere, two good friends of mine show up. Realizing they are outnumbered 3-4 they leave with me shouting "And don't come back"

Good thing the cholos didn't know one of my buddies is a Jehova's Witness and wouldn't fight if his life depended on it.

I wouldn't go that far but I will definitely call someone out if they are throwing trash or trying to break down tree limbs.


During night golf some guys that I knew caught a guy doing some graffiti with spray paint. One of them caught him and held him until the cops showed up. The guy had just gotten out of jail and was on parole so he was going back. Not a smart move on his part. 

When Riverside (Sumner, WA) was "redesigned" tons of the foliage was destroyed by two "pros" from out of state. They probably had good intention.

Remember Brad Hammock, altered a course, secret tree removal....

and was kindly asked not to participate in certain PDGA events.

Yes actually reprimanded!

I heard three guys banging on a pin one nigh.  I wasn't sure what they were doing at first, but as they walked off, I got closer to the pin and realized they had rolled it to the ground (fortunately no damage to the basket itself, just loosened the ground).  I called the local police, gave them a description of the kids and their vehicle.  One of the guys was (supposedly) given community service and told he had to repair the damage, but I ended up being the one to put the pin back in.  Not sure if they ever set foot on the course again.

We havent caught anyone with their "hand in the cookie jar", but the vandalism is out of control. One of our courses is on school property and the kids made bird houses and put them all around the course. They didnt last a week before they were all smashed up! No respect. We have only half of our original signage, garbages at every other hole that remain unused, plenty of trash from here to there though, and our walk bridge that crosses a creek was basically dismantled entirely. Our local lumberyard offered to donate material for some work we wanted to do, but we put them on hold because we felt it would be a waste of their kindness and a waste of our labors. It is very discouraging. If I caught someone................not sure how I would handle it! A sign about not vandalizing probably would get smashed as well, they know in their heart that its wrong, we shouldnt have to spend club money on a sign. Oh well, all we can do is live by example and hope they knock it off! We considered stashing a game camera by the refurbished bridge, maybe they we could get a face to associate with the damages! Better luck this season!

Haven't caught anyone Myself. We did have a bad ice and wind storm recently that took down A LOT of trees and branches that made a lot of the holes the challenge that they were. A couple people, at a couple different courses, used the opportunity to make MORE holes "Easier" by knocking down trees and branches that were NOT caused by the storm. Doesn't make sense to me. If you want to play an "Easy" game, take up Checkers.

One of the "pros" had permission to clear some things out. The other just seemed to remove whatever foliage was in the way of his putts. I understand that some people don't have the ability to make technical putts (sidearm, turbo, push, chicken wing, lefty, etc.), but destroying the defining characteristics of a course (technically challenging greens/approaches) to improve your scores on a out of state course is plain week. It shows no professionalism, respect for the game, nor appreciation for all the work that went into preserving/maintaining the course before hand. On top of that, it's totally pussy.

here's some destruction   by the wind at our course in Campbell River on Vancouver Island Canada



Damn, that's harsh!


so you were throwing a Boss.....

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