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Just curious because I have lost a couple and never heard a word from people.

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One time I lost a disc at Kennsington on a blind drive. After a few holes my phone rang and I happened to get it back that day. It was pretty awesome. I just happened to be looking 20ft in the wrong direction. It happened to be a much better shot then I thought it was.
Another time at Cass Benton the same thing happened we found a disc and called it. The person who lost it happened to be 3 or 4 holes ahead of us and he was very happy to have it back.
But over the years there have been plenty of discs that have been lost amoungst me and the friends that we play with which have not gotten any calls. I would definitly say way more non call backs than call backs for sure.
I've had several returned, but I've lost 3 times the amount I've gotten back.
This is another topic that boils my blood. People who know me know how strongly I feel about it. Here is Marty's categorization of scum:

Level 1: The “Finders keepers, looser weepers”... Somebody who finds a disc with a phone number on it, but nobody on the course to claim it, but doesn’t bother to call.

If you find a disc with a phone number on it or a PDGA number on it, try to contact the owner! The owner WILL ALWAYS REWARD YOU FOR IT or let you keep it, and you wind up ahead in either case without the wrath of bad karma.

Level 2: The “Snatcher” ... Somebody who finds a disc, and immediately bags it.

At least LOOK AROUND, WAIT 10 MINUTES FOR ANYONE TO COME FOR IT. THE REST OF THE ROUND, APPROACH EVERYONE SEEN, ASK IF THEY LOST A DISC. (Don’t show them the disc, if they say yes, I lost one 10 minutes ago, ask them to ID it) AND IF YOU HAVE IT, RETURN IT!!! They may not reward you for it here, because a minimum level of decency is expected, but don’t forget… KARMA!!!

Level 3: The “Liar”... Somebody who finds a disc, bags it, and then denies finding it when asked, "Hey did you find a bright purple Epic?" Nope, didn’t see it...

SCUM!! At this point we are dealing with sociopaths… people who cannot understand the concept of karma. But just to let all of you idiots know, OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS AS YOU, MORON!!! Stay away from my cats…

Level 4: The “Predator”… Someone who lurks in the brush waiting for a disc to land, and then snatches it.

Lower than whale shit!!

Level 5: The “Shoplifter”… NO explanation needed.

Both level 4 and 5 are committing premeditated theft, and although I got into a heated argument the other day on this BB about taking the law into your own hands, GRRR. But the right thing to do here is CALL THE POLICE. YEP, THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!! This also applies to people stealing baskets, destroying equipment, or harming wildlife.

Also, if you see this activity, like the bible says, “bear witness”, in other words, speak up and stop the stupidity!!!!
LoL you love calling the cops.

On another note, you've thrown "Karma" into the fold several times here. Then at the end you mention the Bible (lowercase) These don't mesh. Most people misunderstand the concept of Karma and there is absolutely no place for it in Christianity. As Jesus would have you love your enemy and not hope that some "force" gets them caught up in a string of bad things happening to them as your "bad Karma" would. If you want to pull religion into the mix of losing your golf disc and getting it or not getting it back....

if you get it back be thankful.

if someone "jumps out of the bushes" and grabs it, forgive them.

if you lose it and never see it again, say a prayer that the person who found it doesn't keep things that don't belong to them their whole lives, forgive them and wish them well.

Sorry about this reply I just had to "bear witness" know what i mean? ;) (i forgive you though)
true dat
lost a lot!! got a few back, always the ones i don't care about. but thats how it goes, if i see a number i'll call and poss even deliver it but thats just me. some people just don't know what its like to lose something you have spent years becoming attached to via great rounds with good friends. its not the discs that bother me, no disc is magic, its the memories and great shots attached to it. there are a billion rocs out there but only a couple are my babies and mean as much to me as thier kids or parents or whoever. but i haven't given up hope cause i have some seen crazy stuff happen with discs finding there way back to the rightful owner after YEARS of separation, i still write and re write my name and number on discs. ps don't forget to update your number on old discs if you ever want a chance of getting them back.
I've gotten a bunch of my lost discs back. And I've returned a bunch of discs, as well. Our local bike shop has a lost and found box, so we all just check it from time to time, whether we've been called about it or not. Like Justin said, it's just the right thing to do.
I've lost 4 and had 2 returned.. I gave them $ for each disc... ya know good karma! I've returned the 5 I've found that had names on them... if you don't have a name and # on it thats your ass not mine! Also if its a D Eagle or Valk or something like that that has NO name or #.. I'll turn it into one of our Clubs TD for lost and found or if I see a newbie I'll give it to them..
In the twenty years I've played,I lost maybe seventy and saw about fourty come back.
Seventy???? I figured 3 to 4 a year over the last 16....but hey....we don't have a hole 16 like you clearwater dudes do!!! lol
I guess if you think about....because of the long period...that's not that bad. What am I thinking....lol
I've lost about 9 disc in 5 years, 2 were found by friends of mine and I got them back, Two left laying by baskets during/after rounds and never seen again(realized both within 20 minutes but they were gone when I returned), 2 lost in brush prior to rounds and dumped one in a creek, One I found downstream from same creek but two years after loosing it the other one is a long story that involves BG(KY) Ams & hole #15 at Chalybeate three years ago (Disc was in San Diego this spring).

Only ones returned were found by friends of mine. Overall that casual player does not return many/any disc they find but most regular/league players in an area are pretty good. I probably call 20 people a year regarding discs I pick up at our local courses. Many people are shocked that someone is willing to give their disc back if you meet them at the park. A third of the people don't show up to get the disc back and I've developed a 2 call/meeting limit - after that I quit.

Best disc I ever found was an '02 CE Roc - Owner had lost it in brush a month before and was very happy to get it back.

Disc do find there way home but not as many as should.


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