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Okay a few months back i picked up a few new discs and decided to head to one of the courses near my house. now it was really too windy to play, but I didn't really care. i need to blow off some steam and i wanted to see how my new toys flew. Now I paid way to much for these discs, but that's not really the point ... i get to the first tee, grab one of the discs, Champion Beast, and throw it. Here's where it gets ugly. the wind grabs it, lefts it up over the trees that are lining the hole, and drops it right in the middle of a pond that happens to be on the other side of the trees. I get there just in time to watch it sink, in the middle of the pond. Now on top of it all it starts to thunder and lightning, otherwise i may have gone in after it. So my question is anybody else ever lose a brand new disc on the first throw?

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I didnt loose a disc but i did bent one beyond recognition i could have used it for a taco shell. It was a brand new Helios from snap discs. Threw it of the drive and went straight into a tree bout 20 meters away and just bent up.
But the worst one i had was my cool die wraith that i had for 2 years and threw it over a lake at the 2007 Australian champs but the wind caught it and tossed it into the water!
Not on the first throw, but not long after either.
Been there. Just this wwek. Lost more than one new disc plus an old and very well sought after disc. I am so mad at my self but, will I ever give up. Well, the wife says I may spend too money on this fun thing.
At least I don't hang the casino or bet on any ball sport.
Hope this guy is right!

Jack Davis said:
You do know that every once in a great while you have to pay homage to the DG GODS and sacrifice a piece a plastic. Hopefully you paid up for awhile.

I was so excited to get out and throw my new boss that in the first round of playing on hole 5 i slipped on some leafs on the ground and threw it into a huge thick pine tree. After an hour of trying to climb the tree i gave up and decieded to come back the next day. I had to come back for 8 days until the wind picked up one afternoon and knocked my disc within reach.
i lost a beautiful custom stamped buzz that i had ordered off of ebay. the good news is that the creek is not deep and as soon as it warms up i will go take a dip for it!!!
Grab some x-out champion discs. same price as DX but last so much longer around the trees.

Bogeyman said:
To this day I ONLY throw DX at any hole near WATER!!

Take care, have FUN, Throw Plastic!

B.J. (bogeyman) Ondo :)
Colorado Springs, CO.
Nope but thanks for giving me something else to worry about.
not quite the first throw, but I won a Quest crossfire here, and the first day I threw it I was on fire!! hit a few 30 fters and everything within seemed to crash chains!
next day I threw it on a hole I wouldnt normally throw a second shot.. heck.. i hardly ever throw a second shot, but I wanted to see how it would throw for some distance, and sure enough it took a line I never saw and even after looking for it for 20 minutes, it was not to be found :(

I even looked for it after the round and the next day. no luck.

I even took a picture of it that is currently being used for the Quest club pic :(

My nephew did that. It was one of the first Yoda's I ever dyed. free image hosting He ran around to the other side of the pond to catch up with whoever it was he wanted to throw with. Takes his first throw and its a good throw, across the water. Then it rolls back in. I think he found it. That was back when I was hand cutting my masks. I was not necessarily making another one. Now i'd just say, Gimme $8 and I'll make you another.
I joined the new disc first and last throw club 2 years ago on Christmas Day, yes it was a gift from my kids who wanted to go to the course after we opened presents to see how the new disk they bought dad flew. Step up to the first tee, basket 260 ft away, nothing between me and the basket, but there is 40ft wide creek behind the basket. The shot felt good after release I'm thinking this has a chance then a few seconds later it was I should have put my name on it. What a tool, thanks for the present kids.
I just lost a new disc 1 throw, in the snow. I should get it back this spring.

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