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Just curious because I have lost a couple and never heard a word from people.

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Some one who found/recovered a wraith I was using had Climo sign it,then lost it.I still chuckle every time I grab it.
That's pretty funny.
yup, and I always try and reward whomever finds one and calls me.

but becoming too attached to a disc or being too upset about a lost or perceived "stolen" disc can be dangerous. like everything else in life except people, it's all just stuff.
Some folks are cool , some are not. Make sure you have your name and phone number or email address on the disc.
Yeah I've had a few returned to me probably because the person who found it PERSONALLY knew me. I always call the number on the disc but rarely do I have discs returned without having an inside connection to the recovery. I haven't lost very many discs this year, but the ones I have lost I don't think anyone will be returning.
Three times. I've returned dozens though. Good Karma pays off. One disc I lost was a double ace Star Destroyer and I looked forever to find it before I gave up. It was at least two weeks later, I had looked some more and had considered it gone for good. Or so I thought! A fellow club member found it and called me up. Paybacks, I guess for all the discs I've returned to people over the years. I've returned everything from beat up dx discs, to brand new and lost on the first throw star discs.
LoL you love calling the cops.

On another note, you've thrown "Karma" into the fold several times here. Then at the end you mention the Bible (lowercase) These don't mesh. Most people misunderstand the concept of Karma and there is absolutely no place for it in Christianity. As Jesus would have you love your enemy and not hope that some "force" gets them caught up in a string of bad things happening to them as your "bad Karma" would. If you want to pull religion into the mix of losing your golf disc and getting it or not getting it back....

if you get it back be thankful.

if someone "jumps out of the bushes" and grabs it, forgive them.

if you lose it and never see it again, say a prayer that the person who found it doesn't keep things that don't belong to them their whole lives, forgive them and wish them well.

Sorry about this reply I just had to "bear witness" know what i mean? ;) (i forgive you though)
true dat
I lost a aviar p/a big beat on hole # 6 at the USDGC in 2001. kinda close by the basket but in the water. We weren't allowed to go in the water so I left it there. This was a self double stamped disc with the design from John Notenboom(dg artist). I stamped some discs at the factory of Innova at the time(1996). The disc is one of a kind and was still in pretty good shape.
Never saw it again.....

I found out, that when you have cool stuff, most people will not return it.
I lost my Santa Cruz windbreaker and I got a call that they found it but I never got it back.

But on the other hand, I got a disc returned to me after a year when I was at some yearly tournament.
They hold on to that disc while I already gave it up.
And at my local course, I get 99% back.
I was contacted by a friend to tell me he found a disc of mine I did not realize I had lost.

So I got this message saying Steve had my green Buzzz. But since I had not lost my green Buzzz I wondered what Buzzz he was talking about. Then I looked in my bag and my beloved green Buzzz was gone. So I mentally retraced my last round where we were throwing a mando roller drive game. Yep. I remembered where we took my partner's roller and walked away from mine.

I lose more discs from leaving them than being unable to find them.

My green Z Buzzz has been a workhorse for a couple years. That loss would have hurt. Thanks Steve. I rewarded him with a lovely, shiny new Nuke. It is nice to have friends.
I got one back that I lost in a tournament in Sipapu, New Mexico. I chucked one in the stream and it was raging pretty fast at the time. After the tourney was over I went back down and carefully went in while holding on to rocks as I went down the stream. I didn't get mine but I was able to retrieve a lot of other discs. I left the tournament empty handed and drove back to Colorado Springs. I called them back a week later and someone had turned it in to Lost and Found. They sent it back to me when I ordered a shirt from them.

Locally, I don't even bother to put my number on my discs because it just aint going to happen. I simply put Mad Dog on the bottom of the disc along with a random saying and I know that if somebody knows me I'll get it back. Didn't get back my KC Pro TeeBird but now I got Star anyway.
In my 5 years of playing I have never lost a disc, you throw it, watch it, pick it up, and throw again I'll never understand how somebody can loose a disc. If there is water you throw over it, wooded thicket throw around it, don't leave discs behind. haha yeah right!

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